Conquest chapter 54 part 2

Conquest 54 The Tyrannical General

Translator: Tchu
Editor: Nom Yummi, Superposhposh, Amaranth

Kevin made an unhappy expression when he saw that Shaar did not take the sword and instead took out a black fire pitchfork to fight him. Preparing for battle, his feet moved forward slowly in a dignified manner with his weapon ready in his hand.

Looking at the eyes of his opponent, the strong murderous aura emitted from them gave Shaar a distinctive hint of pressure – it was as if he was not facing a man, but a beast instead! The two of them cautiously observed each other and prepared for their confrontation. Suddenly, Kevin roared then he suddenly shot forward while pounding his hammer ruthlessly towards Shaar.

Lifting his fire pitchfork to block, Shaar immediately bend his body and used a side-step to dodge. During the clash, the fire pitchfork instantly cut off an edge of the hammer, but Kevin did not show any hesitation and immediately turned his hammer to sweep forward. His tactics were simple, swift, and fierce; it didn’t drag his feet at all.

Clenching his teeth, Shaar moved his fire pitchfork horizontally to block his opponent’s attack and with a loud bang, it directly cut into the hammer’s edge, surprising both of them. Being entangled at such a close distance, both Shaar and Kevin did not show the slightest hesitation. They simultaneously raised their legs and maliciously kicked the opposite party.

Both let out a loud painful sound. Kevin’s foot kicked Shaar’s lower abdomen, while Shaar’s foot hit his crotch. While Kevin hurried to regain his posture, Shaar’s foot followed up and kicked his thigh.

With his powerful body, Shaar did not have any issue after receiving the kick. Kevin, however, staggered and was having problems keeping his balance because of the pain on his thigh. Quickly taking two steps back, a cracking sound emerged and the hammer suddenly broke off after being cut by the fire pitchfork, with only the handle remaining.

While sitting at a distance away from the fight, the middle-aged knight closely observed the pitchfork in Shaar’s hand and couldn’t help but be surprised. Pursing his lips, Kevin stood there and looked at the remaining handle in his hand, but did not get angry. A stronger fighting spirit enflamed in his eyes.

This fellow was brimming with arrogance. Although his weapon was destroyed, next to him lay the sword that he threw to Shaar a moment ago, but he actually did not go to pick it up! With a roar, he unexpectedly charged towards Shaar unarmed!

This fellow threw himself unarmed at Shaar, like a tiger throwing itself at its prey, and became fiercer! After two steps, that middle-aged knight suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

“Alright, stop!”
Already rushing forward, Kevin immediately forcefully twisted his body, and stopped after hearing the command. Panting for breath, he stubbornly stared at Shaar, but did not act rashly. It was obvious that he complied with the middle-aged knight’s command.

The middle-aged knight slowly rode forward and stopped next to Kevin while cracking a faint smile, “Satisfied yet? There are many people in the world who have more strength than you. Next time you get into a fight, remember to use your brain.”

Kevin glared at Shaar, but still nodded in agreement. Silently taking two steps back, Kevin retreated behind the middle-aged knight, the look on his eyes showed extreme respect towards the middle-aged knight. Even when the latter rode a horse while Kevin stood on foot, he still did not dare to stand next to the middle-aged knight.

On that exact moment, the city gate suddenly burst open and a group of soldiers surrounding an officer wearing armor marched out. This military officer had a full beard and walked towards the crowd while shouting, “What is going on here! Who dared to cause trouble here?!”

After seeing that middle-aged knight and getting a glimpse for the banners flying over the cavalry unit, the officer couldn’t help but frown. Taking a deep breath, he instantly made a military salute, “Ah, General Adrick, I would like to inquire why the General came to my jurisdiction…….”

That middle-aged knight did not even give him a glance and stared at Shaar while asking, “What is your name?”

A dignified look swept across Shaar and his tone held an indescribable aura. It was obvious that this tone was accustomed to giving orders every day, as if his eyes were shooting out lightning. Towards this majestic and authoritative tone, Shaar couldn’t help but subconsciously reply, “My name is Shaar Thunder.”

“Nm, why did you cause a trouble?”

“Bah! I am a magical beast hunter who lives in this neighbourhood. These guys actually want to draft me in as a porter. When I refused after that they tried to force me instead……”

Shaar did not even finish, when that garrison troop military officer of Primal Wildfire Town turned towards the general, enraged. Interrupting his sentence with a loud roar, the officer shouted out, “Nonsense! General Adrick, I am the Temporary Garrison Commanding Officer of Primal Wildfire Town, and this place is under my jurisdiction. Please let me handle this trouble-causing fellow! He caused trouble in my military jurisdiction then he escaped destroying the city gate. We have reason to believe that he is a spy……”

Ignoring the commanding officer, the middle-aged knight kept his eyes on Shaar and asked: “Are you a native?”
“Yes, I live nearby.” Shaar had to admit that somehow he had ended up in a bad situation today. He was against both infantry and cavalry soldiers. There was no way to run away, and it would be better to simply speak the truth. If this didn’t work, he could still try the hard way later on.

However, being target of this middle-aged knight’s stare, he was feeling a heavy pressure in his body!

“How old are you?”

“……18.” Shaar swallowed.

“General Adrick……” That garrison commander was left hanging there to dry while his honor was being tarnished. He couldn’t bear it any longer and opened his tried to speak with frustration.

Finally reacting, the middle-aged knight turned his head impatiently and looked towards the garrison commander. Pulling his horse towards him, he raised his chin arrogantly while facing the officer and asked coldly, “What did you say?”

“I am……” the commanding officer replied with an arrogant and stubborn tone. He was thinking, I’m not under your command, we aren’t even from the same army division and this uncle doesn’t fear to offend you.

Before he was able to finish, the middle-aged knight glared at him coldly. Then he suddenly pulled out a horsewhip and directly snapped it towards the officer’s face!

The soft leather whip in his hands instantly stretched taut into a straight line as it slapped the face of the garrison commander. *Smack!* The slap immediately forced that guy to the ground, his face starting to swell. A heavy mark was left where the whip landed, even his nose was broken..

The middle-aged knight looked at that guy with a flat stare and coldly raised his brow. His voice was gentle, but his tone was filled with arrogance and supremacy!

“When this uncle is talking, do you think there is any room for you to interrupt?”

That garrison commander, who was hit by the whip, was lying on the ground with his face was in severe pain and his mind was blinded with rage. Just as he was preparing to climb up, he saw the other party’s despiteful look and faint murderous aura leaking out. he couldn’t help but get a cold feet. Suddenly remembering this guy’s ominous name in the army, his presence was totally overshadowed. How could he dare to poke this bear?

Seeing that their commander was being suppressed, the soldiers under him naturally did not dare to say anything, they just stood there blankly.
This tyrannical and arrogant middle-aged man just grunted and did not even look at the commanding officer who was pitifully groaning on the ground. Turning his attention to Shaar again,then he gave Shaar a quiet look and noticed that this youth was staring back at him with shiny, sturdy black eyes. Although there was a hint of nervousness, there was absolutely no trace of fear and he still had a somewhat unyielding appearance.

The corners of his mouth slightly curved up into a smile. “Very good, boy, do you have any family members?” the middle-aged man asked.

“……No.” Replied Shaar. A goblin couldn’t even be considered a human.

The middle-aged man boldly declared, “This uncle sees value in you, you have guts boy! You can follow me from now on!”

This middle-aged knight stared at Shaar with a domineering appearance, immediately making Shaar’s blood boil with excitement; it seemed as if this guy’s whole body was emitting a heroic spirit, too exciting!

Originally, Shaar’s idea was to leave the mountain in order to become a magical beast hunter or a mercenary. But now, an unidentified general came along and asked him, if he was willing to follow him to work as someone even lower than a mercenary, wouldn’t that count as interesting?

Shaar was a bit excited, but he still asked, “Follow you? What perks will I get?”

All these cavalrymen behind couldn’t bear but start laughing as Kevin grunted while cursing in a low voice, before muttering to himself, “The General values him and he still searches for excuses. You have no idea how many people in the army would jump at this opportunity in a heartbeat……”

“Hahaha! Perks? “The middle-aged knight raised his eyebrow and smiled proudly, “Large bowls of liquor to drink! Bulks of meat to eat! A big sword to chop people! Large spoils of war to take! There is no one who can bully us but we can bully others! Is this not good enough for you? Do you dare to join?!”

My god!

Shaar’s little heart started to beat like mad after hearing just a few words.

“I dare! There is nothing I don’t dare!”


Later generation historians recorded this event as……ah, forget about what the “later generation historians” said.
What happened back then was the middle-aged knight stared at Shaar with squinted eyes, “Boy, if you follow me, then you will become my hands and feet! If I have meat to eat, I will share it with everyone! Remember my name, my name is Adrick, General of the Empire’s 13th Cavalry Army. This uncle does not have a pleasant nickname, for I am called ‘The Tyrannical General ‘. Remember this well! If you follow me, then you have to show guts and not let me lose face!”

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