Conquest Chapter 54 part 1

Chapter 54 The Tyrannical General

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The two soldiers who were surrounding Shaar felt at ease: Although this boy looked physically strong, he was not actually carrying a weapon with him and he was probably just an ordinary dumb kid. Especially Shaar’s usual facial expression which looked like he could do no harm to neither animals nor humans was just too deceptive.

Although they received orders from their superiors before coming here telling them to be careful in Primal Wildfire Town not to cite any conflict, but that was only towards other mercenaries or magical beast hunters who made their livelihood in Primal Wildfire Town. This kid looked like a good stupid citizen, simply a natural to be used as a hardworking porter.

A soldier turned his sword and prepared to pound Shaar’s head with his sword hilt and another was using his shield to bash at Shaar while shouting: “Behave yourself boy, don’t look for needless suffering.”

Still making a bewildered appearance, Shaar casually turned his head and easily escaped the soldier’s hilt before raising his hand to press towards his wrist, forcing the soldier to drop down on his knees while screaming. When the other soldier came running with his shield, Shaar leisurely bumped into him with his shoulder and send that fellow flying towards the wooden table.

The surrounding Byzantium soldiers were dumbfounded for a moment and immediately shouted loudly while drawing their swords around him: “Rebel! You dare to attack the Emperor’s force!!”

How could Shaar not take care of those ordinary soldiers? He was still angry from before and those soldiers rushing towards him could only blame themselves for their suffering. Shaar grabbed a shield and with few bashes, sent several soldiers flying. Staring at the officer on the platform, he rushed up and kicked him on the abdomen, it could be said that he was lenient towards his target. If the kick was a bit lower, I am afraid this officer would unable to get any descendants in the future. Still it was quite painful and he called out pitifully before bending his body while lying down.

In a few seconds, a dozen soldiers were already taken down by Shaar and this situation enraged the remaining soldiers. Letting go of the other people in the crowd, they rushed towards Shaar. The officer lying on the ground still clutched his stomach and ordered: “Catch, catch that fellow! Behead him!!”

Not having a sword in his hand, Shaar lifted a second shield and faced a dozen soldiers rushing towards him. Bursting into the crowd while holding a shield to protect his body, he blocked the other party’s swords and relied on his brute strength to cause a rampage, leaving a squad of soldiers scattered in his wake.

Since the square was very close to the city gate, the disturbance here immediately attracted the attention of the garrison troops. Very soon, a squad patrolling the streets came rushing and when they saw a dozen of their own peers laying on the ground, they immediately started a clamor.

The square was already surrounded and when Shaar looked at how many Byzantine soldiers came running towards him, he started to feel a bit of regret in his heart. This time, he went too far. He was not afraid of them, but even if he escaped from the soldiers, it was hard to escape the army. Offending an officer was always trouble. Thinking about it, he calculated best way sneak out of the town. Most of the l exits of this square was already sealed off and the only way to leave this place was the city gate, which was locked up by now.

With a mighty shout, Shaar raised his shield and started to dash forward. He knocked away two people who were in front of him, then he also sent an officer flying just as he was raising his sword to strike. Nearby onlookers only saw how soldiers were flying away and horses toppling, while Shaar rushed towards the city gate.From the beginning, the gates of Primal Wildfire Town was not built very durable or else how would bandits and thieves bands could dare to come here to commit a crime? That would be like little kids stealing from master thieves. Therefore this city gate was only made of two heavy pieces plank.

When Shaar rushed towards the entrance the soldiers held up their spears and immediately started to pierce him from both sides. He used the shield to keep off the spears. Bang, bang, the spears started to break on Shaar’s shield as Shaar immediately grabbed a spear and wracked the soldier out of the way. Clearing the human blockade, he roared silently as he was facing the gate then dashed forward……


Immediately, a human shaped hole appeared on the city gate leaving many soldiers behind dumbfounded. This boy was too barbaric and he actually managed escape…..

Only after they stared dumbfounded in the space for a moment, these soldiers started shouting as they started their pursue……


Fleeing from Primal Wildfire Town, Shaar slightly relaxed in his heart and thought that he managed to escape this mess while feeling slightly proud. Suddenly, he heard rapid hoofbeat from behind and noticed that a team of cavalrymen arrived and they were passing the city gate!

Galloping in the wind while raising a cloud of dust behind them, this team of cavalrymen who were wearing black armor quickly swept across the field!

Seeing Shaar breaking through the gate, the pursuing soldiers started to shout and curse. The knight riding at the front immediately caught up with him without hesitation. While galloping, his body was sticking to the horseback and he was wielding a claw hammer!

Just as Shaar was hit by his horse, he only had enough time to straighten his shield…… With a loud bang, his whole body was sent flying by the impact against the galloping horse. His shield split up from the strong collision and Shaar even made several somersaults while he was falling to the ground before finally landing.

The knight rode a stretch before he managed to turn around his horse. He straightened his body and he was still wielding the claw hammer while his face was covered by a helmet with a lowered visor. His eyes flashed with a surprised look as he rode forward before raising his hand to stop the incoming infantry.

“Such a sturdy kid! Let’s see if you can take a hit from my hammer!” The knight started to laugh, but Shaar already stood up. Seeing a dozen cavalry blocking his front and a group of infantry blocking his back, he knew that there was no way to escape. Even if he ran fast, he knew that he could not outrun a horse. With his temper flaring up, he started to shout angrily: “You are relying on horsepower, if you have the skill, come down and try me!”

That knight gawked and hesitated a moment before hearing a commanding voice from the cavalrymen behind him: “Kevin, try him.”

This voice was vigorous and dignified with an imposing aura, the kind of tone that one could not resist. The knight called Kevin listened and started to laugh. He stood up then immediately jumped down from his horse before pulling out a cross sword from his saddle. Throwing the sword towards Shaar, he proclaimed: “Come on, pick it up kid. I won’t take advantage of you.”

Shaar looked around a bit and noticed that there were approximately over hundred knights in this cavalry group and the horses were all superior warhorses. The men were tall and strong, giving off a valiant feeling of something that one could not describe. Their backs were as straight as a javelin; they were wearing light black armors and had either hammers or longswords hanging from their waist. After stopping their horses, they immediately arranged into a cone-shaped formation and surrounded a middle-aged knight just like the stars surrounded the moon.

That middle-aged knight was wearing a black fur lined robe and he was not wearing any armor. On his back he wore a black cloak which was making flapping noises with the wind. He did not take part in the cone-shaped formation and on his saddle a longsword was hanging. Grasping the reins with one hand, he lifted the other to sign the incoming infantries to stop their advance.


This middle-aged knight had a valiant appearance, thick eyebrows and this facial features radiated a majestic aura. He had a high nose bridge and his lips were pressed together, normally this kind of person had a very indomitable temper. Unfortunately, his mighty look was disturbed by an oblique scar under his left eyebrow reaching to his mouth, as if his whole face was split in two! It had an especially hideous fierce quality.

Sitting on his horse, one could see that he had broad shoulders, a narrow waist and he appeared actually three times as stronger than men standing before him. When his eyes swept over Shaar, Shaar noticed that this man’s stare could make others tremble!

That fellow sitting there radiated such a ferocious look which was impossible to conceal. Even that deep scar on his face did not reduce his dignity. Not only was it not ugly, it actually made him look more manly and unyielding!

That guy is a big shot! Shaar immediately made that judgement in his mind.

“Kid, take up the sword let’s have a try.” This knight called Kevin was raised his claw hammer and slowly approached him. Shaar snorted and spit on the floor, before pulling out his fire pitchfork from his waist. Gripping tightly in his hand, he stared coldly towards this Kevin.

Just from the one exchange a moment ago, Shaar immediately judged that the strength of this fellow was three times stronger than Rahim whom he met on Primal Wildfire.

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  1. “Not having a sword in his hand, Shaar lifted a second shield and faced a dozen soldiers rushing towards him. Bursting into the crowd while holding a shield to protect his body, he blocked the other party’s swords and relied on his brute strength to cause a rampage, leaving a squad of soldiers scattered in his wake.”

    The joke? What about his pitchfork?

    “He put his fire pitchfork on his waist, shut the door and descended into the mountain while walking towards Primal Wildfire Town.” (chapter 52)

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