Conquest Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 Flag change on the city wall

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Before leaving the pitiful creature suddenly remembered that if she left, she would leave Tatara behind with this Hillbilly. Most likely, this wretched magician would reveal her secret.

Thus, the pitiful creature proposed to take Tatara with her – Tatara’s whole face instantly lit up! There would be no doubt that, following this beautiful Royal Highness was hundred times better than staying with this little thief.

As a result, this greedy Hillbilly sold this wretched magician servant for a low price of a single gold coin to the pitiful creature.

Put aside the servant status……I fear that one gold coin was the lowest net worth of a magician on this continent for thousands of years.

Shaar who unintentionally made history did not think too much of it.

Since Shaar had an abundant amount of luggage, Tryp gave him the horses of Nightfall Guardians before leaving. After saying goodbye to the pitiful creature and Tryp’s troops, he took his spoils of war and embarked on his path to return.


“By the way, Uncle Tryp, how did you find us?”

Adeline suddenly asked somewhat curiously while sitting on the horse.

Making a somewhat funny expression Tryp and replied: “Truth to be told, we met a goblin the day before yesterday. That goblin could unexpectedly speak the human language and he even said that he was a goblin noble. When I described your looks, it told me that it had seen you with others in the northern mountains. Afterwards, we rode along the river towards north and we saw you.”

“Goblin?” Adeline was somewhat surprised: “Where is that goblin? What did you do to it?”

“After finding a fellow with information with great difficulty, I ordered my men to tie it up. When I found you a moment ago, I ordered them to throw it back to the wild.”


Sitting on horseback, Shaar hummed a little song and occasionally turned his head to look at the more than 20 horses lining up behind him. These were all well-trained warhorses and once a rope was attached to their leash, they would not run away. While leading those horses, Uncle Shaar watched those big bags piled on ’ backs of those warhorses and secretly his heart was beyond happy.

Just thinking about how he left Primal Wildfire Town almost naked and now had 200 gold coins resting in his bosom made him extremely happy. Furthermore, he was wearing a Dragon scale armor, an artifact (Fire pitchfork) and more than 20 horses carrying half a dragon on their backs…..

If his every adventure would end up in such a rich harvest, then Uncle Shaar could go in retirement after two or three more times……

The only drawback was……when he came here, a large amount of followers accompanied him. For most of the time he had a dozen of Goblin sosos, the pitiful creature, Ada, Tatara and Oaks following him. Those interesting fellows were fun to hang out with and their occasional bickers, chats were pleasurable and enjoyable.

However, now that he was walking alone in the wilderness, it became very boring……

While thinking about it, he suddenly heard a wolf howling from the distant in front of him followed by a shrill pitiful scream.

Shaar’s mind immediately realized that this pitiful screaming tone sounded somewhat familiar.

Ordering his horse to slightly increase its speed, he suddenly saw a small shadow running in the wilderness. With a green skin, an ugly face, it was a goblin!

When he looked at it clothing ……fuck! Wasn’t this the runaway Mr. Princess!

Mr. Princess was panting for air and following behind him were several hungry wolves with green shining eyes.

When Shaar saw Oaks, his tooth immediately began to itch. Remembering how this fellow betrayed him and actually escaped, he quickly got a change of heart since goblins were well known for their lack of loyalty. Watching how this pitiful Mr. Princess got chased by those wolves, he could not help but smile.

Running away until he was about to die, Oaks was constantly screaming in pain since it looked like that a wolf had bitten of a piece of his ass. With blood dripping down, he saw several horses in the distant. Taking a closer look, he suddenly saw Uncle Shaar his savior riding on one of the horses and immediately dashed towards him while waving desperately.

“Master! Ouke! Ouke! Masters! Ass, Siji! Master, help!”

Within a few jumps, Shaar landed then send the wolf flying which was greedily chasing after Oaks ass. With his freakish strength, that wolf’s head instantly got smashed to pieces and the remaining two wolves immediately screamed loudly while putting their tails between their legs and started to flee after seeing how fierce Shaar was.

Standing in front of Oaks, Shaar pinched his chin and sneered. Just when Oaks showed sigh of relief, he immediately saw Shaar’s look before remembering that he fled before and could not help but to ashen.

“Well, my soso, this is your second time that you fall into my hands.” Shaar gave Oaks a gentle kick, while pointing at that dead wolf in front of them: “What are you waiting for? Quickly go and grab our suppers.”

The sly goblin instantly understood that he was pardoned, and relaxed while being happy about his human master letting him off the hook this time. His face was still showing a terrified appearance as he brought back the dead wolf with great struggle and joined Shaars horse caravan.


Shaar’s “home” was located on a mountain which was 7 to 8 miles away from the Primal Wildfire Town. Since it was close to Primal Wildfire Town, there were no magical beasts anymore. Even since the past, they were all eradicated by Magical Beast hunters and recently it was very hard to see a single wolf on this mountain.

When Shaar returned home, those two tattered houses were still standing there. When he originally departed, he locked the door and it did not look like that someone opened it afterwards – Perhaps in this godforsaken place, even if the door was open, no thieves would be interested in it.

When Shaar returned with his huge bounty and war horses, a rather desolate feeling swept over him. Quickly dismounting, he first dashed towards the back side of the mountain and searched for the old man’s grave that stood there in solitude. The grave was still intact, but the writing on the wooden plaque was getting somewhat blurry. Since it was made out of wood, the wind and rain caused it to decay.

Shaar sighed and touched the tombstone: “Wait for a couple of days. I will look for a nice piece of stone to build you a tombstone.”

Looking at the words “The grave of the old man” which he initially engraved on it, the was lost in his thoughts for a moment and mumbled in a low voice: “Hey, old man, who were you really……”


After settling down in his home again, the first thing that Shaar did was to find a small mountain valley at back of the mountain. He chopped down some big trees and blocked both entrances of the valley turning it into a natural horse field since there were a lot of trees and grass in the valley. After leading those twenty horses inside, he grabbed Oaks and said: “I will leave taking care of the horses to you! If a horse goes missing, I will chop off a hand! If four are missing, I will chop off all your limbs and if five are missing……”

Stopping at mid sentence, Shaar stared at the goblin’s most precious piece with evil intentions and Oaks instantly felt that a chill was sweeping before quickly assured Shaar with his chest sticking out.

The goblin already decided not to escape and run back to the Red Wilderness anymore since he would just end up as a goblin hobo and would be in constant danger of being killed or starvation. While staying here, he could rely on his powerful master and could eat as much as he desired…..As long as he stayed obedient he would not get beaten up.

Leaving the goblin in the back of the mountain, Shaar returned to his old house and spent half a day to taking out all of the old man’s belonging with ease. While turning everything upside down as he strove to find some clues.

He searched very thoroughly, however there were not many things in this deteriorated house to begin with. Even after looking for a whole day, he did not find anything useful.

All those yellow books of the old man were already thoroughly read by him in the past. He knew a lot of the content by heart already, even if there were any valuable clues, he would have already discovered them in the past and did have to wait until now.

As for any monuments which the old man left behind……there were none. When he died, he was only wrapped in a thin quilt that was sewed together out of linen two years ago.

In the past, he thought that the old man was bragging, but after everything he experienced on this adventure, Shaar was now certain that the old man was once an outstanding person who lived in seclusion!

Otherwise, how could he leave behind the pendant hanging on his neck, the fire pitchfork or explained that Thousand Men Army Slaughter in details?

If the old man was really a powerful martial artist, why didn’t teach me properly? I am his only adopted son. Not teaching me any skills, now that he was not on this world anymore, was this not all wasted?

When he said that he was a general in the past……Shaar did not dare to doubt it anymore.

The contents of those books, he had always been suspicious.

The bunch of things in front of him was all rotten. Shaar did not achieve anything and could not help but hold his head and sigh.

The next day, Shaar began to get busy and peeled off all the Dragon scales. After digging a cellar below the house, he threw all Dragon scales inside.

Taking all of the Dragon skin which he peeled off and cut them into large pieces, later he smeared some saltpeter on them before hanging them outside the house to dry. Also the Dragon bones which were extremely good magic materials, were thrown into the cellar by him. As for one of the Dragon fangs, he held it in his hands and played with it for a moment.

This dragon fang was huge and hard, its root was as thick as Shaar’s waist. The fangs’ edges were serrated. Shaar tried its hardness with a sword that he picked up from the Nightfall Guardians only to find out that this Dragon fang was much tougher than the sword. It seemed like it could be polished into a weapon, but Ada said that only dwarves knew the process.

Shaar sighed and threw it into the convenient cellar.

After spending several days, Shaar was finally able to divide his spoils according to classification then discovered that the only useful thing for him currently was the Dragon skin. Furthermore, he had to go to Primal Wildfire Town in order to find a tailor who could make something useful from them.

However, Primal Wildfire Town were full of shady people and Shaar was well aware of this fact. Perhaps the waiter working in the tavern was one of the Empire’s most wanted terrorists! Any tailor inside the town could be a master thief living in seclusion.

He did not feel assured to leave some of the Dragon skin to someone in town to make a robe.

Thinking it over, Shaar could not help but sigh: “It would be good if this home had a woman

When this feeling popped up in his head, Shaar suddenly remembered an important matter.

Speaking about woman ……Shaar suddenly remembered that he could count as a rich man now. Since he has over several hundred gold coins, it would definitely counts as a small fortune.

There were no decent people in Primal Wildfire Town! In Black Alley’s black market inside Primal Wildfire Town, you could buy anything!

Also……In the Primal Wildfire Town there was the Powder Street! I heard that it was a heaven for men. In the past he was too poor, but now……

With just a few thrusts of his hips, a man would gain confidence.

There was also……Aunt Sofia’s niece….

Money corrupted men; these words are so fucking wise!

Shaar was tempted! Suddenly, all the worries about Dragon skin robe and other things instantly disappeared…..Taping on his head, he returned to his room and took a handful of gold coins before putting them in his bosom. He put his fire pitchfork on his waist, shut the door and descended into the mountain while walking towards Primal Wildfire Town.

With money in his pocket, the hillbilly was radiating confidence; his was walking with a flying pace as he felt refreshed.


Actually Shaar did not change his character. However, as long as you were a man and you suddenly transformed from poor to wealthy also adding that you were a young virgin, then anybody in this case would have the same thoughts as Shaar.

(ED: It isn’t like he will find someone to his tastes in that part of town)

Filled with excitement, Shaar dashed towards Primal Wildfire Town, but from afar he saw that the normally opened city gate was closed. The warrior from the mercenary group who was responsible for guarding the gate disappeared and was replaced with a team of infantry carrying swords and shields. Judging from pattern on their leather armor, it was obvious that they were not some thug mercenaries.

Very soon, he saw a flag that flying on the city wall.

A badge was embroidered on that flag: Two swords crossing each other curled up by iris flowers, forming a diagonal cross and on top of the cross stood a majestic eagle.

Although Shaar did not saw it before, he still recognized it. This was the flag used by the regular army of the Byzantine Empire, the hawk flag!

“I leave for a few days and Primal Wildfire Town already changed its master?” Shaar wondered.

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