Conquest Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Farewell

Translator: Tchu

Editor: Amaranth

This knight had the appearance of a 30 years old with well defined facial features, fair skin, handsome look and a manicured beard above his lips. When this man saw the pitiful creature, his eyes lit up then shouted in joy and immediately jumped down from his horse.

With a clean move he dismounted his horse then immediately rushed towards the pitiful creature and hugged her. With a slight smile, the pitiful creature was pressing her hands against the armor of this fellow: “Uncle Tryp, do you want to strangle me?”

Hearing this, the knight immediately smiled and put down his arms. He took the hand of the pitiful creature and made a kissing gesture towards it before saying with a smile: “Calling me uncle again, you are breaking my heart. Let God testify, I am one of the most outstanding bachelor in Osgiliath!”

Judging from this guy’s dialect and tone, one could tell that he was a born aristocrat. His dialect pronunciation was very common in the south Byzantine Empire.

Shaar was feeling creeped out from just standing next to them and watching. In his eyes, this knight had a somewhat effeminate appearance and according to the aesthetic standard of this Hillbilly, this Tryp would be classified as ugly.

The pitiful creature and Trip whispered a few words to each other before this knight’s expression immediately ashen then he marched towards the battle ground. Seeing all those corpses and wounded Nightfall Guardians on the ground, he could not help but to put on a mad expression. When he saw Rahim sitting on the ground, anger erupted in Tryp’s eyes: “Rahim, it was indeed you who led those guys here! Don’t you know that this is a blatant assassination attempt!!”

Putting on a cold smile Rahim replied: “Is this your the first time meeting us Nightfall Guardians? These words are useless on us. If you dare, tell these words to the one who gave us the order, honourable Sir Tryp!”

Tryp’s face suddenly changed as he grunted while looked at Rahim with squinted eyes. Taking a step forward, he suddenly thrust his sword and pierced Rahim’s Chest!

Shocked from this sudden event, the pitiful creature covered her mouth and screamed. Rahim actually did not seem surprised as his eyes flashed full of ridicule then closed his eyes waiting to die.

*Puff* Streams of blood spattered out where the blade was pulled out. With a calm expression, Tryp took out a silk handkerchief and wiped of the blood from his sword while ordering: “Go around and kill every single Nightfall Guardian who is still alive! Dig a pit and bury their corpses somewhere.”

Seeing this sissy casually talking about killing, Shaar was pleasantly surprised and started to put him in a higher esteem.

After noticing Shaar’s look, Tryp turned his head stared at him for a moment before focusing on the pitiful creature again. After taking her to a quieter place then he said: “In fact, I am not only under your brother’s order to look for you.”

“Uh? Then you are……”

Tryp sighed: “I received two orders which commanded me to bring you back alive. One order is from our elder brother while the other one is from your uncle.”

The pitiful creature’s expression immediately changed as she could not believe what she heard just now: “My uncle? He wants to bring me back alive? How is this possible, he ordered those Nightfall Guardians to……”

“Now the situation is different.” Tryp answered with a calm face: ” I received the new order eight days ago. Your uncle does not only hoping that you are alive, but also he also wants to protect you now!”

“Why ……” pitiful creature frowned.

“Can’t you guess?” Tryp sneered: “The reason is very simple – we went to war!”

“Went to war? Against who?”

“We and the Odins!” Tryp sighed: “On the road, I passed through Primal Wildfire Town and the town was already under control of our troops. The vicinity of 100 miles south of the town is all under military jurisdiction now.”

The look on pitiful creature’s face became extremely complex. Taking a glance at her, Tryp then turned around and looked at Shaar: “Who is this fellow?”

With crossed arms, Shaar stood there while the cavalrymen walked back and forth transporting the corpses. The several Nightfall Guardians who did not die yet were simply killed off with the sword.

None of the knights looked Shaar in the eyes as they busily walked around. Seeing those guys killing everyone around, Tatara heart rate started to beat like a drum and he could not help as he slowly snuggled towards Shaar’s legs.

Finally, when they finished transporting all the bodies into one place, they saw that all those death Nightfall Guardians corpses had neat and clean cuts. Those cavalrymen who had battle experiences instantly got startled. They all killed and stained their hands with blood before but seeing those injuries they immediately noticed that those cuts were not an easy thing to make!

Afterwards, when looking at Shaar, there was a hint of awe in their eyes.

After all ……Shaar and his party were only three people. Just with one look, they could tell that the pitiful creature and Tatara were not people who could fight. Therefore, this whole small team of Nightfall Guardians were killed by Shaar alone.

A person killing a team of Nightfall Guardians including a medium ranked warrior alone, then it was certain that he was not someone weak.

Some people immediately reported this news to Tryp and after hearing this Tryp’s eyes flashed with high expectations as he looked at Shaar with great interest.

After the whispered conversation in the distant between Tryp and the pitiful creature finished, her attitude changed and she seemed very determined. She continuously shook her head, but after Tryp said several words, the pitiful creature gradually softened her stance. Hesitating for a moment, she nodded and continued their conversation for a while. At first the pitiful creature smiled, but then she started crying. Finally Tryp sighed, patted the shoulder of pitiful creature and turned around to leave.

Shaar watched curiously from a distance and he did not know exactly what happened to the pitiful creature in the end.

However from the looks of things, the background of this pitiful creature could not be compared to a normal aristocrat……

Just when he was thinking about it, he suddenly noticed that the pitiful creature was looking towards him. Looking from afar, her eyes were filled with tears and she had a mournful look.

Shaar felt a strange feeling in his heart, but he could not say where this strange feeling were coming from. Just seeing the pitiful creature in such an appearance, his heart was restless. When he wanted to walk to her, a laughing noise could be heard next to him.

“May I have a word please, Sir Shaar.” Tryp stood in front of Shaar with a smiling face and blocked his view of the pitiful creature: “Please let me first introduce myself, my name is Tryp. Uh….. I am Ide’s relative. Oh, Ide is his name, thank you to saving his life.”

Tryp smiled and looked at Shaar while thinking: If what Adeline said was true, then this guy is absolutely the blindest person under the heaven. He unexpectedly regarded Adeline as a man……

“There is no need for grateful words……” Shaar waved his hands in a very straightforward manner, but his next sentence instantly revealed the fox tail: “Lip service is not worth anything. I can see that you come from a wealth background and if you have some gems or gold, I could accept it reluctantly.”

Tryp was a little surprise for a moment and immediately smiled. With his high education he instantly understood and took out a small leather bag. With a shake, Shaar’s favourite metal ringing sound could be heard – gold coins!

“I did not take too much money before leaving my home. Those 200 gold coins are your reward.” When Tryp threw the leather bag towards Shaar, he immediately beamed with joy as he caught it quickly before hiding it in his bosom while laughing: “Good offer! To be honest, the pitiful creature didn’t eat or drink much. Besides being a bit lazy, he was easy to feed.”

Listening to him Tryp felt a bit displeased and slightly disappointed: At first look this young man was an outstanding expert who killed a squad of Nightfall Guardians alone, Tryp was quite interested in his value. However now he found this vulgar fellow was unbearable and he lost his interest in hiring him anymore. The Royal Capital Osgiliath had countless experts and one more or less made no difference. Such a vulgar fellow would not be allowed to meet his Royal Highness Crown Prince.

Losing interest in Shaar, he immediately looked at Tatara: “This is?”

“Respectful Sir Tryp, it is really an honor to be able to stand in front of the glorious ‘Silver Cloud Swordsman’. I am a magician, please call me Tatara.”

Slightly surprised for a moment, Tryp looked a bit amazed at this insignificant guy. Tatara’s look made Tryp who was from noble birth somewhat repugnant and immediately swept away his eyes: “Ah, it turned out that you were a respected magician. How did you actually recognized me?”

“In Osgiliath, there is no one who did not know the reputation of the Silver Cloud Swordsman.” Tatara said as he humbly smiled but unfortunately his laugh combined with his dreadful look made Tryp lose his appetite instead.

However facing a magician, Tryp still showed enough respect: “Please forgive my intrusion, I did not see your status a moment ago. Your robe did not wear a badge ……Otherwise I would not have waited until now to greet you. Respected Sir Magician, how should I address you? Pardon my presumptuousness ……Your name seems familiar, where could I have heard of it……”

The Tatara complexion immediately became somewhat awkward and made two hollowed laughs: “This ……I am a low rank first-level earth magic magician. My badge, my badge …… is temporarily lost.”


Tryp felt disappointed since could not gather any talents.


With a sudden flash, he suddenly remembered Tatara this name. He really did heard of it before! Recently, he heard that a magician who took a loan went bankrupt in Osgiliath. In order to avoid his creditors, he fled to another region…… He was simply a disgrace of the magician guilds honor and for a time there were a lot of people in Royal Capital discussing about this person who managed do something that no other magician was able to achieve in thousands of years.

Could it be this fellow in front of him?

Being able reach bankruptcy as a magician, he could only be called a rare talent!

These two guys, one is quite powerful but extremely vulgar. The other’s strength is weak and became the joke of the Royal Capital. Both those fellows did not have any solicit value and Tryp quickly lost the interest then he sought an excuse to walk away.

At that time, the pitiful creature walked towards them.

Her eyes were red and it looked like she just cried.

“Hey, Shaar.” The pitiful creature stood in the front of Shaar and her voice seemed somewhat sad: “I, I cannot go with you.”

“Hm ……ah?” Shaar looked at the pitiful creature: “Hm, do you want to go back with your relative?”

“Yes ……I, I must go back.” The pitiful creature sighed and looked miserable: “Actually, I want to go with you, but, I have to go back.”

Pausing for a moment, the pitiful creature took a deep breath and diligently endured her tears while looking at Shaar and saying: “When I left my home this time, I planned to go through Primal Wildfire so that I could flee to Odin and I didn’t expect that I would to run into you ……Being able to run into you, is really my luck. Shaar ……I need to leave, but you, you cannot forget about me.”

Looking at the pitiful creature’s eyes full of tears, he could not help but get a strange feeling in his heart. He sighed and patted the shoulder of the pitiful creature.

Lifting his head, he looked directly in the pitiful creature’s eyes and his look was unexpectedly unprecedented clear. His eyes were full of the sincere feelings, making the pitiful creature’s heart race. He, did he notice? He, what does he want to say to me?

(Actually, I already know that you are a beautiful girl.

Rest assured, I will work hard to succeed and I will certainly find you in the future!

Wait for me, one day, I will wear a multicoloured set of armor and step on a rainbow to pick you up!

I will strive to become a matchless hero and when the time comes where can be your match, I will certainly look for you!

Beautiful princess, in order to win you, I am willing overcome immeasurable thorns……

There was once a sincere love placed in front of me and I did not cherish it. Only after losing it, I endlessly regretted it……)

(ED:She really is delusional) (TL: Hitting someone on the head with your steel rod has 100% success rate of getting her fall for you! Maybe we should start selling fake Dragon blood…)

The pitiful creature heart started to beat madly and started to get all kind of ideas in her mind. In a short amount of time, all kinds of distractions swirled in her mind and she fantasized about countless myriad of soulful fantasy……

Finally, Shaar opened his mouth.

He sighed sadly and stared affectionately at the pitiful creature and whispered:

“Hey, after going back, don’t forget to put in a gold tooth.”

Pitiful creature: “…………”

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