Conquest Chapter 108 (3)

In the beginning of statehood, the Senate was still quite powerful. In the early stage of the founding of the Byzantine Empire, the Senate had the power to elect and dismiss even the emperor. But gradually as the imperial power rose, the power of the state institution had gradually declined down. Originally the senate which embodied the spirit of the founding of the Byzantine Empire had become an embarrassed presence. The important national policy could not be decided by the Senate. And for some trivial little things, they were not bothered to manage.


Up to now, the Senate’s existence was to give an extra title to the noble.


In the senate, some of them were still tenacious of their own faith, and this group of people was called the Conservative. They still did not give up the traditional idea of the senate that the imperial power needed to be limited. The existence of the senate was to prevent the unlimited expansion of imperial power to avoid damage to the public! Even in that group of real military factions, there were a lot of soldiers, but also being impacted of this kind of thinking and becomea part of the senate. The royal family sometimes in order to counter the growing military drew in the supportfrom the Senate.This action made the old political group to continue to exist.


However, the senate hated Carvesylver!


They hate the most outstanding genius from the Imperial College!


Because in the wisdom mind of Carvesylver was actually a hidden heart of fanatical dictatorship! With his rational and wise intelligence, he was actually a thoroughly imperial dictatorship supporter!


In his eyes, the military was not the only cancer for the empire, and the action of the Senate to frequently find fault with the royal family was also a thorn in the side. In his opinion, if they could eradicate these malignant tumors, and they could re-establish a strong, intelligent and wise monarch dictatorship in order to truly make this ancient empire renewed.


And so… In the eyes of the Senate, Carveslyver had become an unwelcome person.


He was blacklisted by the two imperial regime.Carvesylver was condemned to a life of unable to set his foot in the political circles. Although he was an intimate friend of the emperor as his private advisor, and even the Great emperor of Lance was on his toe. But he could not personally cast his ambition in the official circles. It could be a misery for Carveslyver.


At the moment, the old Emperor of Lance looked at the trustable wise man and sighed in a weak tone, “Carveslyver, I need your wisdom. I need a candidate. The damn warlords had finally let out a military position! This is a good chance for me to send in my man. ”


Carveslyver hid his hands in the sleeves, gently roll up the sleeves and slightly bowed. His voice was soft and shrill, “Your Majesty, I had thought for a long time, perhaps… we need to make some change.”




Kontos, the Emperor of Lance tightly screwed the brows together.


“The results we get for this time are not too much, though we could diminish a little arrogance of those warlords… However, a military deputy minister position cannot really caused them any harm. “Carveslyver’s voice was calm.But even under such a peaceful tone, he hid a sense of indifferent, “I need to know you will.Your Majesty… What are the results you want in the end?”




The Emperor of Lance stretched his brows abruptly. In such a moment, an awesome light flashed from his face. In the outbreak, he seemed to be twenty years younger. He had becomeThe Great North Emperor of Lance!


But the radiant glow was just maintained in his face for just that moment, the old emperor then whispered in sneer, “A result, you mention a result!Carveslyver, could we talk on any result now in such a situation! ”


His nails were deeply inserted into his paim and his joints were whitened to endure the anxiety and anger, “Thirty years, Carvesylver! I have always been patient, and you have been consoled me for that.What are the result of my patience? The warlords had drilled my empire with full of holes! These guys had an increasingly insatiable greed! Carveslyver, I always believe in your wisdom, even to this day, I have not doubted this. But, I really cannot wait anymore!”


He stared at his most trusted friend, and whispered, “I am old, although I refuse to admit it, but my heart is very clear. I am old. I have the experience of being assassinated at my young age, as well as the later military career, I cannot destine to become a long-lived emperor. Carvesylver, you know? I am worried year after year… No, it should be said that I am getting worried day by day! ”


The emperor’s eyes looked like that of an anxious lion, “My father left me a riddled empire, and I mended it in these years.But I am not willing to leave an equally disastrous empire to my children and grandchildren! ButI suspect that it is difficult… No, not very difficult, but I certainly cannot do it! I cannot die before I coulderadicate these cancer out one by one! ”


The old emperor looked at Carvesylver, “Your body has always been much better than mine. I believe, even if I die, you can live more than I do by at least twenty years but… If I have a smart son, then I would be assured to pass the undone things to him, and you will be his assistanceto complete our task! But Carvesylver… ”


The old emperor grunted, “You look at the results of what I have! I waited for a son who is a cowardly and stupid guy.He even joined to the man of the military and those cancer! Do not think that I do not know, the little white face man, Bonfredis my dear son’s toy boy. Wounded Hastings? Are you kidding! In order to allow him to get his promotion, he actually cooperate with those warlords in military! It drives me down to the extreme! Carvesylver, my son, my despair, he had become your students for ten years, but he did not learn even one-tenth of wisdom from you here! And he is disappointing me. He has been married for almost a year.He married the most beautiful aristocratic girl in Osgilliath but I receive the message that he actually not sleep with his new wife in bed even once! I even doubt that his dirty habits on the men would eventually cause the Crome familyto be unprecedented!


Carvesylver quietly listened to the anger of His Majesty. Then the wise old man just had a faint smile, with his characteristically calm and somewhat indifferent voice softly and slowly said, “Your Majesty, you are unable to control the angry in the heart… Please do not forget that sentence: Being trapped in sadness or anger when being powerless is the coward’s move. ”


The Emperor of Lance suddenly closed his mouth.


“Anger does not help, I need to know what the result you want is?” Carvesylver’s eyelids slowly blinked for a moment and casually told, “I said we need a chance, but it seems the fate did not favor to you, that the opportunity that you waited has not come. But that does not mean he will never come, if you still want to avoid the instability and the risk, then we can continue to wait. If you need other results …”


“My son sinking love toward the man has made me desperate.” The Emperor of Lance growled: “I cannot wait much time any longer, Carveslyver! I have no doubt that once I die, my stupid son will double the number of the Tekma in the military in less than a year! And then in less than a year, the military headquarter will be moved to this palace! I feel despair on this fool so I have to risk and to continue my task before I die. I will do everything! ”


Faced with the emperor’s excitement and anxiety, Carveslyver’s eyes were still clear and calm, slowly he said. “You should understand that there is no such hope and possibility.”


“I understand!” the emperor’s mouth emergedwith a grinning, “Then I will fight to the death together with them! If this empire really need to undergo a turbulence to be rejuvenated, then, I hope this instability would be undergone by me. At least compared to my stupid son, I have better chance! While this is still extremely limited but… ”


The old emperor suddenly held the seat and barely stood up. Under his gorgeous robe, he was thin and skinny. It seem to be deserted blowing by the wind.


The old emperor said in determination, “If I really could not overcome this. Then I would end the honor of Crome Family in my hands! This is my empire, if they really want to put an end to it, thenIt should also be ended by me personally! ”


His eyes gazed rapily on Carveslyver’s face and said persistently, “It is either I die or they die, this is the result which I want, Carvesylver!”


Carvesylver eventually sighed. He still held on the long sleeves, bowed slightly and said with a light voice, “Well, I haveunderstood your wish.”


Then the wise man talked with a clear and brisk tone, “Initially, the most suitable candidate to take the position as the deputy minister was the Duke Minas, Duke Minas is always had a profound influence. Those assholes have to give him a bit of face. Just Duke Minas is having some physical health problems in these years. And I worried now Duke Minas seems to have lost some of his vigor.It would be difficult to entrust him with the task to confront with the parasites. ”


“So, what do you suggest?”


“You need a hard man.” Carveslyver finally showed a glimmer of decisive tone, “If you are not afraid to start a chaos, then the candidate must have a strong heart and absolutely loyal to you, and… There is such a candidate who fulfil the courage to be our vanguard. ”


“Do you mean…”


“General Adelaide is the leader of the thirteenth Corps. As a true soldier of one faction, General Adelaide is certainly loyal to the Empire. And we had been locating him in the thirteenth Corps position for nine year. The military has a numerous attempts to corrupt him, even by the offer of a military post of Governor. General Adelaide have no apostasy.He deserves the trust of Your Majesty. Talking about courage, the despotic general would not let you down.”


The Emperor of Lance had a serious thought on the advice, “I believe your advice… But thirteenth Corps is the most important combat power in our hands. Without Adelaide, then who is going to be the new leaderfor the regiment of cavalry?”




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