Conquest Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Starting the journey full of vigour

The woman who he held dear in his heart for a long time was unexpectedly sexually harassed?!

When Shaar was enraged this time, it was much more serious than anything before!

What did it mean to be furious? Shaar’s state right now would describe it perfectly.

The hillbilly suddenly burst forth in rage, and his eyes widened. With a furious scream, he turned around, ignored the club that dropped on the ground next to him, and grabbed both soldiers neck with his hands, before throwing them to the ground. Kicking a chair away and breaking two of its legs as result, he stormed into the crowd.

With his kind of strength, even without using his crimson rage ki, his Thousand Man Army Slaughter was a combat technique best suited for group combat. With his Dragonblood strengthened body, how could these soldiers who were only armed with clubs hurt a single hair on him?

After a few exchanges, almost half of the soldiers were smashed to the ground by Shaar. With a roar, Shaar dashed back and forth and continued to rampage. With a body that resembled a magical beast, how could these drunken soldiers compete with him?

After receiving such a powerful aid, the old guests in these taverns’ situation suddenly reversed.  Within a short moment, all the soldiers were lying face down on the floor.

The anger in Shaar’s heart was unable to dissipate, and he ran towards the pit near the wall where that drunkard officer was lying on the ground. Grabbing him from the ground and throwing him in the middle, he then raised a broken club and suddenly started to give him a severe beating. Full of misery, he could only shout and beg for mercy.

At that moment when these men saw Shaar’s vicious appearance, they were so frightened that they woke up from their drunken stupor. Seeing their officer severely beaten and howling in pain, they didn’t dare to confront Shaar although they were usually trusted friends. Who would dare to court death?

The one-eyed man pointed at officer and furiously cursed: “It was that punk! He touched it with his right hand!”

Shaar sneered before grabbing that guy’s right arm while holding it against the table. He then drew his fire pitchfork.

“Alright! Then I will chop of the right arm! ”

That officer was immediately frightened out of his wits! Who could have imagined that sexually harassing a peasant girl in a tavern would provoke such a big disaster? Originally, he wanted to keep his mouth shut and endure the beating. Afterwards, he would go back to look for reinforcement and come back for revenge.

Seeing this fellow raise his weapon with an evil expression and this kind of tone, it was most likely not a joke……The officer trembled and quickly screamed: “No! No! Don’t chop!!”

His face turned white as paper and screamed: “My, my uncle is the general of the 7th army!! You cannot hurt me!!”

“Oh?” Shaar froze for a moment and put down the fire pitchfork in his hand.

After carefully looking at this fellow, the opposite party saw Shaar letting go and breathed out with a sigh of relief. Shaar looked at this guy and frowned: “Yes……Since you are the nephew of a general, I must give him some face.”

The officer immediately asked happily: “Then……can you not chop off my hand?”

Shaar shook his head and said with a serious face: “That……Ah, normally I would chop off the elbow altogether. However, since you are the nephew of the general, in order to give him face, I will only chop off the wrist!”

The nearby people: “…………”

The officer’s face immediately became ashen and before he even had time to scream, Shaar already swung his fire pitchfork!

After a pitiful yell, a hand covered in blood fell to the ground……


Seeing this, Ruhr cursed heavily. How could he have thought that the hillbilly would be so ruthless and show no mercy after saying he would chop off the hand! Originally, he expected that Shaar would teach those guys a lesson by beating them. He stood at the back and didn’t prevent it. Only, he didn’t even have enough time to shout when he saw Shaar taking out his blade and slashing downwards.

That officer’s pitiful scream sounded like a pig being slaughtered. He rolled on the ground back and forth. The soldiers next to him all became ghastly pale and could only stare at him dumbfounded.

Shaar wiped his fire pitchfork clean and inserted it back on his waist before shouting: “Now get the f*ck out of here. Do you want to get your hand chopped off as well by keep staying here?!”

Several of the smarter ones quickly jumped up and picked up the officer, before sprinting out of the door. One of them picked up the cut off hand and was obviously desperate to get out of there. He knocked down two tables, stumbled, and fell. The remaining soldiers also fled in all directions. Before these people ran away, Shaar suddenly shouted loudly.

“This uncle is from the 6th Army and General Ruhr’s subordinate! If you have the guts, come and take revenge!!”

When these words came out, Ruhr’s eyeballs almost popped out!!

The fat fellow was so mad that he wanted to spit blood. Cursing like a madman, he rushed towards Shaar and shouted: “You punk, do you want to get me killed?!”

Shaar’s face stayed calm and looked strangely at Ruhr instead: “When I started to rush in, you stood there and only watched. You didn’t stop me when I punch these guys and even clapped your hands while shouting out praises. I thought that was what you wanted as well……”

It was good that this fat fellow didn’t bring his sword when he came out. Otherwise, he feared that he wouldn’t be able to stop his urge to hack this hillbilly on the spot.

Humph, when this uncle fought people, you wouldn’t be able to stand on the side and enjoy a good show for pleasure!

Ignoring that fat guy’s choking face, Shaar turned around and helped up the One-eyed man. He then assisted those bar clients that helped in the fighting a moment ago one by one while greeting them. The tavern was smashed apart and chaotic; therefore, they couldn’t continue drinking anymore and said goodbye while departing.

The hillbilly actually kept some other ideas in his heart and asked the well-being of the one-eyed man while supporting him in his arms. He was a lot nicer compared to all the other days. While talking, he couldn’t resist moving his eyes towards the girl hiding in the back full of panic from time to time. Luckily the one-eyed man only had a single eye and didn’t notice Shaar’s weird look. Full of gratitude, he was cursing with a foul-mouth: “These Byzantine bstards, no one knows when they will get the fck out of Primal Wildfire Town! I am too old now, if it was 20 years ago and on sea, I would have pulled out my sword and fought them to death! ”

Shaar casually kept a conversation and was actually thinking in his heart how to direct the topic toward that girl. Finally, the girl ran over from her own initiative with a face full of panic, while bring the medicine alcohol to treat the wounds on the one-eyed man. However, she seemed very afraid of Shaar and didn’t dare to look into his eyes. The hillbilly’s heart felt itchy and only rubbed his big hands while not knowing how to start a conversation.

However, at that time……

A kid at the height of the hillbilly’s knee ran out of the door. That child seemed to have only learned how to walk recently and staggered as he ran. He ran into the peasant girl’s open her arms and tears started to flow from his frightening face.

Looking at this scene, Shaar immediately started to wonder in his heart…..

Sure enough!

The kid pressed his lips and hugged Aunt Sophia’s niece, before start crying loudly: “Mama…..” In an instant, the hillbilly became brokenhearted……

Shaar couldn’t remember how he was dragged out of the tavern by that enraged fat fellow. Before leaving, the one-eyed man spoke a few words of thanks to him. However, the hillbilly didn’t hear any words at all since his heart was crying in pain.

A virgin! Ah a virgin……

When the hillbilly got pulled out of tavern, how could the accidentally tormented fat fellow Ruhr not see through Shaar’s mind? The fat fellow who originally bore the blame and was burning from anger saw Shaar’s absentminded appearance and his heart immediately felt better from his misery.

This little bastard, even you have times of bad luck! Humph ……Does this punk’s eyes have some problem? What good is this kind of peasant girl?

Not being able to help, he asked Shaar with a gloating attitude. When Shaar told him the honest truth in his mind during his depressed state, the fat fellow laughed so hard that he almost fell from the horse.

Furious, the hillbilly said: “Ruhr! You dare to make fun of me?! Even if you are a general, you cannot trample on my dignity!”

Ruhr repressed his laughter so much that his face muscle twitched. He then replied in a weird lowered voice: “You punk, you are the highest quality hillbilly that this uncle has met! Alright! This uncle will swear an oath to you! It’s just a woman! Return to the Royal capital with me. If you want a girl with such looks like a moment ago, no matter how many you want, this uncle will find you that many!”

Shaar’s eyes immediately lit up. To be honest, he didn’t really harbour any love for that niece of Aunt Sophia. It was only a confused idea of teenage boys and girls. Once he heard Ruhr reassure him, his heart felt much better. However, he immediately started to worry: “You really mean it? But ……But ……Such pretty a girl is not easy to find……”

If Ruhr’s riding skill wasn’t good, he only feared that he would really fall off the horse. Biting hard on his teeth, he then angry said: “Stop your useless chatter. If I promise you something, of course it can be done! However ……you unexpectedly dared to frame this uncle a moment ago, how will you compensate for it?!”

Shaar smiled: “We shared sorrows before. You and I became friends on the bloody battlefield although you are a general and I am a foot soldier.  I see you highly as a person and am willing to see you as my friend ……”

The fat guys eyes widened…

F*ck, he had meet shameless people, but he had never met someone as shameless as this punk! Although his position was that of a general and he was a foot soldier, his tone made it sound like their friendship was formed out of his good will!?

However…. the fat fellow sighed. If what Adrick said was true and this kid hid his real status, creating a friendship with him…. Looking back, it would really be more beneficial for him…

The fat fellow shook his head and said loudly: “I won’t haggle with you over this! The punk whose hand you cut off is from the 7th Army, and right now Primal Wildfire Town is controlled by them. If they were to take revenge, it would become very chaotic and somewhat troublesome. We should immediately leave this town!

Being a sly fellow who was rational, Shaar immediately nodded and accepted. They instantly returned to Ruhr’s camp of Praetorian Guards and left the town without looking back, heading South.

The hillbilly’s trip to the Byzantine Empire had now officially started.

In front of him was an unchartered territory in his life: Byzantine Empire.

This was also the first time that the hillbilly had left Primal Wildfire Town. As for how his destiny in front of him would turn out was still uncertain.

Full of vigour, the hillbilly started his journey……

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