Conquest Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Uncontrollable rage

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After Ruhr disclosed this secret, Shaar who thought of this scheme finally put away his doubts. In order to coax this little hillbilly, Ruhr was forced to disclose the real events.

For example:

“The current plan for you is to go to the military headquarters to accept the award. Then his Majestic will give out the orders and personally reward you. Therefore, after you and I return to the military headquarters we must immediately ride to the Royal Capital Osgiliath. Ah, I happen to have also received orders to return to the Royal Capital to report on my activities. You and I will travel together and as for the matters that you need to pay attention to, I will naturally explain it to you. As for the benefits… before His Majesty meets you, it is the same as having the protection of the Imperial Emperor! Understood? Right now, you are a sword in the hands of His Majesty to strike those big shots from the military headquarters. Therefore, now that you entered the sight of His Majesty, even if other people aren’t pleased with you, they can’t act against you. This time, you can open your mouth and ask for some big rewards. As so long as it doesn’t go too far, the military headquarters would want to settle this matter as quickly as possible. They will try to satisfy you as much as possible to settle the quarrel and make peace with the parties involved. As for what kind of rewards to request, I think I don’t need to teach you, right?” The fat fellow pinched his chin and stared at Shaar: “I think you have quite the talent for fleecing out as many benefits as possible.”

Shaar issued some hollow laughs. An old and young guy looked at each other while suddenly thinking of a similar thought: This boy/gramps is no good.

Shaar packed his things – in fact, there wasn’t anything to clean up. He took his fire pitchfork and clothes and followed the fat man as he left the courtyard where he was put under house arrest for 15 days.

The original two teams of soldiers guarding outside the courtyard had already withdrawn. The moment he went out, Shaar took a deep breath. The winter would soon be over and the warm feeling of sunlight was getting increasingly more comfortable by the day. Enjoying the weather the hillbilly stretched himself.

Shaar knew already this squire’s degree of “loyalty” and didn’t bother to even look at him. He threw his clothes towards Tatara and said: “These are the clothes I used for the past few days, go wash them clean as soon as possible.”

Tatara held a pile of dirty clothes, where several underpants and smelly socks were mixed within. While continuously cursing this hillbilly inside his mind, Tatara’s face became even more respectful and didn’t show it the slightest.

Although the hillbilly hadn’t suffered any hardship for the past several days, but according to Ruhr, they must look for a tavern to drink and have a good meal first to get a change of scenery when he came out of his “prison”. Shaar who had eaten meatloaves for more than ten days already had an uncomfortable feeling in his mouth.  Moreover, someone is treating him to drink, why would he decline?

Looks at this fat Ruhr, he was sure that he wasn’t some kind of honest guy. His pockets must certainly be filled with gold, who wouldn’t eat from him?

They immediately went to Aunt Sofia’s husbands’ tavern inside Primal Wildfire Town, the one that was open by that One-eye.

On the road, Shaar discovered that the streets of Primal Wildfire Town had restored a bit of its past liveliness. Then they passed the crossroad of Black Alley, he could see from afar that most stores had opened their businesses on both sides. Some stalls had also reappeared on some roadsides and people of various types and clothing had appeared in the Black Alley. It was already somewhat similar to the liveliness of the past, but to completely restore it, it would probably need some more days.

Ruhr let the majority of his Praetorian Guards return to the camp and only left several to accompany him. When Shaar and the others arrived at the tavern of the One-eye, they heard too familiar noisy sounds when they entered the front door.

The loud shouting and cursing almost lifted up the roof.

They only saw that the tavern was already scattered in confusion. The tables and chairs were blown all over the place, the counter was full of broken glass jugs. Even the iron hanging lamp was already smashed upside down and the lamp oil spilled on a table. The oil was burning and dozens of people were brawling. Curses could be heard and broken glasses flew back and forth, many guests were hiding under the table to avoid the airborne “hidden weapon”.

Shaar who was walking at the front was shocked when he saw this scene after he entered.

In Primal Wildfire Town although brawls were very common in taverns, generally speaking, everyone was quite law-abiding. Even if some people really hated each other and had to compare strength, they would resolve it on the street. After all, everybody spent their time in this town and altogether there were several of such taverns in the town, if they really smashed one then the other owners wouldn’t let them enter in the future.

However, he didn’t know what was happening today. The entire tavern had turned into a massive brawl and a dozen soldiers in Byzantine Empire uniform used table legs as clubs to violently beat on eight guests. Those taking a beating were actually old customers in this tavern.

What made Shaar most surprised was the One-eye and owner of this tavern was unexpectedly also knocked on the ground!

With one look, he saw a 30-year-old Byzantine military officer whose whole face was flushed. His eyes revealed his drunkenness and in his state of intoxication, he was mumbling and shouting out curses. While encouraging the violent beating, he held a stick in the air and waved it around.

When Shaar saw this scene after coming in, how could he still act polite? He was also someone from the Primal Wildfire Town. Immediately curled up his sleeve and rush towards them with a cry! When Shaar started to join in, it was as if a tiger suddenly jumped into a flock of sheep. In an instant, he arrived in front of the military officer and kicked the chest of opposite party. With a pitiful cry, the military officer flew backwards and his body pounded into the wall. A large dent was immediately left in the plank wall.

Shaar pulled up the One-eye and pushed him to the side then seized a wooden club from a nearby soldier’s hand. When that soldier saw Shaar wearing a military uniform, he thought that they were reinforcements. Who would have thought that this fellow would kick their officer first?

During the moment of shock, the weapon in his hand was taken by Shaar and with one swing it pounded towards his arm. With a snapping noise, his arm bone was immediately broken and this soldier pitifully screamed in pain while holding his upper arm as he rolled on the ground.

“One-eye, what the f*ck is going on here?” Only now, Shaar found time to ask. The several soldiers nearby surrounded him and before this one-eye had time to speak, Shaar turned around as a club from the opposite party smashed on his shoulder. Grinning, Shaar looked at the amazed expression of the soldier in front of him. After making a stupid expression, he kicked that guy in the abdomen, forcing his to kneel. Two people from the other side issued a shout and two clubs smashed at him while Shaar held up both arms block. With a crack, both clubs broke off and they were sent flying by Shaar’s fists.

“F*ck!” The One-eye finally has time to speak: “These Byzantine trashes filled themselves with horse pee and unexpectedly went crazy in drunkenness in uncle’s place!”

Just when Shaar cracked a smile and wanted to speak, a word from this one-eye immediately inflated this hillbilly’s anger!

“….I don’t know how much their leader drank, but he started to tease Sofia’s niece!”

Shaar got enraged!

The hillbilly was now really angry!!!

Teasing Aunt Sofia’s niece?

F*ck! Wasn’t she the wife that this uncle set his eyes upon?!!!

Shaar raised his head and looked around. He immediately saw a terrified girl standing near the door of the counter. Her face was round, two a red cheek on each side and with an unexciting look. Her hands and feet looked thick as trees, like a peasant girl since she probably worked every day. Her body was quite strong with a bit of a wild flavour. She had a busty buttock and huge breasts. Especially her breasts were so big that they seemed to burst out of the cloth coat….

(It could be said that the officer was dead drunk and with such an urge that he was desperate enough to flirt with this girl….)

When Shaar looked at this girl, he immediately noticed the resemblance with Aunt Sofia!

Shaar was so angry that an uncontrollable rage passed through him!

Not to mention that when he was young he regarded Aunt Sophia as his dream woman. After he got older, he gradually understood more of the world and when he remembered himself secretly giving this one-eye supercilious looks all these years, he knew that it was really ridiculously childish.

Later, he learned that Aunt Sophia also had a niece and he immediately thought to himself, he hoped he could bring this outstanding girl home……

Right now, this girl actually was as he had imagined. Her hands and feet were thick, her breasts and buttock were so big and round that they almost burst out of her clothes. It was really too alluring… This was exactly the standard for “good women” that the old man taught him when he was young.

Motherf*ucker! Shaar sudden saw watermarks on this girl’s chest and buttocks positions. They were obviously the traces of two palms! Obviously, that drunkard officer drank too much and…

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