Conquest Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Imprisoned Hillbilly

If only taking into account Shaar’s temper, he didn’t really give a damn about some stupid officer position or anything else in Byzantine Empire; therefore, he could just walk away. Although the opposite party had a large number of soldiers, ordinary attacks couldn’t harm him against his physical strength that got enhanced by dragon blood. Combined with the Dragonscale, his unparalleled fire pitchfork, and the short bursts of crimson rage ki that could destroy the hardest defenses – although opposite party had a lot of men, but it didn’t look like there was a powerful expert. If he used force, he could run away without a big issue.

However, his status right now was different. If he wanted to run, once it started, his comrades from the Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment wouldn’t sit by and do nothing. Inevitably, they would certainly draw their swords to assist. Once the fight started and he ran away, he only feared that his cavalry brothers would receive the punishment for him! They were citizens of the Byzantine Empire and had families to feed. They would get prosecuted under military law……

Taking a deep breath, Shaar’s complexion gradually calmed down. He raised his hand and that military officer immediately got anxious, before taking several steps back while holding up his sword.

Shaar revealed a scornful smile and put his hand on Sarbar’s hand. He then pushed down the sledge hammer in Sarbar’s hand and took two steps forward: “I will go with you.”

The nearby cavalry soldiers immediately created an uproar and Shaar suddenly turned his head, before fiercely shouting: “Stop with all this bullsh*t! Shut up!!”

His eyes then swept over the cavalry soldiers and slowly said: “What do you guys want to do? Kill the officer and revolt? Don’t forget your own status. Ah……I will go with them and I ask you to take care of all the other things!”

Sarbar immediately understood. The friendship between this uncouthly man and Shaar was very deep. He immediately replied: “You can rest assured, if they want to go against us Rhodelia people, I will ask the general first if he allows it!”

Shaar looked at the army and said with a sneer: “Need to tie me up?”

The officer hesitated and replied: “No need. I will just lead you back for the investigation if you accept the arrest.”

Shaar snorted: “Then, can I bring something with me?”

“You are not allowed to bring weapons, armors and horses.” The officer thought a bit and continued: “You can bring some clothing.”

Shaar pulled out his fire pitchfork with his backhand: “This does also count as weapon?”
The officer took a look at it and saw that this black fire pitchfork was a typical common tool to work the furnace. Although he was somewhat puzzled, he shook his head: “My Lord must be joking; this is naturally not a weapon. However, it is a metal tool……”

“This is something I hold very dear. This is the only relic that my foster father left behind.” Shaar shook his head while saying.

The officer considered for a moment. This fellow was willing to cooperate after great difficulty, since no fight broke out, what harm could a broken metal pitchfork do? He immediately nodded.

Shaar changed his clothes and brought a luggage wrapped in cloth with things inside. He then gave it to these soldiers to inspect in order to determine that he wasn’t carrying any hidden dagger or other iron tools with him.

Shaar then exhorted Sarbar: “That goblin saved my life, take care of him. After his wounds are healed, if he wants to leave, let him.”

Immediately several soldiers surrounded Shaar and left with him. Outside were several hundred fully-armed Byzantium infantries and they also gripped Shaar, before making him board a carriage going in formation. Before getting on, that officer whispered a sentence in Shaar’s ear: “I also respect the Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment, this time I got the military order and had no other way. I am sorry to offend you!”

The hillbilly was always open to persuasion and never gave in to coercion. If others were polite to him, he would also politely reply back. After hearing this, he nodded and didn’t utter a word inside the carriage.

Soon, the wheel began rolling and departed under the protection of the infantry.

Behind them, the cavalry soldiers pursued until the end of the street. Sarbar was so mad from anger, that his whole became flushed. While screaming, he angrily pounded his sledge hammer on the ground and maliciously stamped his feet. The other cavalry soldiers all had different expressions, some were angry, while other were depressed.

“Return to the barrack! Get ready to move out and immediately send an urgent report to the delay station for the general!!”

The cavalry soldiers withdrew and went back to prepare.

Tatara was the last one to leave, but the magician’s face had a hesitant expression.

The hillbilly got imprisoned……uh, should I find a way to inform Her Highness Adeline? Oh ……what should I do……Her highness didn’t allow me to reveal her identity……

Shaar initially thought that there were some harsh interrogation methods awaiting him. Torture like beating, leather whips, hot iron, tiger bench, dipping in chilli pepper water and other things that were mentioned in the legends.

In any case, he had a body that was strengthened by Dragonblood and there was no fear in his heart. As long as he found an opportunity, he could make an escape and when that time came, his brothers should have already left Primal Wildfire Town to return to the 13th Cavalry Army. With Adrick’s protection, they wouldn’t be in any danger and when the time came, he would just escape from prison. The sky was high and sea wide. Bird could fly and fish swim. In worst case, he would wait until the Byzantine Army had withdrawn and go back to become a magical beast hunter again, or try his luck as mercenary. He would be happy with that lifestyle as well.

However, the interrogation he expected, never arrived.

The carriage bought him to a courtyard in the city and it was directly on the same street as the garrison building. The courtyard had thick wall and two teams of armored infantry guarding it. Shaar was taken to the innermost of the building, to a room with a bed and table. Shaar was informed that he would wait here for the punishment of the military headquarters.

The officer who had brought him here even sent someone to quietly bring him a woollen blanket before leaving.

In any case, Shaar was put under house arrest.

He was told that as long as he didn’t leave the room and go inside the courtyard, he had his freedom of movement. However, after staying here less than two hours, a strange officer with a wax yellow face and unfriendly appearance came. He put on a serious expression, as if someone owed him 100 gold coins and put a heavy stack of paper, as well as a feather pen with an ink bottle on the table.

“Write all the details in here about your misconduct of responsibilities while escorting Sir Bonfret, also how he was assassinated inside!”

After saying this, this fellow left.

After being dumbfounded for a moment, Shaar burst out laughing and naturally didn’t pay any further attention to it. He wrapped himself in the blanket and started snoring while sleeping.

During the evening when he woke up, he discovered that there was a food plate on the ground at the entrance. On it, there was a kettle filled with water and three meatloaves. Shaar gave up on the cold water and swallowed half of a meatloaf. He then sat in front of the table and looked at the stack of papers, but his belly suddenly made some rumbling noises. Quickly, he grabbed a handful paper and ran into a shack behind the house. After half an hour, he sighed and came out satisfied. As for the papers, naturally……

After the first day when someone came to bring him the paper to make him confess his guilt, there had been no one who paid any to heed to him afterwards.
Three meals were constantly brought every day and although it was just some crushed meatloaves with water, the hillbilly had experienced harder times before. Right now, he had a roof over him and was protected from wind and rain. Every day, someone delivered him food and after realizing that, he actually felt somewhat comfortable here.

As for confessing for his crimes, of course he didn’t write down a single word. He continued to eat and sleep or stayed idle in his room. Out of boredom, he would speak to Dora in his mind to kill the time.

Dora naturally regarded Shaar’s situation much more cynically, but the hillbilly actually seemed exceptionally calm during this situation.

It could be said like this; the Byzantine Army didn’t beat, kill or put him on a trial. They were actually raising him like a pig in captivity and Shaar started to understand the happy life of a pig.

Although, the meals weren’t good, it was still better than depending on the old man in the past. As long as he had a meal to eat, it was already like heaven for him. The only regrettable thing was that he didn’t have any liquor to drink.

Because of this, Shaar didn’t worry about escaping. If he ran away, he must live in the wild and where would he find such a cozy place?

Sometimes, the hillbilly couldn’t help but think:

Ahm, if the Byzantine Empire imprisonment was this comfortable, this uncle could just simply stay in prison for two years and spend some simple and comfortable days.

After continuing this for a dozen days, finally, 15 days after Shaar was put under house arrest, someone came to visit him at noon.

Shaar just finished eating his lunch and threw himself on the bed. For half a month, his days were spent too easy and Shaar even felt that he had gained weight. He patted his belly full of satisfaction, before the door was shoved open and a person walked in from the outside.

This person had a large stature, huge appearance and a round face. His smiling eyes squinted to a line when he came to look at Shaar and said: “Look at this little Shaar being so comfortable. Did you know that people almost overturned the heavens outside for you?!”

Seeing that someone had come in, Shaar jumped out of the bed with a leap.

“Rabbit Gene……No, General Ruhr?”

The person who had come in was Ruhr and it seemed as if he had become thinner, during the interim period. Holding his arms, he strode in and casually sat on the bedside. He then stared Shaar in the eyes, before shaking his head and saying: “It seems like I was right. This kid is really a heartless guy. Did your days pass comfortably inside here? There is food, water and sleep. No need to kill on the battlefield. From what I see, your face radiates a healthy red and your cheeks got much rounder. If this continues, I only fear that you will catch up to me.”

Shaar laughed and also sat down, while holding his head as he leaned against the bed: “General Ruhr, what are you doing here? Did the military send you here to interrogate me?”

Ruhr’s eyes widened and although he made some intentional exaggerating expressions, but the happy expression in his eyes couldn’t be hidden away: “Interrogation! Stop cracking jokes! You stupid lucky boy! Your fortune just exploded! Which son of a bitch in the military headquarters would dare to interrogate you now? Aren’t they afraid of being cursed to death?”

After talking, he patted the bunk and shouted: “Alright! Let’s stop the nonsense. Gather up your things and come with me!”

Shaar replied with an “ah”, and just when he subconsciously started to pack up, he suddenly got a change of heart. Listening to the vague cheap words of this rabbit general, this hillbilly sat once again on his bed and put on an expression of a rascal, while looking at Ruhr: “Hm! If you want to imprison me then do so. If you want to free me, free me! What sort of person do you think this uncle is? If you don’t talk clearer, this uncle with stay here and not leave! I won’t leave! I am determined not to leave!!!”

He was actually unexpectedly thick-skinned and crawled on the bed while using his hands to grab both edges of the bed. He buried his head and yelled: “I am not leaving! This uncle is not leaving! If you don’t give me a clear explanation, don’t think of making this uncle leave this place!”

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