Conquest Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Arrested

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Primary Wildfire Town had already become a chaotic mess.

The news that Bonfret was killed had alarmed the military headquarter. Moreover, this knight was killed together with all the high-ranking officers of Primal Wildfire Town, in the garrison building. The scene was so horrifying that once people saw it, they were unable to muster the courage to look at it for second time.

Bonfret’s corpse was split into four-five pieces and had completely decayed. His initially beautiful skin was burned by Hasting’s black flame and now turned into a disturbing pile of coaled meat.  The garrison officer had his upper half body smashed apart and the soldiers, who had gathered up the dead body, spent half a day to gather all the pieces from the wall, ground and table. However, they were still unable to piece together a complete corpse. As for other military officers, their corpses were also split into four-five pieces. If they put the remnant body parts of the three military officers together on the same place, they were barely able to form a complete person.

This shocking event, made the empire’s military headquarters lose face.

When the news of defeat spread, the empire ministers received a big shock. They had lost two-and-a-half Regular Armies, and even the iron army, which was known for its prowess in battle, was included.  The 13th Army lost more than half of its men and such a disastrous defeat was rare over the recent years.

During this time of crisis, Bonfret’s performance became the last big triumph of empire’s ministers.

Being able to do single battle on the battlefield with Odin’s most famous Lord of War Hasting, after personally issuing the challenge, and wounding him during a fair duel.

Ever since Hasting appeared, he brought one defeat after another to the Byzantine Empire, creating a record of shame. No one was able to overcome the nightmare of Byzantine on the battlefield. However, this time, someone actually wounded the terror of Odin!

Getting this opportunity, how could the military headquarters not seize this opportunity to create an unbridled propaganda, in order to raise the morals after the defeat and simultaneously deal with the wrath of the supreme Emperor in Osgiliath?

Initially the plans had been arranged and were in full swing. A literal elegant combat report had been publicized to spread it magnificently in the Royal Capital. Story about the soul-stirringly showdown between Bonfret and Hasting had been posted everywhere. It shook the heaven and earth! The two big experts fought each other and their killing techniques were vividly described.

It was exaggerated to such extend, that if you would have witnessed it and looked at that combat report, you would certainly think that perhaps 10,000 years ago, when the Demon Emperor and the Human’s strongest Dragonknights had their final showdown, would pale in comparison to this.

The military headquarter made up their mind to make a star out of Bonfret. They would at least have a poster boy as a guardian keeper! They needed an idol. The people needed an idol. The army needed an idol!

The propaganda had already started and would succeed as long as Bonfret arrived at the military headquarter, the emperor would personally give this hero to a medal while holding an important medal-awarding ceremony.

Then once this hero returned to Royal Capital, they would hold a triumph ceremony where even his highness the crown prince complied to attend. And in front of ten thousand subjects for Royal Capital, the Emperor would award him this empire’s hero flag.

However, now……Now Bonfret unexpectedly died!

Moreover, he was shamefully assassinated!

Hasting, that hateful, dreadful abomination Hasting! The nightmare of the armies of Byzantium Empire! He actually single-handedly slaughtered through the garrison building of Primal Wildfire Town, and not even hundred armored guards could stop him! Crashed in the banquet hall and imposingly killed Bonfret, as well as the garrison officers of Primal Wildfire Town were slaughtered cleanly!

He then rushed through the long street with his horse while blazing through a bloody trail when over a thousand soldiers blocked his way and arrogantly left the now famous sentence: “Odin’s Hasting has executed Byzantine’s warrior Bonfret!!”

His horse then trampled across the long street and forcefully broke the city gate with several hundred garrison troops in front of him!!

His attitude was so soaring, that it was arrogant to the extreme!!

Bonfret, who was known as the “one who wounded Hasting on the battlefield”, was slaughtered like a chicken. As a result, how could the military headquarter continue to propagandize?

The previous effort of propaganda suddenly turned into a fierce slap that smashed against the military headquarter’s face!!

Not mentioning the other thing, the emperor suddenly interrogated in the Royal Capital: Didn’t you say that this fellow wounded Hasting? How can he be killed in such a humiliating way?!

How could they reply?!

The subjects inside the Royal Capital, who had been hyped by the propaganda, suddenly turned to anger. How would they manage to calm them?!

The farce, simply turned into a farce!!

Additionally, the internal military headquarter felt the crown prince’s personal anger……

When Shaar returned to Primal Wildfire Town, martial law had already been declared and the soldiers completely occupied the street while carefully questioning everyone that passed by.

This action was too laughable – Hasting had already killed his target and retreated, would he come again? However, this kind of fake action was taken serious by the military.

Only after Shaar had spent all his strength, he entered the city with an injured goblin. After finally proving his own status, he entered and arrived at the camp where his subordinates were waiting.  Sarbar and the other were already restless and if it weren’t for the strict military order that didn’t allow soldiers to leave the town, Shaar’s companions would already have been affected by their emotions and went out to rescue him.

As for not allowing the army to leave the town to search, the explanation of military was: The garrison officer had been killed and the city was in chaos. To prevent Hasting’s army from suddenly capturing the city, the army was ordered to be on standby and guard it; no one was allowed to move as they wished!

This damn order really made Sarbar and the others enraged while waiting.

“Are the brains of the people at the military headquarter filled with straws!! Hasting came alone! When we sent people to pursue, perhaps we will have the opportunity to kill that guy!!”

Sarbar applied medicine to Shaar while cursing angrily.

When Shaar finally returned to the side of his people, his heart calmed down. He sighed and said with a smile: “These guys are frightened by Hasting. Let’s not forget, the 2nd and 9th Army were attacked and slaughtered by Hasting.”

The day before Shaar returned, the military headquarters already sent a special envoy accompanied by 1000 cavalry soldiers. They rushed to Primal Wildfire Town and had already taken over the control of the defense.

“The situation was too strange,” Sarbar said worriedly while looking at the entrance. He then whispered, “After last night when that special envoy came, the first thing he did was sending people to surround our place. Although it wasn’t forbidden to come and go out, it was obvious that they were monitoring us while staying on alert. This is so f*cking strange, Bonfret that chicken got killed, but why are they monitoring us! It’s not like we killed him!”

Holding his breath, Shaar shook his head. He then grasped for cold air and sneered: “Don’t forget that our order was to protect that ass-selling pretty boy. Now that he got killed ……Our mission ……”

Sarbar furiously roared: “That bastard went to the garrison building by himself and admitted to them. We haven’t even seen his face. Now that he died, they will blame the responsibility on us?!”

“If not blaming us, who will they blame?” Shaar cursed: “All the garrison people died and after such a big incident, I only fear that they must find someone to blame for it.”

Shaar’s prediction was very accurate. Only two hours after he came back, he heard that it got noisy outside while he was in bed. Sarbar angrily shouted and his voice was the loudest.

Shaar got out of his bed and when he opened the door to walk out, he saw in the courtyard that a dozen of his men were confronting a team of Imperial squad. The two sides were tense and the atmosphere was extreme dangerous.  Sarbar blocked in the middle and carried a huge sledge hammer in his hand as he cursed: “Bastards! Who dares to touch the people from our Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment! If you dare to take another step, this uncle will smash your head!!”

The military officer from the opposite party was also unyielding and announced loudly: “I have military order on me, who cares if you are the Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment! Even if you are people from the Nightfall Guardians, we will still comprehend you!”

Shaar walked out and gently patted Sarbar’s shoulder. He then pushed him away and looked at the officers of the opposite side: “What’s the matter?”

The opposite officer put away his sword and looked at Shaar, before asking: “Are you the Cavalry Captain Shaar Thunder?

“I am,” Shaar snorted.

“You and your men bore the heavy responsibility of protecting Sir Bonfret, and because he was assassinated by the enemy, you are suspected of serious misconduct of duty. I follow orders to bring you back to accept the interrogation and military investigation! If you disobey the orders, in accordance with the imperial law, I have the right to execute you! If someone obstructs military orders, they will all be prosecuted as criminals!”

Shaar’s heart was burning with anger and he maliciously stared at the military officer. After all, he went through a war and reaped lives like wheat. He even faced Hasting directly and the current situation couldn’t even compare to it. His eyes that were full of anger swept over and the opposite military officer immediately felt weak from this imposing manner. Hesitating, he still grasped his long sword and closely gripped it as if they would kill them without further negotiations.

Shaar suppressed his anger and looked at the men on both sides. The opposite party was clearly prepared and a dozen of people had rushed into the courtyard. Outside the courtyard, the front door was open and from one look, he could see numerous people’s shadow holding swords and clad in armor.

“Humph, a chicken when dealing again the enemy, but when dealing against your own people, you actually get some guts!” Shaar’s disdainful expression dyed the military officer’s face completely red and he couldn’t help but breath out several times. However, he still braced himself and said:”No need to talk wasteful words. Shaar Thunder, are you going to accept the order or revolt against the command!”

Finishing his sentence, he carefully stared at Shaar.

Hearing these words, the nearby cavalry soldiers shouted out and the soldiers confronting them immediately got anxious. They stared at Shaar, waiting to see how this fellow was going to act.

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