Conquest Chapter 102 Part 2

Chapter 102 All repaid!

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While enduring the pain, Shaar followed in behind. After walking for a little while, he turned his head to have a look and saw that Sky Raider was actually limping on his heels. With a hand covering his chest wounds, he continued to shiver with a extremely grim expression.

Shaar sighed and turned his head, before shouting: “Hey! You don’t need to follow us anymore! Go back to your tribe by yourself!!”

Sky Raider didn’t reply, but his face revealed a firm and resolute expression, while continuing to move.

Shaar frowned and turned around, before taking several steps: “I am returning to Primal Wildfire Town, why are you still following me?!”

Sky Raider finally shook his head and screamed: “Wife! My wife!”

Looking at this goblin’s determination, Shaar couldn’t help but get dumbfounded.

Seeing Sky Raider’s unusual infatuated passion, if it was a normal goblin that showed this much determination and passion, it would have made Shaar give birth to some sympathy. However, Shaar knew that the “wife” of which Sky Raider constantly spoke of was actually a handsome male goblin….  Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but get a strange feeling in his heart.

Shaar accelerated his speed and thought that if he left quickly, he could throw off this fellow. That guy would then naturally give up.

However, even after following that woman for several hundred meters, he noticed that Sky Raider was still tenaciously chasing them, when he had turned his head. On his bare chest, the medicine paste was mixed with the green blood and became a complete mess. This goblin still revealed a fierce face and clenched his teeth to walk forward.

Feeling somewhat sorry after all, Shaar stamped on the ground and cursed: “Forget it! This uncle owes you a life! I cannot see you die like this!”

Running back, he supported Sky Raider with an arm and screamed: “I will tell you now, I will bring you back to Primal Wildfire Town, however your wife doesn’t want to be with you. I can bring you to see him and if he is willing to go with you, I am not going to stop him. However, if he is not willing, you can’t force him.”

Sky Raider snorted and kept his silence.

That woman led them and walked for a while, before passing through a forest. She then pulled two warhorses from the grove and it was obvious that she had prepared them before.

When she turned around to look at Shaar and Sky Raider, there was an obvious impatient expression on her face. The half cheek that she exposed seemed as if it was covered by a layer of ice cold mist. The initial beautiful appearance turned as cold as an ice sculpture. She suddenly pursed her lips, turned around to walk backwards. After approaching within two steps distance, she suddenly pulled out a short sword, spoke something and suddenly stabbed forward with the sword!

The shiny blade flew towards Sky Raider’s neck!

Shaar’s complexion suddenly changed and shoved away Sky Raider. Pulling out his fire pitchfork with his backhand, he immediately blocked and with a breaking noise that woman’s short sword was cut apart. Angrily, Shaar shouted: “What are you doing?!”

That woman looked motionless and replied: “Kill it.”

“Why?” Shaar asked annoyed.

“……Burden.” Each word coming out of that woman’s mouth seemed as cold as frost bites.

Full of anger, Shaar readied his fire pitchfork and roared: “No! It rescued my life!”

The woman frowned and intensely stared at Shaar, her eyes were so cold that they didn’t have the slightest trace of emotion. Shaar bit the bullet and they stared at each other for a little while, before the woman finally turned around. She then quietly put her short sword away: “Since you are willing to bring this goblin, you will share a horse with it. If you are unable to follow halfway, I will not wait for you. If Hasting chases after us, I will also the first to run away.”

Shaar felt pressure on his chest and was angered so much by this woman that he became speechless. He then grunted, and put Sky Raider on the horse, before mounting it himself.

When this woman had said that she wouldn’t wait, she was serious about it. During the whole journey, she galloped with high speed and didn’t care about whether Shaar was able to follow or not. Since she was woman, her body was naturally lighter. Shaar and Sky Raider, who were following behind, were much heavier than her, their horse’s speed gradually dropped by a big margin. This woman however, ignored them and continued to hurry at full speed. Shaar was miserable beyond description and didn’t even have time to stop for rest. As the time grew, the bumpy road opened the wound again. When that woman finally stopped for some rest, she saw that Shaar was catching up from behind and didn’t show the slightest trace of pity. After she had rested enough, she stood up and mounted the horse while not caring the slightest whether Shaar was still alive or not.

After consecutively following her for two days, where Shaar had ridden almost around the clock and didn’t even had time to eat or drink in order to reluctantly chase after that woman, he finally saw the city wall’s outline of Primal Wildfire in the distance on that night. That woman suddenly stopped her horse, dismounted and waited for Shaar, who was panting for breath, to catch up.

“We have arrived.”

The women suddenly coldly announced: “I delivered you here, now you need to dismount and walk by yourself.”

For the past two days, Shaar had suppressed a lot of anger and if it hadn’t been for the fact that she had rescued him, he could have already started cursing.

With a gloomy face, he dismounted and put Sky Raider on the ground. After taking a look at the women, he took a deep breath and said: “No matter what, please tell me your name to let me know to whom I owe my life to.”

Riding on her horse, the women silently looked at the city wall of the Primal Wildfire Town in the distance. It seemed as if she was in a trance and for a moment, it looked like as if a trace of sadness could be seen flashing on her face. However, this trace of emotion quickly dissipated.

After a long period, that woman took a deep breath and looked Shaar in the eyes with a chilling aura, once more. She then pulled something out of her bosom and threw it on the ground in front of Shaar.

When Shaar lowered his head to take a look at it, he couldn’t help but get shocked.

It was a badge! A plate made of brass, with a layer of gold wrapped around the corners. It had a hexagonal pattern and shockingly, the banner of the 13th Cavalry Army was carved on the surface!!

“Help me pass this onto Adrick.” The woman gave off a cold smile and continued: “Everything what I, Sylvia, owe the 13th Cavalry Army and as well as to Adrick are now all repaid!! From now henceforth, I no longer am a Rhodelian! Also no longer a Byzantine!”

Finishing her sentence, the woman suddenly waved and shot her short sword. It directly stabbed into the ground and split the badge into two!!

With a sneer, the women no longer looked at Shaar and pulled the reins of the other horse. She then slowly rode away and actually never turned her head again.

Shaar stared at the broken badge on the ground and after being gawked for a while, he finally recovered.



She was Sylvia? Adrick’s previous battalion captain of his Praetorian Guards?

Sylvia…..was unexpectedly a woman?!

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