Conquest Chapter 102 part 1

Chapter 102 All repaid! Part 1

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“You ……how could you be in possession of those?” Shaar grabbed the fire pitchfork in his hand and his heart suddenly calmed down. With this sharp weapon, he would have the chance to go all out if Hasting came back.

He immediately put the Dragonscales between the layers of his clothes and struggled to stand up.

With a cold expression, that woman pointed at Sky Raider who was next to him, but Shaar couldn’t understand what her gesture meant. The woman suddenly frowned and pulled out a short sword,throwing it at Shaar, before pointing at Sky Raider again.

Shaar understood, but continually shook his head: “No! It saved my life.”

The women slightly kneaded her eyebrow and faintly grunted. This was the first sound that she made; her voice was both clear and sweet, however, it was also extremely cold.

She no longer paid attention to Shaar and turned around to find the flint of life that was inside her leather bag. After randomly gathering some firewood, she soon ignited the pile. She then took out another item that was wrapped in cloth and untied it; something the size of an egg was revealed. It had initially been a mass of deep green that was as hard as stone, however after placing it over the fire for a while, it quickly softened into a sticky paste. This woman then brought out the short sword and separated a part of it with the blade, before giving that to Shaar. She then pointed at Shaar’s wound and he immediately understood. After applying this sticky paste onto his injury, the burning sensation was immediately replaced by a cool feeling.

Shaar was still completely puzzled in his heart. He had the urge to speak several times, but this woman complexion was cold as an iceberg – it was not only fear he felt when he sat next to her due to her expression, but it seemed as if he could feel a strange coldness radiating from her that didn’t let others near her. Although this woman only revealed half of her face, it wasn’t exactly pretty (Shaar’s standards). Shaar wanted to start talking, but when her cold eyes swept over him; his words were immediately stuck in his throat.

When Shaar wanted to give a bit of that medicine to Sky Raider, a slight hint of dissatisfaction appeared on that woman’s face as she looked at him in full disapproval, before saying coldly, “My medicine, precious.”

This female’s voice was really pleasant to hear, but she spoke like a dead person without any warmth; there was no emotion at all.

She then wrapped the remaining medicinal ointment with care and stowed it away. After picking several dry branches, she lit up the fire and sat down by the fire.

Shortly after the small fire became a blaze, her pale snow white cheeks finally showed a trace of color and looked alive. Summoning his courage, Shaar opened his mouth and said, “Ehm, I would like to know, who……”

This woman took down her bag and pulled out several meatloaves, sliced it into pieces with the blade and started to roast them over the fire. When she heard the question, she snorted and didn’t look back while coldly replying, “No need to waste your breath, I know you are Shaar, the cavalry captain of the Praetorian Guards of the Rhodelia Cavalry regiment. Right?”

“I am.” Shaar groaned, “Who are you?”

The women didn’t reply and gently rotated the blade to roast the meatloaves evenly over the fire. She then spoke slowly, “I followed you for two days. When Hasting caught you and left the town with you in tow, I knew about it. However, I didn’t expect that his speed would be this fast, I nearly lost you.”

Followed me? Shaar couldn’t help but get a bit curious. This woman wasn’t weak if she managed to follow Hasting!

“You had been caught by this goblin and I was hot on your heels. Because Hasting is extremely powerful, I didn’t dare to rashly appear, otherwise……”

Shaar smiled, “Didn’t that guy get scared off by you?” He couldn’t help but look at the longbow on that woman’s back. However, that long bow was actually wrapped real tight in a black leather sheath.

“He wasn’t scared off by me.” That woman shot a look at Shaar and coldly rebuked, “He is more powerful than me. If it were a frontal fight, he would at most need ten moves to defeat me. Within thirty moves, he would be able to take my head.”

Shaar spat his tongue.

Ten moves to defeat her and take her head under thirty moves?

Thinking about himself, from the several times he faced off against Hasting, he had already thoroughly experienced his full power. If he fought against him, let alone thirty moves, Hasting could probably take his head while riding on a horse in three to five moves!

As if she had completely seen through Shaar’s thoughts, an ice cold light flashed unexpectedly in her eyes, “You don’t need to be surprised. With your strength, being able to block several of his attack and not die could be considered as having a bit of skill! Hasting is known as the strongest expert in the Odin army. With his strength alone, he was already a high ranked ninth level warrior. With such skill, even if taking into account the whole continent, there were only a handful people who achieved that. “She deeply gazed into Shaar’s eyes and casually spoke, “Ah, your strength should also be at medium rank.”

Shaar shook his head, muttering, “I am not sure.”

This woman handed over a piece of roasted meatloaf, but Shaar hesitated, before accepting it. He then thanked her in a low voice. He was also really hungry and didn’t care of that it was hot while swallowing it after few bites. This woman looked awkwardly at Shaar’s lack of etiquette and frowned. He then turned around to continue to roast the meatloaves.

With a fully stuffed mouth, Shaar babbled incoherently, “Then, why did Hasting run away?”

The women snorted and didn’t turn head while replying frostily, “You sure are curious ……He and I knew each other and we had dealings with each other before, ah……He owed me a favour, but it was fully repaid today. The next time we meet again, we will fight to the bitter end.”

Shaar listened and grew even more curious, “You, who are you? Why did you save me?”

The woman snorted and threw the last piece of meatloaf towards Shaar. Holding it in his hand, he hesitated a while before ripping it in half and giving it to Sky Raider who was next to him. Sky Raider had been badly weakened, having seen the meatloaf, he glanced at Shaar and didn’t speak. Whiningly, he then took a big chunk of it into his mouth.

“If it was my own intention, your life has nothing to do with me. However, seeing that you are a soldier of the Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment, I couldn’t let you die no matter what. Therefore, you don’t need to thank me, but you must be thankful of your status as a soldier of the Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment.” When the woman finished speaking, she suddenly let out a gentle sigh.

The woman stood up and glanced into the wilderness. “After you finish eating, we will leave. I will deliver you to Primal Wildfire Town then, my matter will be completed……Let’s go! I can’t be accompanying you in wasting time! If you can’t walk, crawl!”

Although Shaar was injured, only managing to stand up by enduring the pain, this woman’s temper was extremely cold and immediately, she started to walk. When her limping was noticed by Shaar, a trace of arrogance appeared in his heart. This woman, with a leg like that, compared to my perfectly built legs, would I still be unable to follow her?

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