Conquest Chapter 101 part 2

Chapter 101 An amazing shot part 2

Seeing Shaar in a pinch, Sky Raider helped him to block Hasting’s second slash on his own initiative; however, this attack unexpectedly cut his iron staff in two! The initially already damaged iron staff suddenly broke from the impact. Hasting sneered, seeing that there was an opening on Sky Raider’s chest. With an additional slash, he chopped apart Sky Raider’s armor and caused a wound so deep that the bones could be seen! With a pitiful scream, Sky Raider fell backwards and became anxious in his heart, fearing that Hasting would finish him off! Seeing that Hasting moved forward to follow up with another slash, Shaar didn’t think too much and leapt forward to grab Sky Raider and push him to the ground. The knife’s blade flew towards Shaar’s back as he fell on the ground….

Hasting suddenly grunted and a strange light flashed through his eyes. He instantaneously flipped his wrist to turn away the blade and smashed Shaar’s back with the hilt. Immediately, Shaar started to spurt blood which spilled on to Sky Raider’s head.

The two fellows rolled on the ground and Shaar felt a severe pain running through his body, as if it was falling apart. How would he be able to stand? As for Sky Raider, his chest was covered with green blood and he seemed to be in a pathetic state. He wasn’t even able to shout anymore and could only muster ouke, ouke with “wife” occasionally mixed in.

Both of their skills weren’t bad and Shaar could display Crimson Rage ki. With his currently power, he could be compared to a medium-ranked warrior and Sky Raider’s strength was even a bit stronger than his. However, as they fought Hasting, they got severely wounded and defeated, while not even scratching off the oil on Hasting’s leather armor.

Putting down his knife, Hasting looked coldly at his two opponents and just when he was about to say something……

Suddenly, a piercing “phew” noise could be heard!

A fierce light suddenly erupted from Hasting’s eyes as he turned his knife to slash out!

With a clang, an arrow was split in two by his knife and fell in the sky! Half of the arrow pierced the ground and still quivered a bit!!

Hasting squinted his eyes and turned his head to look back! In the distance, there was a figure, not even a hundred meters away, and no one knew that it had arrived behind them!

Looking from afar, that person was shrouded in a black coat and the head was wrapped up by a black shawl. It carried an arrow pot on its back that had a dozen long arrows and its arms pulled a long bow!!

Once Hasting saw this person, a strange light erupted from his eyes and he maliciously swung his knife. Taking a deep breath, he shouted loudly: “So it’s you!!”

From afar, the figure silently took two steps forwards and quickly drew an arrow from behind. While resting the arrow on the bowstring, the arrowhead immediately reflected the sunlight.

Hasting’s face suddenly became dignified and after taking a deep breath, he positioned the knife in front of him.

The person from afar once again released the bowstring and the light shot towards Hasting, arriving in less than an instant. Hasting’s eyes stared in circles and with a loud shout, his blade welcomed the advancing arrow, before cutting it in the air. Bang! A mass of bright light exploded and the black flame protected Hasting’s whole body as he retreated a few steps backwards……

After being pushed back seven to eight steps in one breath, the knife in his hand only had half of its blade remaining!

Taking a deep breath, Hasting looked at the person in the distance, before taking a glance at the broken blade in his hand. Suddenly, a trace of a strange smile appeared on his face and he raised his voice to shout: “Do you want to keep these two fellows alive?”

The person in the distance didn’t reply and drew another arrow, before placing it on the bowstring.

Hasting grunted and suddenly threw the broken blade on the ground and shouted: “Good! I give you this favor! Remember! This is the last time! The favor I owe you, is now repaid!!”

Finishing his sentence, Hasting looked at Shaar, who was on the ground, before turning around and leaving with big strides. Only after he walked dozens of steps away did the talented person in the distant slowly put the bow down. After walking dozens of meters, Hasting burst out laughing and as he laughed, his body suddenly accelerated, before quickly vanishing in the wilderness.

Only now did Shaar feel a bit relieved, but confusion lingered in his heart as he looked at the person in the distance that had suddenly appeared.

The person waited until Hasting went away and disappeared without a trace, before putting away the long bow, while slowly walking towards them two.

The person didn’t walk very fast and what made Shaar even more surprised was that, while walking, the person took slow steps and moreover, limped a bit. It actually seemed as if this fellow had some disabilities!

The mysterious person that shot such an amazing arrow was unexpectedly a disabled person?!

Only when the person came closer did Shaar finally clearly see its appearance.

This person wore an astonishingy long black shawl that hung to the ground. Under the shawl was closely fitted cowhide armor that hid a pair of well formed breast and a fine waist that resembled a wasp. Both its legs were slender and long. Once this person approached, Shaar noticed that it was a woman!!

Moreover, this woman, whose head was wrapped by the long black shawl, had some strands of light purple hair, exposed at the edge. What was more bizarre was that her face was half covered by an iron mask which completely hid her left cheek. The right cheek that was exposed revealed an eye that shone a beautiful cold light. Her skin was white and as fair as jade. Her face outline was gentle, her nose straight and her chin was slightly pointy. With such a face, even if only half of it was revealed, according to the standard of an average man, it could be seen as so beautiful that it would move people’s hearts. If she was willing to remove the mask, only heaven would know how high her beauty could reach!

Only……with Shaar’s aesthetic standards……Hehe……

While crossing the hundred meters of distance, she slowly limped her way towards them and actually took some time to arrive. When she finally stood in front of Shaar and looked down, he finally noticed that her right eye, which was exposed, unexpectedly also had a light purple pupil. Within the purple of her pupil, there was a beautiful and bewitching black. The corner of her eye was slightly raised and her eyes appeared indifferent.

When this woman approached, her hands that wore archery gloves took down a leather bag from her waist and threw it in front of Shaar. After looking at the opposite party, Shaar grabbed the bag and the moment he unscrewed it, he smelled a strong medicinal ointment smell.

“Medicine?” Shaar probed.

The woman nodded and half of her lips which was exposed stayed tightly pursed. Her purple eye stared at Shaar’s face, before suddenly shaking her head and sighing.

Struggling to sit up, Shaar squeezed out some medicinal ointments from the bag. After sniffing it, he rubbed it on the spot on his body which was cut by the knife, and though, before throwing the bag towards Sky Raider who was lying on the ground.

Sky Raider groaned and sat up. Seeing that he was weakly panting for breath, Shaar simply walked towards him and helped him wipe the medicinal ointment on his chest.

Exactly at that time, the girl suddenly took off a cloth bag from behind and threw it in front of Shaar. When Shaar opened the bag and looked at the things inside, he immediately beamed with joy!

Inside the cloth bag was his fire pitchfork and the two pieces of Dragonscales that the goblin stole!

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