Conquest Chapter 101 part 1

Chapter 101 An amazing shot

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Not only was Shaar thinking that way, even Sky Raider had a premonition.

With Shaar on his shoulder, he entered the wilderness and didn’t even want the horses anymore. Sky Raider who was already injured and hadn’t rested for a whole day, walked with Shaar on his back for half a day. Layers of sweat were already collecting on his bald head.

While walking slowly, Sky Raider breathed heavily. The goblins were a race that wasn’t made for running, since their inborn thighs were short. For Sky Raider, although he was a rare goblin that was tall and burly, walking with Shaar on his back while injured was too much for him.

Finally, after walking for half a day and just when they sat down to rest for a moment, Hasting appeared!

This time, Hasting wasn’t even riding his horse and no one knew where he hid the black warhorse. He came alone and held a worn-out, rusty knife in his hand – he unexpectedly picked it up from a goblin that he killed!!

Carrying the knife, Hasting slowly walk slowly closer and his face had a trace of a cold smile.

Bursting out a cry, Sky Raider threw Shaar to the ground and lifted his iron staff while roaring in the distance.

As Hasting came closer, he grabbed his cloth and started to gently wipe the knife. His step got quicker and quicker. When he was less than twenty steps away from Sky Raider, he suddenly started to run!

Grasping the hilt with his both hands, Hasting issued a fierce scream and his body flew high into the air like a bird. The blade reflected a glimmer of sunlight from the dazzling sun and before it struck down, a transparent black already engulfed the edges!

As Sky Raider roared while lifting his iron staff, he suddenly heard a bang! Hasting’s knife cut on the iron staff’s upper part and Sky Raider roared with a trace of pain. Both of his feet sunk deeply into the soil until he was ankle deep into the ground! Flames gushed out as the knife’s blade cut on the staff, and Sky Raider was releasing that battle ki resembling faint light to resist. Although weak, it stubbornly resisted the corrosion of the black flame! With a wrist flick, Hasting slid the knife down along the iron staff. The harsh scraping noise transmitted from the knife and it continued to slide on the staff, until it cut Sky Raider’s fingers! Sky Raider roared loudly and immediately let go of one hand and swept away with the other while holding the staff. Hasting instantly pulled back the knife to block, causing a malicious collision!
Sky Raider continued to roar loudly and his voice resonated in the surroundings. He swung his iron staff vertically to pound his enemy, but Hasting acted relaxed and danced around the opposite party’s shadow, while easily penetrating past the iron staff. With a painful scream, several cuts appeared on Sky Raider’s armor and green blood immediately started to flow.

After receiving several cuts, he suffered a painful lesson and staggered back a few steps while madly wielding his iron staff to push Hasting away. Half of his body was already dyed with his green blood and his foot started to lose balance. Using his iron staff to support his body, the gasped heavily for air.

Hasting did hurry to kill and readied his knife while coldly looking at Sky Raider. A hint of dark flame slowly and quietly burned on the blade that was left behind by a dead goblin. It was already total wrecked and the exchange a moment ago had given this knife’s edge numerous cracks and dents. However, with that flame burning around it; even this obviously broken knife seemed to have been turned into a godly magic weapon!

“Among goblins, you would be considered a powerhouse.” Hasting gently wiped away the green goblin blood on the knife and looked at Sky Raider with his feminine eyes: “However, if it wasn’t for me being afraid that you’d injure my horse Black Fire, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on you! With your skill level, you don’t deserve to be my opponent.”

Shaar who was in the back got anxious and shouted loudly: “Sky Raider! Free me! You cannot beat him alone!!”

Sky Raider stared with his green-bean like eyes for a while and took a breath. After forcefully spitting out a mouthful of blood, he suddenly turned around and rushed towards Shaar. Grabbing a dagger from his boots he cut off the tendons that tied up Shaar’s feet and hands!

Hasting didn’t stop him and coldly watched them.

As soon as Shaar was free, he immediately jumped up and furiously moved his hands and feet. Sky Raider didn’t say a word and gave the dagger in his hand to Shaar.

While holding that dagger Shaar’s heart felt somewhat helpless ……His peerless sharp fire pitchfork had being snatched earlier by a goblin, but he soon died afterwards and his weapon was lost on the road. Luckily, that pendant still hung on his neck. Probably because that pendant looked so black, like a worthless stone, the goblins weren’t interested in it.

At least ……he could still use crimson rage ki with the pendant on him. Perhaps otherwise, with his own ability, he couldn’t even block one of Hasting’s hit.

At a time like this there wasn’t much to talk about. Shaar raised the dagger and stood shoulder to shoulder with Sky Raider. Smiling, Hasting raised his knife and approached step by step.

Sky Raider roared and rushed forward to attack head-on and swung down his iron staff while creating a huge wind. Hasting readily struck the iron staff with his knife, bending it in the process, but Shaar already dashed towards him with the dagger in hand!

Two people, one equipped with an iron staff and the other with a dagger, one long, one short, both started to fight Hasting!

Sky Raider furiously roared and his iron staff flew around madly and the strong wind blew past Hasting’s clothes. However, Hasting actually didn’t seem to care as his body evaded lightning quick and occasionally used his knife to parry, while easily blocking the staff. On the other hand, Shaar was tricky and poisonous, as this guy wielded his dagger with crimson eyes. He hid himself behind Sky Raider’s body and attacked more vigorously compared to the goblin. He would sneakily approach and stab, then after the strike pull back. However, Shaar didn’t have the Dragonscale’s protection and with only the Dragonblood, he couldn’t completely resist Hasting’s black flame. He also didn’t dare to shoulder everything with his body and could only run back and forth while sneak attacking.

For a time, these three people fought each other, but Hasting actually acted leisurely and carefree. Casually swinging his knife, he left one scar after another on Sky Raider. Although Shaar dodged faster, he still suddenly received a wound on his arm. A few moments later, Hasting swung his knife wields, but Shaar couldn’t dodge fast enough and could only use his dagger to block. With a cling, the dagger immediately broken and even Shaar’s wrist suffered an injury. If he didn’t dodge fast enough he would have probably lost his arm by now.

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