Conquest Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Ambush

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Only after riding on horseback for a whole night, these goblins finally stop to rest and the sun had started to rise.

After being exposed to the cold wind for a whole night, even though Shaar had a good physical fitness, he was injured and tied up on the back of a horse. The blood was unable to circulate through his body, and it was frozen stiff.

When they finally stopped to rest, several goblins came to the horseback and threw Shaar on the ground. Unfortunately for him, he landed on a stone with his waist and suffered from extreme pain. The hillbilly knew about his present situation very clearly – the fate of getting caught by goblin wasn’t much better than landing in Hasting’s hands!

Although Hasting hated him, he would at most stab a hole into his body with a spear. However, falling in the hands of these goblins meant……

He might suddenly become a human dried jerky , boiled into human oil ……When Shaar imagined himself hung up like a pork to dry in the sun, he couldn’t help but start shivering.

Luckily, they temporarily didn’t have the idea of cutting up Shaar yet. Two goblins actually came to him and tried to feed him dried jerky. Looking at that extremely dried meat without the slightest trace of water, only god knew how long it had been stored. A fishy smell started to irritate his nose as soon as it was put before him, and Shaar’s heart started to tremble while he madly shook his head.

God knows what kind of meat this was! By the styles of how these goblins did things, he only feared that it was perhaps a piece of meat from an adventurer’s thigh that had died in the hands of these goblins…… why would Shaar be willing to have a bite??

The two goblins got impatient and after shouting Ouke, Ouke full of spite, they kicked Shaar, before forcefully opening his mouth. A goblin then maliciously stuffed the meat into his mouth while the other took out the water bag to force it down. Shaar fiercely choked a few times and the moment his throat opened, that  meat jerky slid into his throat.

Shaar’s scalp started tingling and he couldn’t vomit even if he wanted to. These two goblins clapped their hands and went away while swearing.

After resting for a little while,  Sky Raider woke up and two goblins supported him while walking towards Shaar. The goblins were all within reach of Sky Raider and only one goblin went towards Shaar, before fiercely grabbing him. While they threw him on the floor, Shaar gave up on struggling since he didn’t have the ability to defend himself. However, he continued to maliciously curse the goblins’ previous 18 generations ancestors in his mind.

Sky Raider’s complexion obviously didn’t look very well. Normally, a goblin’s skin was pale green, however, Sky Raider’s complexion right now, had a lush green that resembled a ripe old cucumber.. On his green skin, there was a faint trace of black ki.

Standing in front of Shaar, he shouted with anger: “Oaks! Oaks! Wife! Where!!”

Seeing Shaar smile, Sky Raider fiercely slapped him in the face. With a spit, Shaar spurt out a mouthful blood and shook his head: “I. Free. Woman. Give you!”

Sky Raider stared at Shaar with his green bean-like eyes for a little while, before finally maliciously snorting and making a hand gesture.

The two goblins pulled out a knife and just when they were about to cut off the tendon on Shaar’s hands and feet, Sky Raider suddenly shouted, before stopping the two goblins.

Squinting his eyes, Sky Raider felt that there was something wrong with the guy in front of him. Although it didn’t make sense and he couldn’t say why, he had felt it before. This fellow could absolutely not be freed so casually and would definitely cause trouble.

“Wife, give me! Freedom, give you!” Sky Raider endured his anger.

Shaar knew that they were known throughout the continent for going back on their promise. If he really told him, he only feared that he would get stabbed immediately afterwards and therefore firmly shook his head.

Sky Raider got angry and yelled madly at Shaar, while the nearby goblins surrounded him, and kicked him for some time. In any case, Shaar had thick skin and flesh. Although his whole body ached, but whatever the outcome, he could keep his life and fiercely shook his head while keeping quiet.

At the end of his nerves, Sky Raider raised his iron staff for several times to hit him, but ultimately hesitated and gave up. He finally put his iron staff down and waved the others bitterly away.

The goblins tied up Shaar on the horseback again and continued with their journey.

Once afternoon arrived and the sun was high in the sky, the goblins continued to walk in the wilderness. Shaar recognized the direction they were walking, and knew that it led to the Red Wilderness of Primal Wildfire. He suddenly remembered that the last time he was here, there was still that pitiful creature at his side for him to bully. However this time, he, himself actually became a person to be bullied and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Within the formation of the goblins, it stank to the heaven. Shaar knew that these goblins didn’t have a custom of taking a bath and actually got used to it, after getting exposed to it the whole way. Shaar rode alone on a horse and from times to times, a goblin would rush to his side to shout or threaten him. However, in order to keep his life, why would Shaar be willing to talk? Sky Raider was so enraged that his teeth started chattering, but he had no ways to deal with Shaar.

Finally, after the third time Sky Raider had left Shaar’s side full of rage, there was a goblin warily shouting “Ouke, ouke” from the front.

From the side of the road, a dark horse suddenly appeared from behind a giant rock and rode in front of them with lightning speed! Hasting who rode on the horse, had a sharpened stick as a temporarily spear and crashed into the goblin formation with the horse. With a stab, the two goblins’ head at the front immediately busted and turned into a pulp!

Sky Raider furiously took his iron staff and rushed madly forward to fight Hasting.

However, Hasting only sneered and maliciously shot his spear towards Sky Raider. With a swing, Sky Raider blasted away Hasting’s spear midair and it suddenly exploded! Black flame scattered in all directions and two goblins who were hit by the black flame yelled pitifully.  Their bodies were instantly consumed by the black flame and as they fell to the ground, they rolled a few times, before getting burned to a charred corpse!

Hasting immediately turned his horse and rode away. His dark horse was an incomparable godly steed, Sky Raider only rode an ordinary horse. How would he be able to catch up?

Both riders, one on the run and one on pursuit rode in the wilderness. During the pursuit, Hasting ingeniously made a detour and led Sky Raider in a circle. Halfway through the circle, he turned around and crashed once again into the goblin’s formation. The dark horse smashed into the chest of a goblin and his breastbone instantly crushed. Falling on the ground, he started to vomit blood and only survived for a short period of time.

Hasting didn’t stop and immediately rode away.

Once Hasting ran far away, he intentionally stopped and a deliberate laughter could be heard from afar. Sky Raider screamed again, but didn’t dare to pursue again after experiencing the difference in speed between them.

Hasting rode away and immediately disappeared in the wilderness. The enraged Sky Raider could only use his iron staff to fiercely smash against the ground to vent his anger and pounded several holes on the floor.

Once afternoon arrived, Hasting raided them once more. This time, he appeared far away in front of their path while holding a longbow made from branches. With a humming sound, two goblins were immediately shot through by some branches. Sky Raider angrily urged his horse to rush forward. Hasting shot another arrow, but was blocked by Sky Raider with one swing. However, Hasting once again rode away, before Sky Raider got the chance to approach……

In the evening, the goblins stopped to rest, but they were already frightened. After the two raids during the daytime, Hasting had attacked and immediately escaped while several goblins died.  They didn’t even touch one hair of Hasting and Sky Raider was so angry and sulking that he forgot to interrogate Shaar.

Finally, Hasting made his third appearance! This time, he appeared in the forest at a distance and on his back were several sharpened branches that he turned into spears. Riding his horse, he approached the goblins and deliberately circled them. This time Sky Raider, having learned from his previous encounters and didn’t rush to pursue, but took his iron staff and roared loudly.

Hasting sneered from afar with disdain, he galloped his warhorse and suddenly grabbed the several short spears on his back and threw it towards them!

His hand shot with lightning speed and several short spears instantly burst out in black flames, before cutting through the sky……

Sky Raider’s eyes widened and he roared before wielding his iron staff to break apart the incoming short spear. However, the tremendous strength contained within the short spear immediately shot him down from his horse. That horse neighed out pitifully and its four hooves broke, before falling on the ground. Sky Raider fell down on the ground and rolled twice before crawling up. Fresh blood flew out of his mouth and next to him several goblins called out pitifully while being pierced by the short spears!

From a distance, Hasting laughed, before riding away again……

After this time, the surviving goblins, including Sky Raider, were only three.

The two remaining goblins stuck close to Sky Raider, covering in fear and didn’t even dare to leave their leader for half a step. No matter how Sky Raider roared, the two kneeling goblins trembled and grabbed the thigh of Sky Raider tightly while sitting on the ground. They wouldn’t let go even with their lives on the line.

After having only two subordinates left, Sky Raider roared madly again and again, while Shaar’s heart brightened up on horseback!

Hasting was using this harassment tactics again and again!

The goblins passed the night in the forest and Sky Raider didn’t rest for the whole time. He sat there and his eyes stared restlessly, while jumping up from time to time to look around.

On the next morning, the complexion of Sky Raider was obviously haggard and pale. His eyes that resembled green beans looked dim and bleak.

After they departed, a problem occurred at once again, as they walked in the forest!

While walking at the forefront, a goblin suddenly yelled pitifully before getting caught in a vine trap. His was lifted up in the air. As he hung midair, a trunk full of sharp edges flew towards him and instantly crucified him!

Sky Raider angry roar spread through the woods, but not even Hasting’s shadow could be seen.

The last remaining goblin pulled the horse that was carrying Shaar and his pair of small short legs shivered as they walked on the road.

Sky Raider started to get more and more anxious and walked up and down restlessly. To vent his anger, he maliciously broke a big tree next to him, before suddenly rushing to the horseback. Grabbing Shaar, he started to carry him on his back and ferociously shouted a few times.

Just when they were about to leave the forest, a spear shot out from the woods and instantly pierced the last goblin at the back!

Right now, all of Sky Raider’s subordinates were killed off!

Sky Raider didn’t roar this time and stared coldly in the forest. Carrying Shaar on his back, he strode into the wilderness.

Sighing in his heart, Shaar knew that Hasting had achieved his goal, which was killing all of Sky Raider’s men with harassment tactics! Now, his frontal attack would begin!

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