Charactersheet (Contains spoiler! You have been warned!)

Charactersheet (Contains spoiler! You have been warned!)

Goblin Dictionary:

Ouke: Everything that expressed strong emotions. This word almost covered everything that needed to be expressed in a Goblin’s short life, since they always expressed strong emotions despite the usefulness sometimes.

Siji: Everything that is bad.

Soso: Spoil of war, captive (everything captured).

Chaji: Exchange.


Conquest Charactersheet

Spoiler alert!!! You have been warned!

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Shaar Thunder

The Main Character of this series. He got adopted by a mysterious old man when he was young and grew up in the mountain of Primal Wildfire. His proficiency in using the axe is extremely high and transformed the “Thousand men army slaughter” skill to another level. His aesthetic view is somewhat strange….

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Aunt Sofia

The definition of “beauty” for our MC at this moment.

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The Pitiful Creature (Adeline)

Found and saved by the MC in Primal Wildfire jungle. Origin and name unknown.

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Oaks aka Mr. Princess

A fled male goblin Princess captured by Shaar.



A low level magician Shaar meet in Primal Wildfire Town.



A weakened dragon living in the mountains north of Primal Wildfire.


Darwin aka Ada

A mysterious man that Shaar rescued in the wilderness of Primal Wildfire.

General Adrick aka The Tyrannical General

General of the 13th Cavalry Army.


A Praetorian Guard of the 13th Cavalry Army.

General Ruhr aka The Rabbit General

General of the 6th Army


Kekkan aka Little Highness

One of the crown prince and general of Odin.


Hasting aka Lord of War

The most valiant Odin General on the continent.

Sky Raider.jpg

Sky Raider

A powerful Goblin Feudal Lord from the Red Wilderness.

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  1. These pictures look like they belong in an RPG. Also based on Shaar’s preferences, I thought that the pitiful creature was supposed to be a bit flat?

    • Actually, the novel was made into a MMORPG game in China.
      Breast can be hidden, you just need to look at these Japanese anime where the girl dresses up as boys and has huge tits.

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