Conquest Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Thousand Men Army Slaughter

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Shaar stood there, motionlessly, as if he suddenly couldn’t believe that mighty earth-shattering strike happened at all. He looked at his hands and feet and the bloody look of those battered corpses scattered across the ground. He had a blank expression on his face.

Out of energy, Shaar was almost unable to resist and nearly fell to the ground before remembering the pendant…

Ah! The pendant!

He immediately grabbed the stone around his neck and noticed that it was no longer crimson red, but rather became the same dull gray as before. However while holding it in his hands, when his skin touched the stone he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Just a moment ago……

What the hell happened?!

With just one slash of the pitchfork, these powerful and sturdy knights were all killed by me?!

Although the fire pitchfork was sharp, it was impossible for it to reach to such an extent! When that strange glow of crimson red light happened a moment ago, it felt as if their armor and weapons were made out of paper when the fire pitchfork cut through them without even a trace of resistance.

There were two knights who did not die immediately and laid on the ground, rolling around in pain. One knight’s shoulder was cut off while the other knight’s knees were cut off.

“You ……” Rahim forced himself to breathe out as he leaned against ahorse, keeping his eyes fixed on Shaar. Right now there were only two men from his squad left. No matter how battle hardened the Nightfall Guardians were, seeing such a horrible scene in front of them, they could not help but become dejected. Only Rahim had a saddened expression and keep staring at Shaar: “What a ‘Thousand Men Army Slaughter’! You practice Crimson Rage ki! I never thought that I would actually meet an opponent who practices Crimson Rage ki!!”

Shaar felt a bit lost in his mind and had no idea what his opponent was saying.

He looked at the fire pitchfork in his hand and the corpses scattered all over the place. Confusion and chaos filled his mind and he was able to faintly guess what just happened.

In particular…… Rage ki? !

Rage ki! !

This word was not new to Shaar. When he learned martial arts in the past, he had heard the legendary stories of Hero Warriors who defeated their enemies with magnificent Battle ki. Hearing about it, he once asked the old man about it, but he just bluntly replied: “Grandpa doesn’t know Battle ki. No matter what kind of martial arts, without Rage ki it’s all trash…”

“I finally understand, after encountering someone with Crimson Rage ki, no matter what we do, we won’t be able to beat you.” Rahim gasped. However his face became gloomy: “Nevertheless, orders are orders. The mission of Nightfall Guardians is to fulfil our orders.”

While he barely managed to stand up while holding on to the horse, the two knights standing next to him looked at each other and threw the pitiful creature to the ground before pulling out their swords. With an unflinching expression while facing certain death, they marched toward Shaar. Not giving up their will to fight, they rapidly attacked from both sides.

Simultaneously stabbing him with the two swords, Shaar brandished his fire pitchfork to block left and right. Giving up on dodging and their defense, the two knights started their blind onslaught in a desperate move. While Shaar managed to block a few times, he did not learn the art of sword. He still felt that he could not display his real skills with his fire pitchfork in his hand, since it was a size too small to use as an axe.

More importantly, the feeling of being possessed by a God just a moment ago seemed to have disappeared. Right now he was using his reaction speed and strength to fight against the two knights. Deliberately bracing himself and taking a stab to his back, Shaar used this opportunity to smash the knight’s chest with his elbow while his sword was stopped by the Dragon scale armor. With a loud scream, the knight’s breastbones were smashed into countless pieces and blood sprayed everywhere. The other knight’s sword was meanwhile broken in two by Shaar’s fire pitchfork and his wrist was cut off from the slash. Following up with a kick, Shaar sent him flying to the ground.

Still leaning against the horse and gasping for air, Rahim coldly stared at Shaar. His injuries were very serious, when he saw that the last of his men were killed by Shaar, he knew that there were no means of escape. Facing Shaar’s eyes, he sneered: “Mission failure means death, kill me.”

Shaar frowned and grabbed the Rahim up while strangling his neck: “Tell me, you just said “Thousand Men Army Slaughter “, what does it mean!?”

While Shaar did not know what Crimson Rage ki was, he had already heard about “Thousand Men Army Slaughter “. This term was use by the old man when he taught him martial arts, since he sometime shouted “Thousand Men Army Slaughter “. That name sounded very impressive, but Shaar was sceptical for a while, wondering if this old man was not casually making things up.

Rahim gave Shaar a cold look:. “Thousand Men Army Slaughter is the strike you just used. Although I have practiced it before, since I do not practice Crimson Rage Ki, I specialized at that sword skill. Last time when you blocked all my sword patterns, I had some doubts. However, as expected, you really practice the Thousand Men Army Slaughter and moreover, your skills were more advanced than mine. No wonder you were able to block all of my sword patterns! ”

Startled for a moment, Shaar suddenly came up with a strange idea and threw Rahim to the ground.

Slaughter, Thousand Men Army Slaughter.

Crimson Rage ki……

A fire pitchfork with unparalleled sharpness……

Furthermore this pendant……

Old man?

Could it be true what he boasted about when he was alive, that he once was really a great man?

While looking at the corpses scattered all over the ground and the several badly wounded knights who were not yet dead, Shaar felt an intense anxiety taking ahold of him all of a sudden.

This was not the first time he killed. Last time when he encountered those guys, he shot dead a knight who was holding a bow with his pitchfork. Growing up in the Primal Wildfire, it was natural for him to know the rules here and he admired the laws of jungle. The weak were the prey of the strong, it’s either kill or to be killed. This was the difference between the weak and the strong.

However, today when that Crimson light erupted, a strong murderous impulse emerged in his mind that made Shaar a bit scared of himself. At that time, he didn’t know what happened while his mind was twisted. He could only feel irritation and anxiety in his mind while becoming restless, wanting to tear apart every living thing he saw.

Old man…… What the hell did you teach me!

Struggling to sit up, Rahim pulled out a knife from his waist while standing next to him. His eyes blazing with anger and he directly stabbed towards Shaar’s leg. Noticing the incoming strike, Shaar raised his leg and kicked him away. Lying on on the ground and gasping for air he laughed madly: “Kill me, kill me now! If you do not kill me, as long as I breathe, I will not give up on killing you!”

Shaar frowned and understood that it was very easy to end this guy’s life with his pitchfork right now. However, thinking about the horrible murderous intention overwhelming him moments ago, he was suddenly hesitant about killing him.


The pitiful creature stood up, sprinted forward and instantly threw herself towards Shaar. She was very concerned and started carefully examining Shaar’s body: “You, are you hurt anywhere?!”

Shaar pushed the pitiful creature away: “It’s nothing.”

He subconsciously pinched that pendant……

Finally, Shaar left the pitiful creature and Rahim’s side before walking up to Tatara and saying: “Get up!”

Tatara widened his eyes and stared at Shaar. This magician was mentally somewhat exhausted since the situation moment ago was too extreme. When he saw Shaar going down, Tatara thought that this time, they were all bound to die. However Shaar suddenly exploded with energy and they managed to survive this deadly situation.

“You, didn’t you claim to be a magician?” Shaar pointed at the pendant around his neck: “Take a look at this thing. Is this a magical item?”

Tatara swallowed and timidly looked at Shaar: “I ……”

“Tell me!” Shaar barely restrained his anger. He had just slaughtered a squad of power enemies, like cutting melons and vegetables. While holding back his anger, Shaar naturally radiated with some slight killing intent and Tatara’s face instantly turned pale while quickly saying: “Yes, this is indeed a magic gem. Furthermore, it is a top grade magic gem and I guess that this gem must have been enchanted with a certain kind of extremely powerful magic, but…… based on my ability, I’m not able to identify the exact kind of magic. Just judging from the gem’s texture, it is absolutely top grade, definitely! ”

Magic gem……

Shaar nodded and one of his doubts had been resolved, but the fog in his heart became thicker.

“Shaar.” The pitiful creature walked next to him and looked at his solemn face with a somewhat uneasy feeling.

“I…… I need to go home.” Shaar suddenly raised his head and exhaled a long breath. Then he increased his tone of voice and repeated: “Uncle needs to go home!!”

Hearing this, the pitiful creature was stunned. This hillbilly said he needed to go home? What did he mean?

Exactly at that time, there was suddenly a hasty click of horse hooves coming from afar. The hooves blowing up a large cloud of dust all over the sky was coming closer!

Shaar, the pitiful creature and Tatara’s face simultaneously became ashen and turned around to take a look. A group of horsemen came galloping from the distance. Judging from their formation, which was neat and quick, their armor reflected a metallic shine that could be seen from afar under the sun. It was obvious that the incoming group was a batch of heavily armed cavalrymen!

Shaar immediately turned to look at Rahim on the ground and thought that they were his companions. However he unexpectedly found that Rahim also had a look of astonishment.

It was obvious that this group of cavalry were rushing towards them like a sweeping wind! In a short amount of time, they had already closed in.

Shaar originally planned to drag the pitiful creature on horse and run away, however she caught sight of the cavalry in the distance. The vanguard knight held a lance high in his hand with a blue flag waving at its tip.

The second the pitiful creature saw this blue flag, her eyes suddenly lit up. When those men got a bit closer she could clearly see the appearance of the vanguard knight. The pitiful creature quickly grabbed Shaar: “We don’t need to run! They’re my brother’s men! My brother’s men! ”

Hearing this Rahim lying on the ground suddenly became pale as death.

This group of cavalry quickly arrived in front of them. There were about three hundred horses and everyone on the horse wore light riding gear with light armor, equipped with long swords and lances. This was the standard dress for empire’s elite light cavalry. Arriving in front of them, they immediately divided into two groups and flanked them from both sides to guard the surroundings.

The knight leading the front wore a silver set of armor which was extremely ornate. Two beautiful patterns decorated his chest armor, his arm guards and shoulder pads had a family emblem engraved on them by a extremely skilled craftsmen. A thin layer of sequins covered his helmet while his armor was inlaid with pieces of silver on its chest, its back as well as the shoulders parts. While looking at him, sparkling sliver lights were reflecting the sun’s light.

The horse under the knight was also a fine rare breed. It was a completely white horse, both tall and majestic. The only part on its body that was black was around its four hooves.

Riding the horse in front of them, the knight suddenly reined his horse. His sophisticated skill of controlling this horse made it rear. Lifting his helmet, his eyes stayed fixated on the pitiful creature and with a voice full of excitement he shouted: “God bless! You are truly here, I finally found you!! ”

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