Conquest Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Ten Crimson Steps

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Shaar raised his fire pitchfork and ran back in a few steps. Rahim only recovered when Shaar was standing in front of him, he immediately roared before ki started to radiate from his arms once again. A mass of grey Battle ki covered his spear again, but this time he pushed his output to the extremes and struggled. The Battle ki on the spear covered it with energy that radiated to almost a foot in height, it was obviously that this was the maximum power he could manifest.

The spear accumulated a mass of grey fog and maliciously curled forward. Rahim let out a loud Battle cry and ruthlessly thrust forward with his spear. Swallowed by the fog like battle ki, Shaar continuously blocked with his fire pitchfork left and right, but from time to time the spear created a muffled sound as it smashed against Shaar’s body.

Shaar’s martial art skill level could not be compared with his opponent’s, so he relied on his pure strength to resist. Nevertheless, he was finally unable to block those intense attacks that swept down upon him like a wave. Rahim started to display his full spear technique and managed to land several hard blows on Shaar with both the spear head and spear end. It immediately left a few marks on Shaar’s body, and even when it was obvious that he started to stagger from the beating, Shaar had yet to drop down.

Anxiety and anger started to creep into Rahim mind. In his whole life, he had never encountered such an opponent. It was obvious that he suffered many blows, yet how could he put it away as if it was nothing? With this level of attack, if it was him, he would probably already have fallen to the ground by the second strike. This wildling boy however screamed in pain again and again, yet his spirit actually seemed to increase with each strike?

(TL: Berserker mode activated!)

Finally, with a loud clang, Rahim suddenly twisted his body while holding his spear in his hands and maliciously thrusted toward – originally this was a lance thrusting move made from a horseback, however right now Rahim was at the end of his nerves and wanted nothing more than to pierce a hole into this boy.

With a rupturing Battle ki, the spearhead flew towards Shaar’s chest. Shaar’s eyes instantly widened and flashed with a strange light. With quickened steps, his feet moved backwards while he used his fire pitchfork to block his opponent’s incoming spearhead.

Ding ding ding!!

After several clashing sound, both of them finally paused for a moment.

Rahim, using both of his arms, suddenly spun his heavy spear. Shrinking his body, Shaar dodged backwards with all his might. This exchange had left both of them exhausted, but Rahim’s heavy spear already had countless tiny cracks from top to bottom. There were already a few places where it could break off at anytime, and the sharp spearhead had become blunt as well. The fire pitchfork knocked off the spearhead with ease before the blunt tip stabbed into Shaar’s bosom. Stuck under his rib, it was blocked by a piece of Dragon scale and was unable to pierce any further.

Rahim’s complexion instantly became distortion. Bang. Finally, the heavy spear in his hand exploded into innumerable pieces and a few iron slices grazed his face. Although Rahim received several deep cuts on his face, he generally seemed unaware of them and just stood still while staring stubbornly at the boy in front of him.

How, how is it possible?!

Both of Rahim’s palms were full of blood because he recklessly and forcefully released too much Battle ki. By overstepping his body’s limit to withstand the pressure of his Battle ki, it backfired on him. His fingers started to tremble and he suddenly fell down on his knees to the ground before blood came gushing out of his mouth. The side effects of overstepping the limit caused internal damage in several of his organs.

Why? How is that boy still all right? His martial arts was obvious a mess. But how…..?

Rahim fell to the ground and several Nightfall Guardians next to them instantly dragged him back. Right now, the remaining people looked at Shaar with a complex expression.

For a moment, an eerie silence hung over this scene.

Actually, on the ground behind Shaar, Tatara laid beside the pitiful creature. Frightened to death, his whole body was trembling, but after seeing this intense fight, his heart could not help but become horrified: This little thief was too powerful! Being able to use Battle ki that knight was clearly a middle rank warrior and he was unexpectedly defeated by him.

Taking a deep breath, Shaar still could not relax his mind.

After their bitter exchange moments ago, although he bathed in Dragon blood and wore Dragon scale armor, the injuries were still not light. After all, Dragon blood and Dragon scale were not omnipotent and the so-called invulnerability was only relatively speaking. An ordinary person would of course not be able to penetrate his defence, but facing a warrior using Battle ki was a completely different matter.

After suffering a dozen blows on his body, Shaar felt as if his bones were almost broken into pieces. His whole body was screaming in pain. Although he smashed the tip of the spearhead before it last stabbed in on his rib, getting hit by a warrior’s powerful Battle ki was not something to joke about. The dragon scale was not pierced, but the Battle ki transmitted through the armor towards his chest from the stab.

Waves of pain were slowly overwhelming him at this moment, almost forcing him to vomit blood, he was sure that at least one rib was broken.

Keeping his mind sharp, he knew that even though the Dragon blood strengthened his constitution, this enhancement was not limitless! If he suffered a few more blows, he would certainly die!

“Kill that boy.”

Amongst the Nightfall Guardians came a weak order from Rahim. While this fellow was defeated, he still had not forgotten about their mission.

The knights did not hesitate at all, drawing their sword and dismounting before rushing forward to attack.

Several swords simultaneously stabbed towards him from both sides. Only by slowly retreating backwards did Shaar managed to resist them and brandish his fire pitchfork around him. With countless clashing sound, he managed to break several of the sword tips, but he still received several cuts. When a blade landed on his shoulder, although his body was strengthen by Dragon blood, it still pierced his skin and blood started to flow – If this blow had landed before the strengthening, this strike would have cut off his whole arm!
The one that chopped him with a sword was also a powerful Battle ki user. Enduring the pain, Shaar furiously kicked this man’s thigh. Receiving a heavy blow, the knight screamed pitifully while his thigh broke into pieces. Using this opportunity, Shaar turned around and ran, but a sword still managed to reach his back. Fortunately, his Dragon scale armor protected him and the stab did not pierce him. Nevertheless, this strike had tremendous force and hit him like a hammer!

Staggering, Shaar finally fell to the ground and just when he landed, several swords immediately stabbed towards him. Only being able to roll awkwardly on the ground to avoid being pierced, he desperately brandished his fire pitchfork in his hand.

There were no weak members amongst the Nightfall Guardians. Even an ordinary member had at least an official warrior rank. How could Shaar alone resist against all of these ranked warriors?

Amongst the warriors who were besieging him, half of them could use Battle ki. After obtaining their orders, those Nightfall Guardians were consumed by their rage and a murderous aura covered them. In less than a moment, Shaar’s body was already covered with wounds. While facing those attacks filled with Battle ki, even the strengthening from the Dragon blood could not completely prevent all of the damage. Luckily, his Dragon scale armor covered his vital organs.

Not knowing how long he resisted and not even sure how many wounds he received, Shaar felt that his vision was getting blurry. With a swing of his fire pitchfork, he split a knight in front of him in two and a mass of blood sprayed on his face. When his breathing was getting ragged, he suddenly heard a whistling near his ear and when he turned his head, he notice a claw hammer flying towards him! The injuries all over his body had slowed him down so Shaar’s reaction was too slow to dodge in time. When the Battle ki covered hammer hit his ribs, the energy burst through his body! With a loud bang, Shaar’s body was sent flying by the force and landed rolling on the floor. Immediately he started to spit blood from his mouth, his eyes only saw black and his body felt like it was dissipating.

That claw hammer was a heavy weapons used by the knights and was quite similar to a mace. Made completely out of metal, it was without a doubt heavy and was used by the Nightfall Guardians squad leader. Although there was the Dragon scale armor in between, the hammer still transmitted a strong impact when it hit Shaar’s back. Finally, running out of strength to get up he could barely roll his body, his hands and feet were no longer listening to him.

Not able to bear seeing him get beat up, the pitiful creature ran towards Shaar, but two Nightfall Guardians grabbed her when she tried to pass them. Furiously shouting and screaming the pitiful creature used all her energy to resist, but how could she oppose the strength of the two powerful knights?

Lying on the ground, Tatara’s body was shivering, his face ashen, not even daring to lift his head.


Still unable to get up, Shaar face was lying on the ground,his blood and mud already mixed together near his mouth. Noticing that his breath was in disorder, he firmly shook his head. Feeling that he was surrounded by several knights, he knew that these fellows noticed his weakness and were in no hurry to finish him. While they were making some gestures back and forth, Shaar knew that any of those sharp swords could pierce his body at any moment. Just at that time, heavy steps were closing in on him.

A knight with a slightly bigger stature than the rest, carrying a claw hammer in his hand moved apart from the other knights. When he stopped beside Shaar, he noticed that this guy was the one who successfully landed the blow on his back a moment ago. Staring at Shaar with a murderous aura, he raised his claw hammer and pointed it at Shaar’s head. If this hammer struck down on Shaar’s head, it would instantly turn it to a meat pile.

Raising the hammer towards the sky, the hammer’s shadow covered Shaar’s face and at that moment…….

Still lying flat on the ground, the greyish stone on his neck suddenly erupted and a mass of crimson red light filled the surrounding! That light instantly expanded outwards without any warnings and blinded everyone around Shaar!!

At that moment, that crimson light enveloped Shaar and instantaneously swept over his whole body!

All the wounds on Shaar’s body such as cuts, slashes, broken bones and ruptured wounds…. Under the crimson light all these injuries healed instantly, almost in a blink of an eye!!

When the crimson light diminished, Shaar’s body was back in perfect condition. Still lying on the ground, he saw that the grey stone on his neck had not turned back to its original color, but stayed crimson red like a bloodstone!

Shocked by the crimson light, Tatara looked up and experienced this amazing scene and dropped open his mouth. With sweat oozing down his forehead, there was only one thought in his mind:

Damage, damage absorption?!!

When Shaar breathed in, he instantly felt a strange force filling his body. This energy gave his mouth a violent taste and felt like a bucket of cold water poured down on his body. Filled with this kind of abundant energy, he felt as if his body would explode. Shaar could not help but let go a heavy hum.
Right now, this strength filled his whole body and a surge of extremely violent emotions filled Shaar’s mind. Filled with chaos, various negative emotions exploded in his mind: Angry, blood thirst, violence……

Suddenly jumping up from the ground, the mass of crimson light had yet to fully disperse, but Shaar’s eyes turned completely red. Deprived of any consciousness, he felt that his anger and murderous aura was harder and harder to suppress and he finally screamed……

(TL: He is really becoming a berserker O.O)

That mass of crimson light silently stormed outwards from his body and instantaneously seeped into the surrounding air. Giving even the air a trace of the crimson color……

The pitch black fire pitchfork in Shaar’s hand danced around and drew a circular arc. A faint red glowing afterimage could be seen following behind the fire pitchfork’s movements……

One, two, three…… A distance of about ten steps!

Within those ten steps, everything turned crimson!

Within the scope of these ten steps, each knight saw a flash of crimson light in front of them……

…… Everything fell into silence.

After a while……


A sudden cracking sound of armor could be heard coming from the knight carrying the hammer who stood closest to Shaar. When he looked down, he saw that a fine line extending on his armor and a thin scratch appearing on his body before blood started to spray out…….

The claw hammer in his hand silently split into two pieces! Half of the claw hammer fell down to the ground.

Staring in horror, he found himself unable to utter a word and watched how his body started to gradually fall apart from the scratch on his waist!!

The blood finally sprayed out and half of the corpse fell to the ground. The part below his waist still standing!

At the same time, from the dozen of knights around Shaar, the closest five or six people were instantly decapitated. On all the places where Shaar’s fire pitchfork left a crimson light, blood and brains sprayed everywhere. Two guys were sliced apart and the three men who stood slightly further away. One instantly lost his hand while still carrying his sword. Another person lost half of his right arm while his left shoulder detached from his body. The last knight let go a pitiful scream and wanted to run away, only to discover that while his upper body moved, everything below his knee stopped on the spot….


Still limping on the ground and unable to move, Rahim watched helplessly how most of his small squad had been massacred by Shaar in one hit. His eyes stubbornly staring at Shaar with a hint of madness in his eyes!

Slaughter, Thousand Men Army Slaughter! Crimson Rage ki!!

No wonder this boy managed to break his sword. He studied the Thousand Men Army Slaughter! He finally understood how this boy was so powerful, without even practising Battle ki.

What he practiced was not Battle ki, but Rage ki! Crimson Rage ki!!

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