Conquest Chapter 47 part 2

Chapter 47 Happiness, only a shadow part 2

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What the pitiful creature meant to say was the fact that she could actually arrange for Shaar to be located at her place of residence. By using her connections, she could cover for him and there wouldn’t be anyone who could bully him then. Maybe in the future, they could also be some opportunities to meet regularly……

Shaar smiled: “Why is it that you are so eager to convince me into becoming a soldier? Do you want to join the army? I think you should give up this idea! Because although you are very tall, you are too thin and you can’t endure the hardships.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued:” what about you? After returning to Primal Wildfire Town, where do you plan to go?”

“I ……” the pitiful creature suddenly felt at loss in her heart.

Where to go? Go home?

If she went back, her uncle would surely kill her! And …… how could she be willing to go back after knowing such a fact? Then ……go to Odin? Her father had already passed away. If she went to Odin, she would be by herself, alone and forsaken. Furthermore, what they focused most in Odin Empire was the blood relationship. She who carried Byzantium blood would always be looked down upon by those Odin fellows. If she went alone, she feared that in the future she would be bullied by other people and treated coldly.

Thinking it over, her only option was to quietly seek refuge with her brother. On the whole continent, her elder brother was the only person who could oppose her uncle. If her elder brother would protect her, even her uncle couldn’t touch her. Furthermore, although they were only cousins, her brother had always treated her well since birth and their relationship was even closer than real siblings……Moreover, she heard that her uncle was not in good health. As long as she made some arrangements with her elder brother and found a secret place to live in seclusion for several years, she could wait for her uncle to die of old age. After her elder brother ascends the throne, then the whole situation would be very different!

However ……living in seclusion for several years……

“Oh, I don’t know.”The pitiful creature sighed.

“Ah, then……You can stay with me.”Shaar laughed.

The pitiful creature’s heart started to jump madly after hearing this.

Stay, stay together with this hillbilly?

Staying in Primal Wildfire Town? Keep each other company? Wearing crude linen clothes, eating those rye breads, listening to this hillbilly’s mindless laughter and vulgar cursing every day……Watching this guy’s valiant appearance……

It seemed……It seemed very attractive……

(ED: Its magic or she finally lost her mind)

(TL: Shaar’s steel rod dangling in the wind was just too convincing…)

Moreover, other than being somewhat vulgar, this fellow was actually a smart guy who had a lot of ideas. He could also protect himself…… In fact, after being together with him for some time, this guy was actually not that annoying anymore. On the contrary the look he sometimes gives when cursing someone was actually quite cute……

The pitiful creature’s mind was in chaos and she was short of breath.

Thinking about returning to her elder brother’s side, if she was under the protection of her elder brother she would have to hide in some remote place. Although her elder brother would not let her suffer the slightest hardship and prepare an indispensable shelter for her, she would lose her freedom nevertheless.  And in order to avoid being discovered by her uncle’s people she would not be able to casually walk around anymore……

However, staying together with this hillbilly was equal to giving up on her royal identity. She would resign herself to become a normal person with this hillbilly. Simple clothing, plain food, there were no luxury clothes, no exquisite jewelries, without respectful eyes of her admirers and not living in a luxurious palace ……But she would be able to live a simple life, looking at this hillbilly’s pure smiling face and his appearance when he cursed at people. Moreover, when enough time passed, he would know that she was a girl, then later……

(ED: Did I miss a part where she hits her head and suffers a personality disorder?) (PF: That happened behind the scenes lol) (TL: She probably got hit on the head by Shaar’s might steel rod!)

Thinking about it, the pitiful creature’s face turned red and hot again. She could not help but to cover her cheeks while there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

“Hey, pitiful creature, since you can read and write, you can teach me in the future.” Shaar turned his eyes and laughed: “The old man only taught me the minimum level on how to write and read, so you can teach me more. You can also tell me more about the magic language. Since we got those things from the dead magicians, certainly there are some valuable things inside. Maybe, this magician book has some important information inside…..”

The pitiful creature could not help but chuckle……Really, this fellow wanted to keep her because he had some use for her.

Since she was already familiar with this hillbilly’s nature, the pitiful creature did not get angry with him.

“To be honest, we could even form a circus.” Shaar was getting more and more excited: “Every winter, when magical beasts start their hibernation, hunting is not possible for three months. We can form a performing troupe to make money in Primal Wildfire Town! Since you were born to be so ugly, you can play the clown! And I, I ……I can crush a big stone with my chest and roll around on a nail board and so on! Haha, since I have smeared my body with Dragonblood, I am invulnerable! Those jobs will be a piece of cake! ……You trickster, you can also display your performance.”

Tatara who was sitting next to them stayed silent until now, but hearing this he could not help but to burst with anger in his mind.

Trickster? I, Master Tatara, am a genuine honest magician! A magician!!!

However when Uncle Shaar opened his mouth, a person like Tatara who was currently under the mercy of someone could only give a hastened answer with a smiling face: “Yes, yes, yes, I can certainly contribute, I will certainly contribute!”

Hearing this, the pitiful creature was getting excited in her heart……

If she could really stay in Primal Wildfire Town, she would be able to abandon of all those heavy responsibilities and bad life experiences all at once. Henceforth, she would be no longer an aristocrat but an ordinary girl. By following this hillbilly, she could depend on his strong shoulder and his strong chest to protect her. It did not matter whether she had to cook for him at home, sew his clothes or even accompany him to become a performing troupe.

This simple silly life, it seemed……

It seemed……

Why was it that the more she thought about it, she felt more happy?

While thinking about it, the pitiful creature did not know when, but her eyelids became very heavy and gradually  she fell asleep. In her dream, she saw a blurry scene where she arrived in Primal Wildfire Town with Shaar. They lived in a small house with a courtyard. Inside was a warm fireplace and the ground was covered with thick animal furs……

When dawn was upon them, pitiful creature had a happy expression, but the moment she turned her body, she felt a sudden pain on her face.

A hand was patting her face and in a daze she heard Shaar whispering: “Hey, wake up! Wake up!”

When the pitiful creature opened her eyes, she found herself lying beside Shaar and his face was very gloomy!

The sunlight was barely illuminating the sky, why was this Hillbilly waking her up so early?

Waking up, the pitiful creature sat up and looked around, as her heart instantly turned ice cold!!

Not far in the periphery, where the morning light was coming up, more than 20 cavalry soldiers had completely surrounded the trio’s little camp!

Several knights dismounted while carrying weapons and stood in the surroundings. The rest of the knights were still on horseback and readied their bows and arrow while showing a stance full of vigilant alertness.

The few knights who were closest to them were only at a distance of about ten steps away. Each held a sharp longsword in their hands, which radiated coldness!

The hillbilly stood next to her with his chest out, grasping the fire pitchfork in his hand while his face emitted an ice cold aura!

Shaar instantly recognized those guys. One fellow who was standing at the opposite side was the knight leader whom he fought the last time.

Previously, they used the opportunity to flee before they could gather their forces, but now it looked like they would not have the opportunity to play the same old trick again. The enemy had already firmly surrounded their camp and they did not have any horses…..

“Put down the weapon.” The knight leader who had lost to him the previous time roared in a hoarse voice and a cold expression: “Then walk towards us! One after the other!”

(ED: They are so screwed…)

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