Conquest Chapter 47 part 1

Chapter 47 Happiness, only a shadow part 1

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They easily passed the mountain and through that flame swamp this time thanks to the wind type magic ring from the dead magician.

The small wind magic rune inserted in this ring was, if you look at quality point of view it was probably a mid stage first level type – According to Tatara’s appraisal.

According to the magic classification system of the continent, there were three ranks; high, medium and low.  Every rank had total of nine levels. Although medium rank level one was not that powerful, at least it could be considered as a middle rank magic. Even though the wind magic in this ring could not make someone fly in the air, it was barely able to achieve a gliding effect……

Therefore, if you wanted to know how they crossed the flame swamp……

Very simple.

Shaar let the pitiful creature wear the ring and then tied her together with Tatara.  At the border of the swamp, he picked them up and forcefully threw them to the other side……

Combining Shaar’s monstrous strength with the effect of the wind magic, the pitiful creature and Tatara took advantage of this fusion as they glide over the swamp, the jungle and even over the mountain top……

When Shaar rushed down to find them, those two were at the bottom of another mountain while hanging on a tree branch for half a day.

“We will travel to south across the goblin’s territory, the Red Wilderness. Then we will be able to enter Primal Wildfire’s jungle. It will take us between ten days and half a month to return to Primal Wildfire Town, depending on our speed.” Shaar rescued the pitiful creature and Tatara from the tree: “Unfortunately, Oaks that fellow disappeared. Let’s pray that, he did get taken away in a wolf mouth.”

While talking, Shaar glanced at the whining magician and muttered:”Oaks was indeed a very good servant and now this guy …humph.”

Under the Dragonblood’s mysterious effect, both of the pitiful creature’s legs were already healed. Although she had still to restore her strength in them, it already did not cause any obstruction while walking. So naturally unlike before, she did not rely on Shaar carrying her anymore.

However, that pitifully magician Tatara actually performed worse than the pitiful creature – to be more be more precise, he was worse that the pitiful creature before her injury was healed!

Magicians generally have a relatively weak body. However this Tatara body was outrageously weak. If a magician’s magical power was the inversely related with his body strength, then Tatara at this point should have been a super archmage.

Just by walking less than ten miles, his legs already became soft, his face was ashen and he was already panting for breath. It was as if he could stop breathing any moment, his legs were too soft as if they did not have any bones. During the whole journey, he did not stop shaking.

Shaar was at the end of his rope, not only couldn’t this servant  help him carry his things, he even needed Shaar’s support while walking – If he did not snatch his robe before and was a bit embarrassed because of it, he would already have threw away this burden away like trash.

The trio followed the river towards south and re-entered the Red Wilderness. While walking along the river, the pitiful creature remembered their journey towards north and experiences she went through with this hillbilly. She could not suppress the various emotions in her, the goblins, those bizarre Deatheaters and those knights who wanted to kill her……

“Hey, Shaar.”

Camping outside in the evening, looking that hillbilly extinguishing the campfire, those three huddled together and lied down on the hot ground which was roasted by the campfire. The pitiful creature looked at Shaar and then whispered something. At the moment the campfire was extinguished, only the starlight faintly illuminated the night sky. The pitiful creature felt a disturbance in her heart and her face was turning a bit hot.  Luckily, this Hillbilly could not see clearly it……

What a pity……

“Eh? Why is your face so red, it resembles a monkey ass?” Shaar stared at the pitiful creature with widened eyes.

The pitiful creature uttered a loud yell and quickly turned her head: “What, what red face! You ……How could you have seen you see it?!”

“I was born with night vision and I can even see in the darkest places. Therefore, I am a naturally gifted Hunter……uh, Magical beast hunter!” Shaar grinned while pointing at his own eyes: “I have never told you this before? Haha, this uncle has too many awesome skills and there are even some that I can’t even remember.”

The pitiful creature swore bitterly in her heart and now that she knew that this hillbilly unexpectedly had night vision, she did not dare to look at him again. While playing with a dry branch in her hand, she asked in a low voice: “Hey, I want to ask you, Shaar, when we are back, do you have any plans?”

“Plans?” The Hillbilly thought for a moment and could not help but say with a smile: “Of course there are many!! With such a big harvest this time, I can finally get a fine set of equipment. I can only become one of the top Magical beast hunters with a powerful weapon and equipment! Hmmm, drink the best liquor, live in a big house, wear comfortable clothes ……ah, was right, I can even buy a small house in Primal Wildfire Town,  the kind that has a courtyard at the back. Ah yes, I also want to buy a horse. My riding skill is quite bad, later if I want to hunt and kill a magical beast in Primal Wildfire, it would be rather severe if I can’t ride a horse……”

The Hillbilly became ecstatic while happily talking and thinking about the future. He only felt that the situation could only become better and better, his feeling was “this uncle is also rich now”.

However, when he as began to get more and more excited in his speech, while listening, the pitiful creature sighed softly and finally couldn’t resist anymore. She raised her head and looked at Shaar in the darkness – Even though she could not see Shaar clearly, she very much hoped that Shaar could see her eyes at this moment.

“You, do you want to stay in Primal Wildfire Town and become a Magical beast hunter for the rest of your life?”

Shaar asked back: “If not this, what else?”

“You ……have you ever thought about leaving Primal Wildfire, leave here and go to the Byzantine Empire? After all, there is a bustling world and you can see many, many interesting places……”

“Not interested.” Shaar shook his head and replied very simple in a light expression: “I was born and I grew up here also everything I know is about here. About the wilderness and mountains here, I can find food, water and something to wear. I know how to survive here. Although the people in Primal Wildfire Town are somewhat sly, however here people follow a custom and that is the law of the jungle. If you are strong, then you are the boss. Although all the locals are quite fierce, everyone acted openly regarding these rules. These rules were simple and if you lived according to the rules, you could live in peace with each other. Generally speaking, the people in Primal Wildfire Town, although they were a bit ferocious, they were fairly simple.

However, I heard the old man saying that in Byzantine Empire, people were very complex, especially those rich men and aristocrats who would eat people without even spitting out the bones. In front of you they behaved like friends then stabbed you in the back whenever they could. Even those man-eating wild beasts in Primal Wildfire were not as annoying as those guys. Instead of going to that place, I would rather stay here in Primal Wildfire Town. Moreover, I don’t have any skills except hunting and I don’t know what else I could do.”

“You ……You are a unique brave warrior. You could go work as a warrior and become a bodyguard! With such powerful skill you can certainly……” The pitiful creature quickly replied.

Shaar heavily grunted: “Do you want me to work as a servant?”

He shook his head: “I rather go and become a mercenary who lives outside, experiencing adventures and use my own blood and sweat to earn meals than becoming some bullshit bodyguard! Hmpf, acting as a bodyguard for those rich and potbellied rich men and aristocrats – When they sit, this uncle has to stand? When they eat, this uncle has to watch! Even when they are having a good time with a chick, this uncle needs to become a lookout at the door? Forget it! That kind of thing, I won’t do it! I hate to get ordered around by other people.”

The pitiful creature understood immediately that she made a slip of tongue: “Ah, sorry, I did not mean this. I know that you are someone who does not like to be bound by something, but……You can enter the army. Ah, with your skills, if you want ……”

According to the pitiful creature identity, if Shaar wanted to join the army, naturally she would be able to pull some strings to grant him a good background. Perhaps it would not directly be with wealth and status, but at least he would become a “rising star”.

Join the army?

Shaar’s eyes lit up for a moment and even became somewhat excited, but immediately shook his head while saying: “Well, I still prefer to become a Magical beast hunter. Unrestrained and I can do what I want. If I become a soldier, I am afraid someone like me would violate a military order after a few days and get beheaded.”

“No, in fact you can…… “Feeling anxious, the pitiful creature nearly spilled out the beans. Realizing her blunder, she immediately closed her mouth.

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