Conquest Chapter 46

Chapter 46 I am rich!

Translator: Tchu

Editor: Amaranth

When Shaar came out of the cave, he was carrying a backpack that was several times bigger than him. All the dragon’s fangs, tendons and scales were packed together using the dragon’s skin.

It was so heavy that only a guy with an abnormal strength could carry it.

Only after seeing Shaar who transformed into a human-snail coming out the cave, the pitiful creature could finally relax. However Tatara who was standing next to her started to get shaky legs right now. While staring at Shaar, he was still pondering over how he should greet this little thief.

By being ruthless?

This would naturally not work! This little thief and her Highness were quite close. Even if without considering that, with his terrifying strength, he could probably crush Tatara with his picky.

Furthermore, a moment ago he tried to strangle this barbarian. What if this barbarian was looking for settling the score? He was afraid that his thin bones would not even endure one punch……

He feared that his revenge for the robbery in Primal Wildfire was hopeless.

Thinking about it, Tatara could only sigh in sadness.

Although Shaar had tremendous strength, while carrying such a big burden with half a dragon inside, his steps were heavy and ponderous. Just when he was about to open his mouth to greet the pitiful creature, he suddenly saw a figure rushing over and throwing himself in front of him while hugging his leg.


It was the swindler!

Tatara clung on Shaar’s thigh with tears and snots coming out of his nose and eyes. His attitude suddenly became respectful and submissive to the extreme: “Oh Hero! My deepest gratitude for saving my life from that dragon! I am eternally grateful for this life changing grace. May I ask you to accept my unlimited gratitude!”

Finished his sentence, he wiped off his snot on Shaar’s pants.

However, Shaar was somewhat at loss. When did this uncle save your life? Didn’t you just run down the mountain and throw yourself in front of me a moment ago?

However……It seemed like someone came to my doorsteps…..

Shaar stared at Tatara for a moment: “Are you determined to repay this debt?”

“Of course!” Seeing that Shaar was in a good mood, Tatara’s mind instantly relaxed. No one would hit someone who admitted his mistake. Since I acted so respectfully towards you, how could you shamelessly take your revenge on me now?

“Very good! Since I saved your life, according to the rules of Primal Wildfire, you will become my prisoner! Until you pay your ransom, you will be my servant.” Finished, Shaar cracked a smile and immediately threw him his backpack: “Carry the backpack for this uncle!”

“I ……” Tatara only felt a small mountain pressing down and saw black: “Help……”

Gasping for air, the pitiful Tatara was squashed underneath the burden and tried to hold on while Shaar casually walked in front of the pitiful creature with a smiling face.

When the pitiful creature saw Shaar, she suddenly remembered the scene in front of the cave a moment ago where she saw this bastard’s naked appearance ……And also his scary weapon……Thinking about it, the pitiful creature’s face suddenly reddened and her heart started to race. She felt short of breath and did not dare to look Shaar in the eye.

“I have something good for you.” While talking, Shaar loosened a leather bag from his waist (it was also made from the dragon’s skin) then bent over and started to pull down the pitiful creature’s pants.

The pitiful creature screamed and desperately tried to pulled back: “You! What are you doing!!”

The pitiful creature’s scream immediately alarmed Tatara who was currently succumbing under the heavy weight and the scene in front of him instantly shocked him!

Oh my god, oh my god! This barbarian wants to rape her Highness! God! What should I do!!

Her Royal Highness is currently being raped in front me.I need to stop this crime in the name of justice! But ……But where do I take the courage from? This little thief can easily cripple me with one hit.

If he really wants to do something, perhaps he will silence me afterward!

Not good, not good ……Or maybe I should go help him? Since he wants to rape Her Highness, maybe I, Tatara should help him by pushing his buttocks from behind?

Bahbah!!!! I am a magician, how could I do such a despicable criminal act ……Too evil! Too despicable!!

However, sitting idly and do nothing? That would also be a big crime!!

Suddenly, the stake, the gallows and the guillotine ……All these terrifying names flashed through his brain.

The pitiful magician was currently having a battle of good and evil in his mind and shivered.


“Stop moving around!” Shaar who was currently pinning the pitiful creature on the ground was getting angry: “Stop moving and let me see the wound on your legs and feet!”

He then ripped the bottom of the pitiful creature’s trousers.

(Fortunately it was only the bottom of her trouser) The pitiful creature who had determined that Shaar did not have any other motives relaxed a bit in her mind. Nevertheless, her heartbeat continue increase while thinking that her bare legs were currently held by this hillbilly. Suddenly, a sore and numbing feeling passed through her legs until it crept into her heart. Both her body and heart immediately softened……

Taking out the leather bag, Shaar poured out some adhesive red-greenish liquid and wiped it all over the pitiful creature’s wounded legs.

“This is Dragonblood!” He smiled with a happy face: “I just found that it could unexpectedly heal wounds! Look, all the burns on me have already been healed. It was because of the Drgaonblood’s effect! Ha! If you smear it on your wound, it will quickly heal. If you apply it on other places, in the future……it will become hard as steel!”

After saying this, he put  a strange smile on his face: “Since we are all men, do you want me to teach you how to use it? Hehe!”

The innocent pitiful creature could not actually understand these words and was somewhat at a loss while looking at Shaar. She stared at him while  being unable to completely understand the meaning of his words.

Seeing that the other party was not catching what he meant, Shaar could not help but get disappointed in his heart while thinking that this fellow was too stupid. Since he was born ugly, probably no woman would fancy him, if he used this……Hard as steel, it would definitely an advantage, such a waste.(Ed note: I swear his step father was a devil and having a hell of a laugh atm)

Thinking for a while, he took back his bag after wiping the Dragonblood on the pitiful creature’s legs.

When he withdrew his hand, he discovered that the pitiful creature was staring at him with her legs still stretched out and with a strange look. Seeing that weird look, Shaar could not help but feel a strange feeling in his heart. Stunned for a moment, he suddenly wiped his face: “Is there something on my face?”

(Stupid pig ……)

The pitiful creature immediately got back to her senses and became flushed in her face while retracting her legs. She sat there holding onto her knees and did not dare to look into Shaar’s eyes. Her heart was in chaos, not knowing if it was confusion, shyness or if it was anger towards this ignorant hillbilly.

Quickly, she felt a numbness and soreness on her legs again and looked down. Those wounds that did not heal after such a long time were rapidly healing. Her flesh was closing, her skin was slowly growing back and even the scars were falling off……

The pitiful creature finally understood.

“Dragon, Dragonblood? You used Dragonblood on me?”She was a little excited: “Dragonblood, such a precious thing, you actually used it on me?”

Shaar smiled while thinking in his heart. This uncle already washed his whole body with it a few times and even filled a few bags with it. I gave you a bit of the remaining rest, what was the big deal?

A pitiful moan transmitted from behind where Tatara was standing.

“Ehm……Respectful master, if it is not too troublesome, please, please move the things from my body ……I, I am going to be crush to death soon……”

Shaar frowned and walked there before raising the backpack with one hand and looked at the magician who was already half squished to death: “You are really useless and much more useless than my previous servant.”

While furious in his mind, Tatara put on an even more deferential face: “Your, your previous servant was……”

“His name was Oaks and a goblin.”

I ……

Tatara wanted to vomit blood.

Me, a noble magician! Was actually inferior to a goblin?!

While getting up, he looked around with his head for a moment then his eyes suddenly lit up!!

The last magician who was killed by Ada, his corpse was not far away!

Tatara immediately dashed out and his hands searched through the magician’s bosom for a while. First he carefully took off that golden badge and then removed the wind type magic ring from his finger. Finally, he uncovered a small deerskin bag, with various bottles and jars inside.

Tatara immediately began to cheer loudly. Although his skills were lacking, he still had the eyes of a magician and could identify with one glance all these were extremely rare high quality magician items!

This wind type magic ring was already at least 10,000 gold coins worth!! Also those bottles and jars in this deerskin bag were mostly good magic materials and there were even some magic scrolls!

He even found two magic nucleuses.

Just when he filled with joy, he suddenly saw a giant shadow on the ground which was coming closer. Looking back, he saw Shaar standing behind him with a smile on his face.

“Found something good? Since you are my servant now, everything you discover belongs to me!” Smiling in a friendly manner, Shaar told him: “Just with one look, I can tell that you have no experience, ah ……Don’t forget to take of his clothes and that pair of boots are also quite good.”

TL: I think Shaar could become Weed’s apprentice….

ED: I am sure they would get along quite well *sigh* I just want Shaar to enjoy real beauty

Tatara: “…………”


They sat on the summit and rested until the evening and waited until the pitiful creature’s legs were completely healed. Standing up, Shaar patted his buttocks and stretch his arms while shouting excitedly: “Alright! This adventure was a complete success, time to go home!!”

Ah, uncle Shaar is now finally rich. The old man said that a man needed a woman besides being rich. Only then, it would suit it this uncle’s status.

In Primal Wildfire Town ……Although Aunt Sofia was beautiful, she was now old. That’s right, I think she had a niece who looked just like her. Thick arms and legs, big chest and a big ass……

Now that this uncle is rich, it was time to go back home and discuss about marriage! Hehe!!

The old man also said another sentence that was very correct.

“Virgins did not necessarily have money, but rich men were generally not virgins.”


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  1. “he carried a back that was several times bigger than him.”

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    • “Even if not consider this”

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