Conquest Chapter 45

Chapter 45 The Secret of the fire pitchfork

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Shaar was born as a hunter living in the mountain and was naturally skilled in peeling off skins and extracting bones after taking down a game. Nevertheless, since he had never hunted a dragon with such a colossal body before, Shaar took a while to measure this huge beast with only his hand. Only until he had a plan worked out in his mind, he dared to start working on this body.

First, he started to cut off dozens of scales with his pitchfork from the dragon’s body. The size of the dragon scales were not small and even the smallest piece had the size of a washbasin. After finally cutting off more than thirty pieces, Shaar stopped in order to have a look at this dragon, only to find out that he had only managed to clean out a small area.

Dumbfounded for a while, a strange idea suddenly flashed got in Shaar’s mind!

Dragonscale armor …… in order to make one, the craftsman had to polish and fix the pieces of Dragonscales together into one piece, right? Although he didn’t have the craftsmanship to do this exact process, he did have other ways!


I could just cut off some large pieces of skin from her! Since the dragon skin was already covered with scales, I could just put it over my body.

Wouldn’t I obtain a Dragonscale armor combined with a dragon skin robe?

If I used this method, what’s the point in finding a dwarf?!

Upon thinking of this, Shaar immediately started with the work. The fire pitchfork in his hand was extremely sharp and immediately cut this poor dragon into several pieces.

He worked so hard until beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead and he finally managed to cut off a large portion of flesh from the dragon’s belly. After finishing his work, he cut out a layer of dragon scales from a piece of meat and it was a bloody disgusting mess. However, uncle Shaar had already completely covered himself with the dragon’s blood a moment ago, how would he be bother by this bit of bloodiness?

With a smiling face, he wrapped it around his body and turned around to see how it looked. Suddenly remembering that there were so many sparkling glass stones in the cave, he ran inside to search for a few big ones in order to have a better look at himself……

Curious how it looked, Shaar wrapped his tall body in a layer of dragon skin covered with scales.

“Huh …… The more I look at myself, the more I resemble a big headed carp?! Fuck! A fish completely covered with scales……”

Noticing that it looked too ugly, Shaar immediately sat down and began to cut this piece of skin into a short vest. Although the shape was extremely crude, if it was worn inside the coat, nobody could see it from the outside.

“Haha! Who said that this uncle is a hillbilly! Even without finding a dwarf, I was able to make dragon scale armor!”

Shaar danced happily around.

Filled with excitement, he unconsciously let his pitchfork slip out of his hand and dropped it to the floor. With a sudden bang, his pleasure ended in sorrow when the pitchfork maliciously smashed onto his foot. With a loud screamed, the hillbilly started to hope around while holding his foot. After calming himself, he sat down and suddenly realized that something was not right while holding his pitchfork.

“Huh? Why is it getting heavier and heavier?”

Shaar frowned and pondered for a while.

Since this fire pitchfork was made for shovelling the furnace, it could not be made too heavy and weighted originally very light. Previously, because of Shaar’s monstrous strength, it was like holding a toothpick in his hand. Despite its sharpness, it was too light and inconvenient to use.

However, right now the weight felt perfect in his hand!

After all, Shaar was accustomed in using an axe which weight at least over a dozens of pounds!

Noticing the weird changes in the pitchfork, Shaar finally understood that it was not an illusion. Holding his head while thinking for a while, he suddenly carried his pitchfork and walked back towards the dragon’s corpse. When he saw the several freshly cut off dragon meat, he could not help but get dumbfounded!!

These pieces of fresh meat were all cut off by the pitchfork a moment got, however right now they looked……

They all became dried jerky!! It looked as if they had been dried in the open for several months. They were not a single trace of fluid in them, only several dry and flat pieces could be seen!

“The blood is gone?!” Immediately after Shaar cleared his mind, he realized were the problem came from!

Shaar stabbed a hole in the dragon’s body and as he watched the Dragonblood flowing down, he put his pitchfork next to it……

Just as expected! When Dragonblood touched his pitchfork, it was instantly absorbed! The pitchfork didn’t leave a single trace of blood on it! It was as if the pitchfork turned into a limitless sponge and as soon as the blood touched it, the blood would immediately get sucked up inside!!

“What the-!”

Shaar screamed and subconsciously flicked the pitchfork……


Shaar heard a deep humming sound echoing inside the cave and got startled by it!

When he listened closely to the humming sound of pitchfork, it included a faint trace of Dora’s roar inside!

Dragon’s chant?!!

Even if he was inexperienced and ignorant, he realized that this thing in his hand was definitely a treasure and became so happy that could not help suppress his laughter!

“When I’m back to the Primal Wildfire Town, I will find a blacksmith in order to re-forge it and make it into an axe!!! Right now it looks so ugly! How could a top expert hold a pitchfork in a fight? It would make the others laugh their teeth off! It would only suit my status if I made a beautiful waraxe out of it! ”

Thinking about wearing his majestic Dragonscale armor set and his waraxe in his hand, Shaar could not help but drool out of his mouth.


Outside, the pitiful creature and Tatara were getting impatient because Shaar did not leave the cave for a long time.

A while ago, they saw Ada coming out alone and even without greeting to those two, he just nodded and floated away.

The pitiful creature was a little bit worried and walk towards the cave. However, how could Tatara dare to do such a risky thing?

When Tatara saw the tail still hanging outside the cave, he suddenly got the urge to pee his pants and his feet would not take a step forward even if someone threatened to kill him.

Alone, the pitiful creature ran towards the entrance and suddenly heard the dragon’s chant. Even when she became petrified and terrified, she was still a little bit concern and could not bear but to shout in a low voice: “Shaar! Shaar, are you alright?”

At that instant, she heard the hillbilly’s wild laughter.

After a blink, she suddenly saw the hillbilly marching out. When the pitiful creature glanced at Shaar, she suddenly screamed and blushed. Quickly turning away, she ran away and after a few steps, she slipped before falling on the ground.

It turned out that Uncle Shaar was unsatisfied how he looked while wrapped in that dragon skin and so he changed it into a vest. After changing his clothes, he did not get dressed properly and forgot to tie his belt on his pants. When he turned around and strode out, his most precious part was swinging in the wind……

How could the pitiful creature have experienced such a parade before? She instantly turned pale, before running off.

Outside, Tatara immediately jumped up to help her up while making a flattering expression: “Your Highness, you……”

Hearing this, the pitiful creature’s face instantly paled and watched this guy nervously: “You! You actually know me?!”

Tatara smiled like a blooming flower: “Your Highness, I am a magician. When I was in Osgiliath, I saw you once from the distance inside the cathedral. At that time you left together with his Royal Highness Prince…… Although it was only a brief look from afar, I could never forget you Highness’s beautiful face…… ”

Hearing Shaar’s laughter coming out of the cave, the look on the pitiful creature suddenly got worse and she tightly covered Tatara’s mouth while whispered hastily: “Shut up! Not one word!”

A little worried, she constantly looked back at the direction of the cave. Noticing that he did not heard anything she breathed out and gritted her teeth while whispering: “You, what’s your name?”

“Tatara! My name is Tatara! I’m a low-level earth magician, at your service, Your Highness!” Tatara was overjoyed.

“Very good! Tatara.” The pitiful creature’s eyes were focused and right now there was not a single trace of the pitiful state she always showed in front of Shaar. A hint of natural grace instinctively flashed through her eyes: “You listen well, your Excellency Tatara. About my identity, you are not allowed to mention anything to this guy! Not a single word! And, he, he thinks that I am a man, so you …… you know what I mean! ”

Tatara shrank his head and thought to himself: Oh my God! He thought she was a man? What kind of terrible eyesight does he have?! Is this thief, really an idiot?

Thinking that he was actually robbed by an idiot, he suddenly felt awfully uncomfortable.

“Do you understand!” The pitiful creature was a little bit anxious.

“Yes, yes, yes! I wouldn’t say anything!” Tatara immediately unconsciously found a reason in head: Her Highness must be worried that this thief would covet her beauty and therefore she disguised herself as a man! Ouch Oops! I cannot reveal this secret! Otherwise, if this thief noticed, then he might plan to do something to her, in that case Her Highness would…… then I would become the sinner!

Once they find out that her Royal Highness was shamed, after the investigation, his responsibility for leaking her identity would be……

The stake in front of the church or the executioner’s guillotine……

Tatara severely shuddered: “Nothing will come out of my lips!! Nothing at all!”

“Very good! If you dare to say anything, I will definitely let my brother kill you! I will let him chop off your head!” The pitiful creature still worried a bit and added an additional threat.

“Uh …… what if the secret was accidentally revealed by you?”

“I…… I will also let him behead you!”

“……” Tatara blinked and signed with a sincere look: “Your Highness is really someone fair and just who can sincerely convince people!”

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  1. He might be the first ever protagonist that will not fall for a beauty but fall for someone who is ugly(in his own aesthetic) with a good personality and, hopefully, fighting skills.
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  2. Hearing Shaar’s laughter coming out of the cave, the look on the pitiful creature suddenly got worse and she tightly covered Tatara’s mouth while whispered hastily: “Shut up! Not one word!”

    …Why? Seriously though, why?

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