Conquest Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Eternal Tears

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Ada sneered and looked at Shaar full of ridicule: “Since you want to good equipment, of course it will be hard to get! If it is easy, then wouldn’t everybody be able to obtain it? For thousands of years, how many equipment made from dragon parts do you think are there on this continent? If it was not such a rare case, why would everybody break their necks to get it?

After listening to this argument, Shaar became speechless and startled for a moment before sighing: “Alright! What you said make sense ……”

Still not fully satisfied, he could not help but to glance at this dragon. The pitiful Dora who had yet to breath her last breathe was already skinned and taken apart in this hillbilly’s mind. With his greed still not fully sated, this hillbilly asked: “Are there other things that I can use?”

“The other things are useless to you.”Ada said lightly: “I already told you before that I want to take something for myself. This dragon’s mortal body belong all to you however her soul belongs to me!”

“Soul?” Shaar curled his lip: “Soul or whatever, I won’t snatch it away from you since I am not a magician. What I wanted to ask you was……the dragon’s meat ……Is there any used for the dragon’s meat?”

Ada froze for a moment and stared at this hillbilly while becoming speechless: “You? Do you want to eat her?”

Shaar rubbed his nose while somewhat embarrassed: “We have been eating wild chicken for these past few days. Seeing such a big fellow, now that things have calmed down, I finally remembered that we have yet to catch our lunch……”

Ada was dumbfounded.

Although he was a dragon, but ever since he was trapped in human form, he travelled around the human world for a long time. He had met various kinds of people, but actually never someone as audacious as this hillbilly!

When facing a dragon, most people would already be awestruck. Even those legendary Dragonslayers, they would always show a fair amount of respect towards a dragon.

This hillbilly……actually thought of eating it?!

Watching at this Ada’s dumbfounded appearance, Shaar did not felt uncomfortable at all. This hillbilly’s mind was already accustomed to this lawless land. He did not feel any awe at all and for him, this dragon was dying anyway. Whether powerful or weak, they were all the same.

Both tigers and wolves were also very strong. After killing them, he would eat them anyway!

“Talking about it.” Shaar made a very strange expression on his face: “I am talking about you Ada. No matter what you say, weren’t you also a dragon? Therefore, this female dragon would count as your kindred. However, looking at the way you talked, there should be a very deep hatred rooted between you and her. Otherwise, why would you teach me how to peel her skin and take her apart in such a detailed way?”

Ada’s expression suddenly changed. His eyes which lit up a moment ago immediately converged back and became dull instead.

Although this kind of scene was quite common, Shaar had never experienced it before. However, listen to all the stories he could not bear but to speculate in accordance with the most common reason……

This hillbilly cautiously opened his mouth: “Don’t tell me……you cheated on this female dragon?”

Generally speaking, when the story reached this point, romance and a piece of pain and sorrow should be involved, right? Ada had probably an affair with this female dragon! Ah ……then for some reason, it changed from love to hate. As for whether Ada the male dragon found a mistress dragon, or whether this female dragon cheated on Ada, this story still needed to be thoroughly examined.

Or maybe ……Forbidden love? Damn, this was too exciting!

The eyes of this hillbilly were shining while waiting to hear Ada’s story. No one could blame Shaar for being this noisy, since this was not the kind of scandal like the one of Aunt Sofia in Primal Wildfire Town. This was about dragons, two living dragons!

However ……Looking at Ada and this dragon standing together, why did it give off a vibe of “bestiality”……

(It had to be mentioned, the old man’s education towards Shaar was quite lacking on this aspect……)

This time, Ada was unexpectedly not provoked by Shaar and faintly sighed. While caressing Dora’s neck with his fingertip for a moment, an indifferent faint smile emerged on his face: “It’s not what you think.”

His voice had a hint of solitude.

“Love ……It’s really funny that you actually think its love. However, it is very regrettable, because if there was love between her and I, perhaps we would not ended up on such a sad outcome as today.”

“Dora and I were born on the northern Dragon territory and we each belong to different dragon tribes. When Dora was still young, she was famous for her beauty amongst her dragon tribe. Her pride, her dignity and her intelligence made countless young dragons wanting to get in her favor. However, please do not misunderstand. She and I were not from the same dragon tribe. I am an Ice Dragon and according to the tradition of the Dragon race, there were rarely dragon’s who would bind themselves across ethnic lines. Same as her, I was the most talented dragon within our tribe since birth. Exactly like her, I was enjoying everything since birth: Envies, love, praise……

Dora and I were actually from the same class group, since we were already born as superior. Even since birth, we belonged to the leaders amongst our ethnic group. We were surrounded by people who were constantly praising us and for this reason we got carried away to even lose our own nature. Since birth, we used to think that this world was created for us. The sky was mine, the land was mine and everything naturally belonged all to me.

Exactly at that time, we met each other.

When a superior feeling guy runs into another superior feeling fellow, then both sides cannot become friends and only be enemies! Besides that, there is no third option.

Once in a while, the dragon race community will make a selection and chose the most intelligent, strongest and talented young dragon amongst all tribes. These dragons were allowed to enter the Holy land of the dragon race. They would pray to the dragon god and with luck it was possible to receive the dragon god’s blessing while obtaining some powerful and special Dragon ability.

The unfortunate thing was there were two outstanding people to choose during this selection.

It’s between her and me!”

Shaar was somewhat disappointed……

Why was it not the peachy gossip that he imagined? Was it only simple competitors plotting against each other?

“The selection is very fair.”Ada felt that Shaar was having some doubts: “Such selections were made by the tribes’ elders and patriarch, therefore impossible to falsify. Because Dora lost to me, that opportunity fell upon me. I entered the Holy land and carried out the prayer ……”

When Ada arrived at this point, his explanation became quite vague and did not talk too much about while quickly moving on the story: “When I left the Holy land, I became the most enviable person of the dragon race. Almost every dragon started to discuss about me being selected to pray to the dragon god.

And these, of course deeply offended the feelings of Dora who lost.”

Shaar sharpened his ears and felt that the juice part finally arrived.

As expected……

“Soon, Dora met up with me. At first, she pretended to respect me with a nice attitude while flattering me to please me. Very quick, we became a couple recognized by the whole dragon race. Although we were from different tribes, but because we were tribal leaders, the whole dragon race was very optimistic about our unions.

However, all this was all a scheme for her wicked plan!

At our wedding day, she gave me a strong poison and put me under a curse.”

Ada smiled gently while his fingers were trembling and in his eyes, a deep chill could be seen: “Before, I liked studying Transformation magic a lot. For a dragon, this kind of magic was nothing much since many dragons would use Transformation magic to turn into other races. They would infiltrate humans, dwarves and other races while travelling around the world for pleasure. I especially liked Transformation magic and during our weeding night she deceived me. She made me take on the appearance of a human and then make me drink her violent poison – eternal tears.”

Shaar frowned: “What tears?”

“Eternal tears.” Ada took a deep breath and his eyes flashed in anger: “It is a strange treasure belonging to the elves. It grows in the seed of something called the ‘Forgotten world flower’. It is very rare and hard to find. The only use for this kind of thing is for its strange curse.

According to legend, as long as you take in a drop of eternal tears, regardless of how your appearance is at that time, you will permanently kept it forever.”

At the beginning, Shaar disliked the idea, but then suddenly had a change of heart – forever……

“My god! Will you able to live forever?”

Looking at Shaar’s face filled with a pleasantly surprised twist, Ada sneered and dispelled Shaar’s wishful thinking with an ice-cold voice: “Of course not.”

He sighed: “You just keep the appearance from before. This means, if you drink a drop of this thing now, then when you are 80 years old, you will still look young. However, your lifespan will not be lengthened since only your appearance stays young and you do not increase your vitality.”

Shaar was surprised and could not help but get disappointed and depressed: It seemed that you could only maintain your original appearance.

He then immediately changed his mind. Even if it did not increase the longevity, but by making someone looked forever young would already be enough to make a woman go crazy in this world!

Just thinking about it, if there was something in this world that could make women look like a 18 year old girl when they are 80 years old just by drinking it – If there was really such a thing, would not every woman on this world break their necks to get it?

Shaar’s face immediately showed how excited he was and he started to rub his hands: “That, thing ……That tears thing, where can I get it?”

Ada immediately saw through Shaar’s deceitful intentions and snorted: “Don’t even think about it, you can only find it in the elf territory and is extremely rare. It is impossible for you to get it.”

At first, Shaar was somewhat disappointed, but then suddenly remembered that he heard a lot of “according to legend” today. In any case, in the future there would always be some opportunity to verify it one by one. First, he needed to keep that in mind for later.

Ada continued talking:”At that time, during the evening of our wedding, she made me turn into my human form and I did not reject her request. Afterwards, I drank the poison she gave me with her own hand.

Since that day, I am trapped in human body until now!”

“Damn!” Shaar could not bear it and got angry: “This woman, ah no, how is this female dragon so vicious? Just because you were selected she took revenge against you? But ……Why didn’t she directly kill you with poison?”

Ada laughed and looked at Shaar with gentle eyes while saying in a calm voice: “Can’t you guess? Dear magical beast hunter, I don’t like it when you pretend to be a rude savage in front of me – you might be a rude person, but I know for sure that you are not a fool!”

Shaar was stunned for a moment by Ada’s words and made two hollow laughs while scratching his hairs: “Well ……I think that she hoped to hear from your mouth the secret of the dragon god’s blessing, right? Did your god manifested in the end and did it really grant you a powerful ability?”

Hearing this, Ada stayed silent for a moment and suddenly sighed. He then glanced at Shaar with a gentle look and replied in a very serious tone: “You are quite smart, so why do you actually like to pretend to be vulgar and narrow-minded?”

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