Conquest Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Hard as steel

Translator: Tchu

The strength of this hillbilly was really scary. The dragon that was already severely wounded got wrecked until its head started spinning from the rock that Shaar threw. Its gigantic head dropped to the ground while it gasped for air. It did not even manage to lift this head after shaking of the concussion.

Seeing that Shaar was unexpectedly rushing towards the dragon, Tatara’s hands immediately turned numb from fear and slipped down from Shaar body. Looking afar, his legs were trembling, his body was shivering and there were signs of pee between his legs.

My god! Was this guy even human? He actually managed to wreck the dragon with a rock?! Even the Beast spirit Berserker in the legend did not have such barbaric strength?!

Remembering that this guy casually smashed a huge rock out of a small mountain a moment ago…… and he actually tried to desperately strangle this demon’s neck just now? If he had only the slight bit of murderous intention, I’ am afraid his bones would be smashed to countless pieces with one hit.

Thinks about it, Tatara faced ashen and did not dare to blame Shaar for his bad luck anymore.

Only after arriving next to Ada, Shaar decided to put down the pitiful creature. Giving him a cold look, Ada sneered: “Why did you come here? Were you not having a good time while hiding and eavesdropping on us a moment ago?”

Shaar stuck out his chest and righteously said: “Since you and I are companions now, we should help each other. Seeing you in danger, not to mention you are my soso……I am not the type of person who would abandon a companion under any circumstances! Say what you want, I will rescue you regardless!”

A faint smile showed up on Ada’s face: “Oh, really? Then why did you hide in the distance just now for such a long time without coming to help me? But only after you hear her and me talking you……”

Pausing for a moment, Ada’s vision started to observe Shaar’s face: “Now that you know my real identity, you quickly came here to kiss my ass. Furthermore, now that this dragon is severely wounded, it is not much of a threat anymore and how could you not take this bargain?”

Even after his intentions were discovered, Shaar’s face unexpectedly did not turn red – It must be said, the old man’s education indeed turned Shaar into a unique character. Making two hollow laughs, Shaar replied: “This dragon suddenly became violent and I was worried that it would hurt you.”

Ada shook his head: “You are such a bold and thick-skinned guy. You call tell a lie without even blink of an eye. What a strange guy.” Ada snorted: “Since I dare to stand in front of her, of course I have a way to protect myself. I don’t need you to rescue me! Do you know that you just ruined my fun?”

The dragon was still badly hurt from Shaar’s heavy throw. Under normal circumstances, even with Shaar’s abnormal strength, a rock would still not knock down a dragon. However, since this dragon was already severely injured, the dragon Ki protecting its body was also weak right now. Lying on the ground breathing heavily for quite a while, it finally managed to lift its head with a lot of effort. A pair of giant dragon eyes searched around but still could not find Shaar. It uttered a growl: “Despicable humans, who sneak attacked me?!”

With such a close distance, Shaar’ ears started ringing after hearing the dragon’s roar. The dragon’s mouth was so close that Shaar felt a bit nervous in his heart. However, when seeing that Ada was sneering at him, he could only clench his teeth and pump himself up again. Raising his pitchfork in his hand, he made a valiant appearance. Pitiful creature’s heart started to beat like a drum and looking this dragon lifting its head, she desperately pulled Shaar’s clothes. Right now, all she wanted to do was to strangle this guy.

If you wanted to become a hero, go yourself! Why did you drag me here?!

Ada sighed: “Dora, today will be the day you die. If there are any words you want to say, since we have known each other for such a long time, I will give to the opportunity to speak.”

The dragon became enraged and roared showing that it was unwillingly to give up. It twisted its body and barely stood up on its back legs. It swayed twice and dropped down again while suddenly swinging its tail to sweep at them.

That giant Dragon’s tail swept over with a lightning speed and the edges of the tail created a strong wind. Shaar suddenly felt a shortness of breath and quickly grabbed the pitiful creature while jumping backwards. That Dragon’s tail swept over an empty space and when Shaar landed on the ground, he heard Ada’s voice next to him: “Did you not want to become a hero? Why did you run away so quickly?”

Turning his head to have a look, he suddenly saw that this Ada saw standing close next to him – this guy actually dodged faster than him?!

The dragon turned its body and started to climb toward the summit. With each step, the ground was trampled to pieces and an alarming amount of dragon blood remained behind. This dragon blood had a strange color of red with green and even emitted a faint trace of heat.

Not in hurry to pursue, Ada looked at Shaar: “The buried treasure you are search is in the dragon’s lair, do you have the courage to look for it?”

Shaar thought to himself, right now this dragon only had half of its live remaining – no, probably that half was already gone too, what was there to be afraid of?

Steeling his heart, he patted the pitiful creature’s shoulder: “Watch how uncle Shaar becomes a Dragonslayer!”

The hillbilly became determined and immediately boosted his courage while raising his pitchfork to catch up to the dragon with flying leaps. With a huge jump, he dropped on the dragon’s back. Even through this dragon was on all fours, it was about ten meters high and a dozen meters long. Like a mountain made of meat, the moment Shaar landed on the back of this dragon, he immediately felt the instability underneath his foot. Not noticing that something was standing on it, the dragon used all its efforts to crawl toward the summit. Barely keeping his balance, Shaar moved forward while climbing on the back of the dragon. Finally arriving at the dragon’s neck with great difficulties, he roared and gripped his pitchfork with both hands while fiercely stabbing downward……


After a clear sound, a piece of blue-greenish dragon scale got pierced on the dragon’s back. Just when the pitchfork entered the flesh, Shaar used it as a handle while the dragon under him wailed in pain. Shaking his neck in pain, Shaar suddenly lost his balance and slipped while almost falling down. Desperately clenching on his pitchfork, he managed to avoid tumbling down.

After eagerly returning to its lair, the dragon shook his head violently a few times. Still struggling on top, Shaar shouted and cursed while hanging on the dragon that was shaking its body back and forth.

Like always, he acted just too reckless. Although the pitchfork’s sharpness was unparalleled and easily pierced the dragonscale, but after all it was too small……Comparing to this huge dragon, his pitchfork was just like a toothpick and even if it penetrated deeply into the flesh……How could it be fatal?

As a human, if you were stabbed by a toothpick, it would hurt and that’s all. As long as you were not stabbed into the solar plexus or eyeball……Would you die?

Just when Shaar was shaking around, he suddenly felt that a shadow crept up next to him. When he took a look, he suddenly discovered that Ada was also on the dragon’s back and he did not know which method he used to jump up here. Putting on a cold smile, he wiped a bit dragon blood with his hand from the wound infected by the pitchfork. After carefully touching the blood in his hand, he pulled Shaar back up.

“How are your movement so fast?” Shaar had some doubts: “As if you could fly!”

Ada shook his head and did not reply, but sighed: “You don’t not need to waste your strength anymore. She wanted to return to lair to breath her final breathe. We dragons have the habit of wanting to die in our lair.”
This dragon was so heavily injured that it could not even open its wing anymore. Limping and crawling up the summit, it finally dropped down when it arrived in its lair. With still half its body outside the lair, it was too weak to even lift up a foot.

After sighing weakly several times, Ada jumped down and patted the dragon’s neck: “Dora, do you really have nothing to say to me?”

The dragon’s was noticeably getting weaker: “Darwin, if you want to make me lift your curse, you can forget about it, I would rather die!”

Ada’s eyes flashed an air chilling coldness and sneered: “Since you refuse, then I won’t hold back anymore.”

Opening his mouth, he shrank his neck and suddenly pulled something out of his mouth!

That thing was semi translucent and half amber brown. It had the size of a pigeon egg and no one knew how Ada kept it in his throat.

Shaar stared at him with big eyes, but Ada just sneered:”Since I came to look for you, of course I have the means to deal with a vicious fellow like you. You think that you can die so easily? I told you, I will obtain your dragon soul and making you unable to return to the sacred tomb! Your bones will stay here turning into a skeleton. I will bait some magicians here to let them refine the lowly bones of your dragon corpse! The noble Dora turning into an Undead Bonedragon, how interesting that will be!”

Ada’s voice brought a bone penetrating cold air and in addition with his flawless face, Shaar could not help but feel a cold chill in his heart.

Ada’s eyes glanced at him: “What are you wait for? We are currently in the Dragon’s lair, don’t you want to quickly find your buried treasure?”

Froze for a moment, Shaar immediately pulled out the pitchfork and when he landed on the floor, he suddenly felt his hand sinking to the ground.

Did this pitchfork just increase it weight compare to before?

Taking a closer look, Shaar saw that this black pitchfork was still same as before. With its pitch-black appearance which did not show the tiniest light of sharpness ……Although the naked eye could not see any difference, he felt that there was something strange.

Pondering for a moment, he suddenly noticed ……There was unexpectedly not a single trace of bloodstain on this pitchfork?

Only those unparalleled razor-sharp weapons used by those godly warriors in legends could kill people without leaving a single trace of blood on them. Could it be that this pitchfork was the same?

Gently stroking the pitchfork with his hand, he really could not feel the tiniest traces of bloodstain of it……

However, how did the weight increased? Shaar was slightly dazed, but quickly relaxed in his mind. He was probably tired and his arm was getting heavy.

Sitting cross-legged next to the dragon’s head, Ada looked at it with a chilling smile. He gently put his hand on that item and stroked it. Keeping his mouth shut, he quietly waited for the dragon’s death.

The dragon could not move anymore and the many wounds on its whole body continued to bleed. Its strength was slowly fading away and the most important part was that the dragon’s Breath coming out of its nostril was gradually slowing down.

Giving it a look, Shaar immediately ran towards the dragon’s lair……

This cave on the summit was enormous, but not too deep. One could instantly see the end of it and when Shaar sprinted into cave, as if struck by lightning, he became stupefied!!

Treasures, buried treasure?!!

Looking in front of him a hill piled up together with a bunch of things, Shaar’s mouth suddenly dropped down. He started to make a “gege” sound with his throat and his faces became distorted……

After quite a while, the hillbilly suddenly uttered an earthshaking yell full of grief!

“Mother***, this is the buried treasure?!!!!!”

In legend, dragons all like shiny things ……Correct!

In legends, dragons all like glittering and translucent things ……Also correct!!

However ……In legends, the dragon’s lair was full of gold, diamonds and gems ……This was not correct!!

In this world, although there were not many dragons, but the actual quantity was still quite a lot. If each dragon collected gold and gems…… How much gold and gems would this world need?

Therefore ……In front of Shaar, was a big pile of…..

A big pile of different kind of stones! They had various shapes, round, oval, square, angular……

All these stones were sparkling and shiny ……However these stones were definitely not gems!

Although Shaar lived in the mountain, it was not like he did not saw those kinds of things before. The name of this type of stones was “quartz”!

The texture of this material was not hard, even a bit fragile. The mountain where he lived had such a kind of mine. Some human caravans occasionally came by and collected this type of stones and went back……

This stone biggest use was……

Burning into glass.


Shaar went mad! He frantically rushed towards it and started digging maliciously inside the piled of stones. Turning this pile upside down, he finally found several pieces of thumb size metal……Judging from quality of the material, possibly, perhaps ……It was gold?

It was indeed gold, but in such a big pile of glass stones, these gold pieces were rather too scarce!!

Shaar was so enraged that his eyes turned red and turned around to rush towards Ada while roaring: “Where is the buried treasure? The gold? The buried treasure?? Inside there is only a big pile of stones!! A big pile of glass stones!!!”

Ada who was already expecting this result sat there while showing a faint smile: “Did you look closely?

“Look closely! It’s a big pile of stones!!! Glass stones! Don’t think that I would not recognize that kind of stuff! That kinds of stuff are everywhere on the mountain where I live!! What I want is gold! It is gems!!!”

Ada gave off a long loud laugh with a tone full of ridicule: “Gold? Most gold in this world was already made into coins by the human empires or collected by those powerful elites. How much gold do you think a dragon can get?”

Ada Lifted his finger to point towards north: “Perhaps in the north, the northern territories belong to the dragons. There you might be able to find a lot. However here is the middle of continent and human territory. Dora arrived here to live in seclusion. How could she go outside to collect some gold? If she began to collect and rob gold and gems everywhere, her whereabouts would have already been discovered by humans – could you not figure out such a simple truth?”

Shaar wanted to refute and opened his mouth, but after thinking carefully, this argument was indisputable.

“But ……this uncle came here to look for gold! Without getting any gain from this, this uncle will get very angry!!” Shaar clenched his pitchfork and a burning fire lit up in his eyes.

Ada smiled and pointed towards the dragon: “Buried treasure? This dragon corpse was more valuable than any gold mountains!”

He touched the wound on the dragon’s neck: “Sees this blood? The blood of a dragon has very strong magical properties inside. If you wipe the blood on your body, later if you get attacked, your body will become hard as steel. It can even resist against most attacks from experts! According to those ancient legends, the brave warriors who slaughtered a dragon and bathed in dragon blood, would obtain a natural defense against swords and spears. The legend actually does have some sort of authenticity.”

Taken by surprise, Shaar immediately sprinted back and stripped all his clothes in front of Ada. Using both his hand, he grab the dragon blood and smeared it all over his body.

Then suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind and he remembered that Ada said “hard as steel”. The hillbilly squinted his eyes and saw that Ada had turned his back towards him and grabbed a handful dragon blood before fiercely rubbing it against his most precious piece several times……

TL: That my friends, is how you obtain balls of steel!

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