Conquest Chapter 37

Chapter 37 The unlucky Tatara

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When he met his so-called mortal enemy, his eyes started to turn red.

This skinny and wretched fellow was of course Tatara that Shaar met in Primal Wildfire when he first descended the mountain. Talking about it, it could be said that this unlucky low-level magician would have “struck gold” when he meet our Shaar.

When Tatara recognized Shaar, his eyes immediately widened and stared at him dumbfounded while a fire could be seen burning inside his eyes. One his cheek started twitching uncontrollably, his eyelid started jittering and his teeth were making a chattering sound……

Finally, Tatara suddenly roared: “You little bastard have put me through endless misery!!”

Bursting out in anger and violence, Tatara stretched out his arms while maliciously aiming towards Shaar’s neck with his both arms and throwing his body against Shaar.

Shaar was a little puzzled ……Yes he did rob this guy’s robe.

However, it was only a robe.

Right now, this fellow was clenching his jaw so tight, like he wanted to rip out the flesh from his body from hate – Come on man, it was just a robe. I have not sullied your ancestral grave nor did I snatch your wife……

However, when he saw this wretched fellow exploding in anger with reddened eyes, he felt somewhat guilty. Still sitting on the ground while hugging the pitiful creature with one hand and the other underneath her body, he was caught in a strange spot. Throwing himself on Shaar, Tatara used both his hand to strangle Shaar’s neck and shook. In an almost tearful voice he said: “You made my life miserable! You made my life miserable! Bastard! Bastard!!”

Back to his senses, Shaar casually grabbed the other party. After all, against this monster in human form, how could this thin and lowly magician hurt him? Tatara was as weak as a kitten and could not even make Shaar feel that his neck was currently strangled. Shaar’s muscle on his neck felt as solid and hard as rock in Tatara’s hand.

Finally out of strength, Tatara soon collapsed to the ground while breathing heavily.

Shaar could not help but ask him out of kindness: “Ehm ……What happened to you?”

What happened?

Tatara stared at Shaar with a bitter face……

To be fair, Tatara had every reason to hate this hillbilly and ……the reason was extremely serious!

Since the day he met this hillbilly in Primal Wildfire Town, the life of Tatara turned into a nightmare.

This seemingly simple wildling hillbilly, personally gave Tatara a vivid lesson in “No decent people in Primal Wildfire Town” and took away his most priced belonging – that fur lined robe from Tatara.

Although getting a fur lined robe stolen was somewhat embarrassing, however for Tatara this kind of item was not of much value. The problem was that when this hillbilly stole the robe, there was a crucial item inside!

The magician badge!!

The badge was oval shaped with the size of a copper coin and it looked like a button – in fact, this naïve hillbilly indeed regarded it as a button and did not know that this badge was 100 times more valuable that the robe! If he had known this earlier, this hillbilly would not have sold the robe for such a low price.

The magician badge was Tatara’s only and most important life insurance!!

On the continent, whether it was the Odin Empire, or the Byzantine Empire, magicians would always be vigorously recruited by the ruling class. In other words, the magician community was part of the privileged class.

Although Tatara’s strength was low, he travelled from the Royal Capital until Primal Wildfire Town without any incident by relying on this magician badge to act as a talisman.

Imagine, with his humble strength while wearing a magnificent and expensive robe, carrying an abundant luggage (although he went bankrupt, he still possessed many magic gems bought with his previous loan) and his thin body – so along the way, he would unavoidably meet several bandits, envious thieves, local thugs, bullies and the like.

However, nobody actually dared to offend Tatara on his journey while carrying that badge!

On the continent, unless you are cornered, or if there you felt absolute bitter hatred towards the magician, or if you reached the level where you did not fear anybody, otherwise, nobody would dare to easily provoke a magician, even if his strength was quite low.

Whether it was the Odin Empire or the Byzantine Empire, both those two big empires enforces the same law: A person who offended a magician would always receive the most severe punishment! One had to acknowledge that the rulers of those two big empires draw up such law in order to please the magician community in disguised to attract more magicians to increase their national power.

Therefore, regardless of where Tatara went, as long as he carried that magician badge, nobody dared to act blatantly against him. Even if his strength was low, if you dared to embarrass a magician, it would be the same as act against the ruler directly.

What? You saw that Tatara ability was low? Well, if you provoked him, then the local aristocrat or the ruler would be very grateful to you and cut off your head to show you the severity of the crime – This was simply a golden opportunity and complied with the say “Thirst for talents”! With this kind of vigorous propaganda was like discreetly spreading the message to magicians around the world “Ah look! Look how much I respect magicians as a ruler! Even a lowly magician gets preferential treatment here! After seeing such a situation, other magicians, what are you waiting for? Quickly come to my country!!”

Even when he arrived at Primal Wildfire Town, which was famous that there were no decent people. This town has filled with bandits, thieves, the robber and evil mercenaries. However, nobody dared to have the idea of bullying Tatara, because he was carrying that magician badge with him!

Since, even ruler of Primal Wildfire Town needed to gather magicians to increase their power! If it would spread that magicians were receiving unfair treatment in Primal Wildfire Town, it would leave a bad reputation. Then when the ruler of Primal Wildfire Town wanted to obtain the help of magicians in the future would not be easily!

Only a hillbilly that had just crawled out of the mountain dared to openly rob a magician.

Stealing Tatara’s magician badge was similar to striping a girl naked and throwing her in a hooligan den – Let us not forget that he was also carried many belongings with him!

When Shaar ran away, there were no one to testify and Tatara could not prove his status without a magician badge. In Primal Wildfire Town where there were “no decent people”, in less than one hour, he was already eyed by several groups of bandits.

With his meagre strength and his low level earth magic, which could only summon a cloud of dust to make people sneeze or give them teary eyes, facing against a group of cruel bandits……Just when Shaar was leaving Primal Wildfire Town with a full stomach that night, Tatara was successively visited by several groups of bandits who then snatched up all his belongings and stripped all of his clothes before throwing him outside the city wall were the cold wind blew.

He was indeed very unlucky.

If it had been within the boundaries of Byzantine Empire, in any city he could have visited the local church to report his lost and register to the authorities then reapply for a new badge.

The problem was ……Primal Wildfire Town was under nobody’s jurisdiction and there are no religious institutes.

For a day, Tatara worked as a beggar in Primal Wildfire Town and was severely beaten up by other tramps at night because he occupied their locations. After dawn, he finally found a way out of his misery.

Someone passing through Primal Wildfire Town that was preparing a caravan towards the Odin Empire discovered Tatara. With Tatara’s magician background, although his strength was humble, he was still capable of writing and could do the accounting.

Being pushed into the corner to such degree, the pitiful magician sold himself for the miserable price of two meat patties and became an honorable apprentice in the caravan while joining it on its journey through the wilderness of Primal Wildfire toward the north……

If everything went according normal circumstances, then Tatara would join this caravan while earning his bread in Royal Capital with the cunning and sly. Perhaps after some years, he would become a qualified accountant.

However, because of bad luck, this caravan encountered an unfortunately event in Primal Wildfire.

Very carefully, this caravan travelled along the borders of the goblin territories in the red wilderness toward north. They paid close attention, because in accordance with the usual practice, goblins would not go out of the red wilderness, therefore it was very safe.

However this time, they met the goblins.

A battalion of goblin soldiers attacked the caravan, which was very unusual, since the caravan hired several mercenaries to act as bodyguards. Under normal circumstances, goblins rarely attacked a caravan with armed protection. However this time was an exceptional.

What was even more strangely was that the leader of this group of goblins unexpectedly excelled in martial arts! Although the battle efficiency of goblins was extremely bad, however under the leadership of that goblin, they actually managed to chop six mercenaries to minced meat.

While waving an iron hammer in his hand, that goblin leader appeared very angry and anxious.

Afterward, listening to the caravan and goblin leader negotiating, the other party declared: He was the goblin feudal lord from the neighboring area and he was very angry, because……

His princess disappeared.

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