Conquest Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Roasted hillbilly

Translator: Tchu

Editor: Amaranth

“Hey, I asked you to go first, why are your legs shaking.” Shaar heartlessly shouted with malicious eyes.
The pitiful Mr. Princess paraded around and stared at the pheasant on the swamp that had been turned into a piece of black coal. Thinking to himself, he knew that this would also be his fate if he walked across there.

Seeing his master’s whole face changing to an ominous color, how can the pitiful Oaks actually dare to say a word?

Being backed into a corner, Oaks’s luck suddenly appeared and his wits sharpened while giving him a good idea. Suddenly out of nowhere, he started grunting and rolled his eyes while his whole body started to twitch. Like a sack of rice he dropped to the ground, shut his eyes and clenched his teeth together – he actually unexpectedly fainted on the spot.
Shaar walked over, because he was dissatisfied he kicked Oaks’s feet and Oaks did not dare to make a sound. He bit the bullet and suffered a couple of ruthless kicks from Shaar and even managed to clench his teeth to not making a sound when his wounded foot got a heavy kick.

While his legs were getting kicked, the worst he had to endure was a bit of pain. However, if he walked across – there wouldn’t  even be the luxury of feeling pain anymore in the future!

Seeing the Goblin was staying unconscious, Shaar helplessly mumbled: “Fuck, fainting at the crucial moment.”

The hillbilly pulled up his pants, tightened his belt and focused on the death passage in front of him. The burned smell was still lingering in the air and a faint trace of black smog was rising from the ground. Shaar squinted his eyes and thought for a while. Then  made a hand gesture to the pitiful creature: “Hey, if we want to pass there, I am afraid there is only one way: We need to rush over with the fastest speed possible. If  we can dodge the flame in the ground or not, it all depends on our luck. However, since your leg and foot is still wounded, you wouldn’t be able to run that fast……”

The pitiful creature’s heart was somewhat touched: This hillbilly cared for me after all.

Shaar continued: “……I will throw you towards the forest on the opposite side first. It’s about 200 meters distance and if I throw you with my full strength, you should manage it.”

The pitiful creatures immediately shrieked: “Forget it!”

She looked at Shaar angrily: “Are you an idiot? Even if your strength is strong enough, if you throw me with such a huge strength, I will fly 200 meters and fall to the ground plunging to my death!”

Shaar frowned and thought for a moment. Then he realised that what the pitiful creature said made sense. He then changed his mind: “Then……I will see if I can rush over. If I can make it, I will go to the forest and make a rope to throw over the swamp and pull you over.”

Finishing his sentence, Shaar took a few steps back and started to do some squats and leg exercises. Taking a deep breath, he suddenly screamed out and his eyes widened while his foot firmly smashed on the ground!

With a bang, the soil under his feet immediately exploded and dust flew into the air. Inside a cloud of dust, Shaar’s whole body dashed forward like an arrow towards that passage! Transforming into lighting, he instantly rushed to the edge and accelerated towards the swamp.  When his foot touched the hard soil, his whole body jumped into the air!

With a furious high jump, Shaar instantaneously reached an altitude of 8 meters high! The pitiful creature watching at the back was shocked in her heart- the strength of this barbaric hillbilly is too abnormal!

Shaar’s body quickly leapt forward like an airborne human and made 7 somersaults mid air while flying further and further ……His whole body drew an arc in midair and shoot over the swamp.

When his body reached the peak midair, Shaar had already crossed ten meters of this swamp and slowly begin to lose his height.


Every human body has its limit. Although Shaar possessed an abnormal powerful strength, he eventually reached his limit and his body started to crash downward.  With a loud bang, he smashed on the ground and the hard soil on ground immediately started shaking. The place where Shaar landed was around 30 meters inside the swamp.

The pitiful creature at the back called out in alarm when she saw that the hard soil on ground where Shaar landed started to break up. Boom, a flame pillar immediately gush out from below and the hillbilly yelled paintifully. Shaar continuously rolled around on the ground and every place he rolled over was instantly covered with new pillars of flame.

Even when Shaar rolled as fast as humanly  possible, his whole body started to get set ablaze and getting charred.  He started to look like a coal briquette that was pulled from the furnace.

Shaar paintifully screamed out again and again while barely avoiding setting his whole body on fire. Getting up in a dash, he sprinted forward with a seriously scary speed and only a cloud of dust mixing with the flame could be seen. Leaving behind a person’s shadow shaped of smog, Shaar’s speed suddenly reached the full gallop of a warhorse and string of flame pillars followed him closely behind his ass…

Fortunately, this swamp was only 200 meters long and since Shaar already leapt more than 30 meters in the beginning, he had only to sprint over 150 meters. When he saw the end of the swamp, he leapt forward one more time and finally reached the other side. When he landed on the ground, Shaar had already arrived at the entrance of the forest.  Swaying back and forth on the ground while constantly screaming in pain, he finally managed to extinguish the fire on his body.

When the trio looked at Shaar, he was already burned beyond all recognition. His face turned jet black, that fur lined robe transformed into an unrecognisable piece of charred leather and even the dirty underwear inside was completely burned. Many places on his clothes had holes from the burns, revealing the charred flesh underneath and a burnt odor was coming from his body.

This method would only be possible with the muscle strength of a monster and should be impossible for humans. If it was an ordinary person, how could he reach such an abnormal speed? If someone ran only slightly slower, he would have been swallowed by the flames.

The pitiful creature stared dumbfounded at this display while being both shocked while laughing in her heart. The funny thing was to see this hillbilly finally suffering a bit and she was shocked to see his strength and speed in action again.

Ada stood there quietly and touched his nose.   While looking at Shaar crossing the flames, his eyes flashed a strange light. He probably did not think that this vulgar guy would rush so outrageously across such a deadly trap and survive.

Standing up, Shaar endured the pain and started to wave and shout at his companions. Ada just turned his head, rolled his eyes and looked at the pitiful creature and the goblin, then sighed: “Well, it’s our turn to pass now.”

He walked in front of pitiful creature: “Since the goblin does not understand human language, I can only take you across here.”

Ada’s look flashed a hint of ridicule: “I can see that you are different from that vulgar fellow. You should be of noble birth then ……You should be able to dance, right? We hope that your dancing is skilled enough.”

While saying that, he stepped forward to put his hand on the pitiful creature’s shoulder and he grabbed her hand then sneered: “Nocturne round dance, sixth paragraph, part IV……let’s go!”

Not even having any time to react, the pitiful creature suddenly felt her body was vigorously pulled by Ada’s arm and she could not help but involuntarily follow his steps.

Ada’s strength was unexpectedly strong and the pitiful creature was being pulled by him like a puppet on a string. Fear started to creep in her heart while Ada whispered in her ear with a cold voice: “Concentrate, dance with me if you don’t want to die!”

“One, two, three left! One, two right! Turn, left foot half a step! Stop! Turns again, right foot a step, good! Don’t move, I turn! Walk back with me! Another step backwards! Stop! Two steps……”

Those two danced synchronically together across the swamp and over the flames. One step left, one step right, they unexpectedly danced casually through this death trap with their lives on the line!

In one short breath, they danced over 100 steps and the flame pillars kept erupting beside them. However, every flame that was ejected was two or three steps beside their bodies and barely avoiding burning them!

They danced amongst the sea of flames was like seeing a coal ball rolling casually through the fire. Their pace was neither fast nor slow and Ada’s complexion stayed calm while the pitiful creature’s face was already scared deadly pale. While hearing the rumbling sound of the flame endlessly passing near her ears, her only thought was:

I am going to die, I am going to die, I am going to die here! Oh god, I have yet to taste the flavour of love……

Just when confusion, curses and prayer filled the pitiful creature’s heart, she suddenly felt something hard underneath her foot and finally stepped above normal soil. Ada quickly loosened his hand and pushed the pitiful creature aside while saying in a cold voice: “You can open your eyes now.”

When the pitiful creature opened her eyes, she was immediately overwhelmed with dizziness and her heart was filled with a pleasant surprise that she survived this disaster! Those 200 meters of deadly flame swamp was unexpectedly crossed by them so easily!!

When she inspected her body, she noticed that not even a hair got burned!!

“You?!” The pitiful creature stared at Ada with big round eyes.

Ada replied coldly: “I came here to look for this dragon and have already calculated every step to cross this flame swamp.  There were a total of 164 craters here, I know each position of each crater and how long every eruptions lasts. I carry all the information completely in my head. Even if I fall asleep while walking, I would not make a wrong step.”

When Shaar heard this, he immediately roared and rushed up to grab Ada’s neck: “Bastard! Why did you not told me earlier!!”

“You did not ask me and ran across by yourself first.” Ada who was currently strangled answered confidently without batting an eye.

Shaar’s face turned red like an erupting volcano and even smoke could be seen rising over his head. His only wish was to choke this bastard Ada to death, but then he remembered that this fellow was enigmatic and the only one familiar here. Perhaps he would be needed later on….He finally opened his mouth and stared fiercely at him: “Lead the way, you walk in the front!”

At this moment among those people, the goblin Mr. Princess was still at the other side of the swamp. Shaar shouted loudly: “Oaks! Wait a moment, I will immediately make a rope and throw it over. You catch the rope and tie it on a tree, then slowly climb over ……”

It would have been better if he did not shout. With this shout, he immediately awakened the goblin that was lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

Oaks suddenly spring up from the ground, helplessly looked at Shaar and turned his attention at the deadly flame swamp that he needed to cross. The goblin’s small eyes rolled a few times and he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Ouke! Ouke! Free! Free!”

After shouting, the goblin face was filled with excitement and immediately turned around and ran.

Seeing this scene unfolding before him, Shaar’s face immediately showed an indescribable expression. Looking that goblin turning his ass and running away, he flew into rage: “Bastard, my soso!!! You eat my food, drink my water and now you want to run!”

A berserker barbarian was one of the scariest things possible. He suddenly bent down, picked up a stone and threw it with his monstrous strength while aiming at the distant……

Just when the goblin ran several steps, a stone suddenly flew towards him banging against the back of his head. The pitiful goblin princess befell a tragedy just when he was feeling joy once in his life and fell down straight to the ground. This time …… he really fainted.

“Hmpf!” Shaar clapped his hand and proudly proclaimed: “We continue on our way. He won’t be able to wake up for at least around 2-3 hours. I will take good care of him when we come back – well, if a wolf had not ran off with him in its mouth by then.”


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