Conquest Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Seeking the dragon

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Mr. Head’s way of speaking was quite interesting.

The strangest thing was, although this guy seemed depressed and extremely embarrassed, his tone did not show it at all and even had a hint of arrogance in it.

…… Shaar started laughing.

Approaching him, Shaar looked him in the eyes: “Hey, I saw that you’re human. Even so……Can you give me a reason why I should dig you out?”

The man gave Shaar a disdainful look with his eyes and he suddenly put on a strange smile on his face and sighed. With a casual tone he replied: “Alright, enough with the jokes. I know that you will dig me out ……Your look told me that if I was a dwarf or a goblin, you might not save me, but…… You are not the type of person who would neglect a human in danger and do nothing!”

After those words, Shaar did not respond, but the Pitiful Creature standing behind him had a sudden enlightenment!

The doubts in her mind that had lasted for a long time finally cleared. In fact, the Pitiful Creature was always confused as to what this hillbilly’s actual character was. No one would deny that he was vulgar, but if you asked if he had a cruel disposition, the answer would be somewhat vague: This guy was a robber, stole other people’s money, loved shouting and drinking. He would transform into a fierce warrior in a desperate situation and did not have any mercy for his goblin prisoners. When they became his prisoners, they got physically abused and even used as meat shields to block arrows without a blink of an eye – from this point of view, one could say he was cruel.

However, he also looked after her. When her leg and foot was wounded, he carried her the whole time, and in a critical moment he would not give up on his companion. Two days ago, when they were struggling with hunger and thirst, he left her the only food he found. These kinds of actions all revealed that this hillbilly had a pure heart.

This guy had unexpectedly both characteristics of cruelty and kindness. It really kept the Pitiful Creature wondering about his true nature. Right now, this buried Mr. Head casually said the critical point she was wondering about the whole time!

He only cared about humans!!
This hillbilly’s strongest mindset was “he was not a person who would see a human in danger and not help!”

The Pitiful Creature remembered, the moment they entered the goblins’ territory, Shaar said that “Goblins never knew unity” and “like to bully their kindred”. On these two matters, his voice always had a deep tone of mockery and disapproval.

Obviously in this guy’s mind, good and evil was determined according to this standard.

As the Pitiful Creature saw Shaar in a better light, he suddenly started laughing.

This hillbilly stood up and stared at Mr. Head for a moment while rubbing his chin: “Alright, since you look like an interesting guy……”

Suddenly, Shaar drew his weapon and maliciously pounded the ground several times. The surrounding soil immediately became loose and he extended his big hand to grab the golden hair of Mr. Head while pulling it up by force –

With a pitiful yell, Mr. Head finally emerged with a bang and fell on the ground while spitting out a mouthful soil: “Come on, I am not a radish!!”

Shaar smiled and released his big hand while a handful of blond hair fell down.

Mr. Head grunted and hid his body when he stood up. Lifting his eyes, he said: “I need some clothes.”

Turning around, Shaar casually pulled out a jackal skin from his luggage……This beast was their meal several days ago. Mr. Head held the jackal skin while looking at him. He finally sniffed at it and declared while frowning slightly: “Will make do for now.”

To be honest, the jackal fur had a very ugly grey pattern that was crooked and some ugly spots on it. Furthermore, jackal leather was generally bad quality and even fur traders avoided buying this kind of fur.

However, for a guy who had just been rescued, he actually thought that he had a choice and put the leather around his waist. Looking up to Shaar, he said in a calm voice: “Do you have any water? Ah ……Some food would be nice too.”

The Pitiful Creature knew that this hillbilly was not considered someone who was easy to talk to. She closed her eyes thinking that Mr. Head’s careless words to this hillbilly would get him a slap from his backhand – this hillbilly’s backhand slap strength was no joke!

However, Shaar treated this guy patiently, loosened the water bag on his waist and even took out a piece of dried jackal meat.

Mr. Head did not grab the water and meat in hurry to stuff it down as they imagined, but calmly opened the water bag and poured a little water to wash the soil from his face and hair. When he washed himself, he appeared composed and even had a faint graceful noble appearance.

Then, after he washed off the dust from his face and hair……

Shaar and the Pitiful Creature stared at him dumbfounded!



It had to be said, even from the Pitiful Creature’s perspective, she must admit that she had never seen such a handsome man in her whole life!

Moreover, the strangest thing was, even according to Shaar’s special standards, he thought that this Mr. Head looked really handsome!!

First of all, he had bright golden hair that looked like summer sunlight and it was curly and mild like seaweed.

Next, he had an angular face full of masculine charm and after it was cleaned, a pair of eyes immediately burst out an otherworldly look. His eyebrows were very high and both eyes looked divine. In addition to his golden hair, it gave him a type of radiating wild and assertive charm. His straight nose made him look like a man who had a firm and determined character. These points all perfectly conformed to Shaar’s aesthetic ideals.

For the Pitiful Creature’s standards, this guy’s facial features were simply exquisite to the extreme. The shape, the nose, the lip line, each part was as if an artist created the most perfect work of art. His skin was fair and had a healthy gloss, when he started talking, he revealed two rows of white and perfectly arranged teeth.

Flawless! This was a flawless face!!

(Pitiful Creature would bet all her money, that if his guy entered the Royal Capital, all of those resentful aristocratic women, both married and unmarried would certainly go crazy for him ……)

Once again ……This guy’s body……

With only a jackal skin wrapped around his waist, his upper body was completely exposed. His muscles were all angular and the proportion was extremely symmetrical. His body was tall, straight and fit. The width of his shoulder and his narrow waist formed a nearly perfect inverted triangle and each muscle appeared to have the optimum ratio ……Healthy, vigorous and did not have the least bit of extra fat.

The Pitiful Creature could not help but start comparing Mr. Head’s body with this hillbilly’s.

In comparison, Shaar was an abnormal monster. His muscles were more robust and full of explosive strength. However, Mr. Head’s physical proportion was just perfect with no sense of a lack of power while even having a kind of noble atmosphere. Looking at this guy was like looking at a piece of art from a master sculptor……

While Shaar definitely looked more sturdy, Mr. Head was just too, too, too ……

Too beautiful!!

Even the ugly piece of jackal skin around his waist turned into a piece of art.

In this flash, the Pitiful Creature and Shaar could not resist but glance at each other and their look had the same meaning: This guy, was too fucking handsome!!

Looking at this Mr. Universe gracefully eating the jackal meat with small bites, Shaar cleared his throat and loudly announced: “Hey, in light of the fact that I saved you. According to the Primal Wildfire customs, I have the authority to announce that you’ll temporarily become my soso…… Also, you’ll temporarily become my servant. However, you have the right to buy your freedom and I put your price to one gold coin! As long as you can pay a gold coin, you can buy back your freedom from me. Any questions?”

Mr. Universe put down the dog meat and looked at Shaar with a trace of a strange smile on his face: “And If I reject?”

“Then ……I would have to bury you again.” Shaar made a malicious smile.

“A gold coin, ah, is it a Byzantine gold coin?” Mr. Universe thought for a moment.


“Deal.” Mr. Universe laughed and when his eyebrows lifted upward it made a very beautiful shape: “Well, I will pay you a gold coin as soon as possible. Since you saved me, before the repayment, I will work for you temporarily.”

The Pitiful Creature silently sighed in her heart……

A hillbilly will always be a hillbilly!

A gold coin? This guy’s……From his looks, if he was sold on the slave market, I am afraid people would break their heads to buy him even if someone asked for 100 times more!!

Shaar seemed very satisfied and extended his big hand to pat Mr. Universe’s shoulder: “Very good! As your temporary master, I’ll tell you my name. My name is Shaar you can call me Mr. Shaar or Master Shaar. What about you?”

“……You can call me Darwin.” Mr. Universe made a shallow smile for some unknown reason, and his smile had a strange mystical feeling.

“Darwin? Your name is so hard to pronounce.” Shaar scratched his head: “It’s too troublesome, I’ll call you Ada from now on.”

“A…..Ada ……” For the first time, Mr. Universe’s face changed color and his expression was as if he choked on the jackal meat: “My name is Darwin!”

“I know, Ada.”

“Please call me Darwin!”

“Alright, Ada.”

“Do not call me Ada.”

“No problem, Ada!”


After a short argument, Ada finally gave up. In front of this persistently unreasonable hillbilly, his gracefulness and elegance was useless.

But when Ada faced the Pitiful Creature, the situation changed.

“You ……” Ada looked at Pitiful Creature and frowned while wanting to say something.

The Pitiful Creature’s heart immediately tensed up! That hillbilly was abnormal and regarded her as an ugly man until now, but ……This Ada seemed like a normal smart guy, he must have already had noticed that I am a girl!

Oh no……

Looking a little nervous, the Pitiful Creature’s heart was anxious while she tried to think of a way to signal to this guy not to mention the secret about her identity……

Ada stared at the Pitiful Creature for a while, then he suddenly took his eyes off her and sneered: “You should find a place to fix your tooth, your present appearance is very ugly.”

The Pitiful Creature: “…………”

Shaar burst out laughing next to her and looked at Ada in a more pleasing light. He approached the Pitiful Creature and grabbed her shoulder and chuckled: “Hey Pitiful Creature, even Ada said that you are ugly. Relax, when we find the buried treasure and we make it back, I will buy an attractive gold tooth for you!”

The Pitiful Creature: “…………”


“So, Ada, why were you buried in the ground?” Shaar finally asked the key question.

Ada lowered his head to think for a moment and then lifted it to tie together his uncombed hair while sighing gently: “Two days ago, I ran into a group of people here. Those fellows seemed to be some magicians and were doing some survey in these mountains. They captured me because they heard that there was a dragon hidden in this nearby mountain. Since they sought for a long time and could not find it, they therefore asked me if I had any valuable clues.”


Shaar’s eyes immediately widened.

“Probably because my attitude was not respectful enough, I angered them, but some of them had some objections regarding how to handle me. Some magicians suggested killing me, but some kind magicians thought that it was too cruel. Finally…”

“Finally what?”

“Finally the opinions of these kind magicians prevailed by arguing that a magician should be a noble person and should not dirty their hands with blood. Therefore, they decided not to kill me, but to bury me in the ground with magic instead, letting me fend for myself.”

When Ada calmly finished his sentence, the Pitiful Creature immediately exclaimed: “Bury you alive? That is called nice??!!”

Ada looked at Pitiful Creature with a faint smile. His smiling face hid a hint of slyness: “As a reward, I told them a piece of information: At the north mountain top, some strange things occurred a few days ago. A sound similar to a thunder was heard repeatedly on the mountain, moreover in the morning, a thick smoke would emerge on the summit.”

“??” The Pitiful Creature stared at him with round eyes: “Do you mean ……”

Shaar suddenly made a strange smile and he narrowed his eyes while staring at Ada: “Is that the dragon’s hiding place? Do you actually know? How’d you find out the dragon’s hideout?”

Ada answered in a calm tone: “Because I am also here to look for that dragon.”

Shaar and the Pitiful Creature looked at each other.

“But, but why did you tell those magicians the dragon’s lair ……” Pitiful Creature was somewhat puzzled.

“Those guys were no match for the dragon.” Ada said coldly: “Therefore, I think they are already dead by now.”


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    In this flash, the Pitiful Creature and Shaar could not resist but glance at each other and their look had the same meaning: This guy, was too fucking handsome!!

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