Conquest Chapter 29

Chapter 29 A virgin’s heart

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Editor: ArKain

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With a giant splash, the trio and the horse fell into the river. Luckily for them they landed upstream of the river. Although it was the dry season right now, the river bed upstream had a fairly abundant volume of water. Otherwise, if they fell from such high place, they would have become a meat pie by now.

The moment they fell in the water, the powerful current instantly pulled them deep under the water. While struggling furiously, Shaar felt a massive amount of river water rushing inside his mouth and nose. Within the water, he started to resist feverishly when he felt his legs entangled in the stirrup, but was not able to set himself free and entwined further with it. Feeling the desperation, he subconsciously opened his mouth to breathe and water immediately started to fill his lungs, almost choking him to death.

Feeling more and more water pouring in, Shaar felt his hands and feet getting heavier. His body constantly became weaker, his consciousness began to blur and the strength to struggle was evading him.

Exactly at that moment, a hand suddenly extended from the side and pulled out the pitchfork from Shaar’s waist and started to break the stirrup. Pulling Shaar’s armpits from behind, they started to float upward……

When they reached the surface, Shaar suddenly felt a bright light in front of him. Desperately dragging his body out of the river, his rescuer finally managed to put him on a rock.

With water dripping down her hair, the Pitiful Creature struggled to turn Shaar’s body and started to punch his stomach with her firsts.


The moment Shaar opened his mouth, he belched and the river water started to spray out. Coughing violently for a little while, he started to gasp heavily for air.

Looking at him with worried eyes, the Pitiful Creature asked: “Hey, are you alright?”
“I am so full ……” Shaar responded after waiting a while.

Breathing heavily for a while, Shaar looked up and saw the Pitiful Creature and Oaks beside him – the trio were now at the base of this canyon in the middle of the river. They were lying on the surface of a rock that was sticking out of the river bed. The surface was the size of two dining tables and they were surrounded by the river.

On top of the canyon, they could hear men shouting and horses neighing, and looking from afar their pursuers were already on the edge of the canyon. Circling around the canyon with their horses several times, they stared downward for a while frustrated. The side of the canyon had steep cliffs and there were no roads down. The river water had created a flat wall after countless years and it was so slippery that no one dared to climb it. Unless the knights transformed into monkeys, it was literally suicide to try.

After observing them for a while, those guys finally departed unwillingly. Returning to their horses, they probably decided to ride downstream and search for a topographically flatter place to cross. Shaar remembered very clearly that the riverbed remained an exceptionally steep terrain for quite a large stretch. In order to find a place to cross the river, they had to ride to their camping place from yesterday. However, even on horseback, riding there and back would take at least a few hours.

After the pursuing soldier left, they were safe temporarily and Shaar’s heart immediately relaxed a bit. He turned around, coughed out the remaining water and looked at the Pitiful Creature with a somewhat strange expression: “Was it you who just pulled me out of the water?”

The Pitiful Creature gave this hillbilly an angry glance. Her whole body was soaked, her hair was drenched and stuck to her clothes. She replied angrily: “What do you think?! You idiot, you clearly did not know how to swim. The moment you fell into the water you started to sink! Someone like you actually dared to jump over a river with a horse?”

Tasting his mouth few times, Shaar gave off a stupid laugh: “That ……I heard many stories where the hero leads his pursuers to a cliff and used his horse to jump over it. Even if the cliff was wide, they always managed to jump over it magnificently. How did we not manage it? Probably because you’re too heavy!”

Hearing the last sentence, the Pitiful Creature’s heart started to fill with anger – for every woman, no matter ugly or beautiful, their body weight would always be a sensitive issue.

However, faced with this hillbilly, the Pitiful Creature could not even bother to start an argument and gave him a disdainful look.

Shaar was not a fool, after a moment of thinking, he quickly understood the circumstances.

When he leapt over the cliff and fell into the water, both the Pitiful Creature and the goblin princess were just sitting on the horse. The moment they fell into the water they would quickly float to the surface. Since Shaar had wrapped himself on the stirrup, the huge weight of the horse directly dragged him under water. This fellow who grew up in the mountain, never learned how to swim and if the Pitiful Creature did not save him, he would probably have lost his life here.

“I’m afraid those guys will be back soon. We must think of a way to leave here as soon as possible.” When Shaar sat up, he immediately frowned from the pain coming from his shoulder. The arrow was still stuck inside. A moment ago, when he was desperately trying to flee, he could still suppress the pain. However, now that he relaxed a bit, the pain suddenly became unbearable. Gripping the arrow’s tail, he exhaled and started to curse.

Seeing Shaar’s appearance, the Pitiful Creature’s anger immediately dispersed and looked at him with concern: “You are heavily injured. We have to remove the arrow.”

Slightly hesitating for a moment, she picked up the pitchfork and started to take off Shaar’s coat. Stripping off the leather armor taken from Nigal, one of the Four Master of Royal Capital, the Pitiful Creature used the pitchfork to cut open the leather near the wound. Although the pitchfork looked blunt and rusty, it was unexpectedly sharp and cut open the leather immediately.

That arrow had pierced the muscle very deeply and Shaar was lucky that the shot did not penetrate his shoulder. Seeing the wound covered in blood, the Pitiful Creature’s heart started to tremble and she had to endure the feeling of nausea: “You need to endure the pain for a bit.” She started to cut open the flesh wound with the pitchfork.

When the pitchfork entered his flesh, Shaar suddenly gave off an earth-shattering howl. The Pitiful Creature who had resisted the sight of blood until now, nearly fainted from this scream and shook her hand while staring angrily at Shaar: “What are you shouting about?”

“What do you think! Let me stab you once and see if you feel the pain!” Shaar justified himself.

“Looking at your fight with your life on the line a moment ago, you really struck fear into the hearts of others. Why aren’t you acting like a hero now?” The Pitiful Creature started to mock him light heartedly.

Rolling up his eyes, Shaar replied: “Nonsense, who said that heroes did not fear pain? Even in a desperate battle, when you get cut by sword or shot by an arrow, it still hurts! I’m not hero, there’s no need to forcefully pretend otherwise.” After this sentence, he shuddered from pain.

“Then ……endure it for a bit.” When the Pitiful Creature wanted to ridicule him a bit more, she remembered that this hillbilly got injured to rescue her. She could not bear to mock him afterwards and endured the laughter while changing to a gentler tone. She leaned closer towards him and carefully cut the wound with the pitchfork.

When Shaar opened his mouth again to scream from the pain, his voice suddenly got stuck in his throat.

You ask why?

Since the Pitiful Creature was leaning her head towards Shaar’s face, he felt her breath gently stroking his face and smelled a sweet fragrant coming from her. Shaar’s virgin heart immediately started to jump faster from instinct. An indescribable excitement and numb feeling started enclose his heart.

Ignorant in his brain, he started to give birth to a ridiculous idea: “This guy, I didn’t see him brushing his teeth for several days, how is his mouth not smelling……”

When male hormones encountered female hormones, the body started to act according to human nature and this kind of thing could not be explained.

Frightened by this kind of feeling, Shaar subconsciously took a deep breath, but did not think that he would actually breathe in more of the Pitiful Creature’s fragrance. His heart immediately started to pump faster. At that time the Pitiful Creature felt that Shaar’s body was slightly moving and subconsciously turned her head dissatisfied and said: “Stop moving around, I ……wo!!”

The moment her head turned to the side, her lip suddenly touched Shaar’s mouth when he opened it to breathe……

In a flash, both of them became stupefied.

In fact, their lips only touched for a slight moment and the Pitiful Creature’s lips slightly swept past Shaar’s mouth. It was like a touch rather than an actual kiss and it felt like a kiss, but there was a trace of distance between them. However, both of them chose to believe that they actually felt their lips touching each other.
TL: God… that was hard to translate…

That moment, Shaar’s heart was in a daze: No wonder this fellow had a soft-spoken voice, his lips felt so soft……

A second later, they simultaneously cried out and immediately separated from each other. Shaar stared at the Pitiful Creature with widened eyes and the Pitiful Creature fiercely wiped her mouth with a reddened face.

The Pitiful Creature was vomiting blood in her heart: I am doomed… I gave my first kiss to a hillbilly……

Shaar was also vomiting blood in his heart: Fuck! Last time I actually had morning wood while hugging this guy! Now I was kissed by a man!!!

The moment Shaar opened his mouth to yell, he suddenly felt that there was a weird feeling on his shoulder. Looking down, the Pitiful Creature who was holding that arrow on his shoulder a moment ago had subconsciously pulled it out by force with her hands when they separated!

Widening his eyes, Shaar suddenly issued an earth shaking scream!

His shoulder twitched and blood started to burst out……

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  1. Shaar’s cured ?

    If you think that the one you kiss was a man (while actually she wasn’t), is it counted as gay ?

  2. “I guess I am just a bit frustrated how mainstream Chinese novel that are so similar gets so much attention and a novel like Conquest, that in my eyes is at least equal as good if not better get so little.”
    Don’t forget, all those novels got popular after 100 or even 200+ chapters of them got translated so people have a good chance to see if they would like them or not. Plus, if they’re all similar and it turns out you like one of them, odds are good you’re going to like many of the others too, making them safe bets to read.

    When 100+ chapters of this are translated, if Conquest is even half as good as something like Coiling Dragon then at that time it will be much more popular than it is now.

    • There are a lot of novels that get instant famous after 5 chapters because they resemble the mainstream style.
      Although I like CD (It was the novel that got me into Wuxia), the writing style is too plain in my opinion. It got so much attention because it was one of the first translated Wuxia and because of the fast releases. The story is alright, but compare to other novel in this genre, it can only be counted as average.
      I think the problem with Conquest is that it is a fantasy story and there are not many good translated Chinese Western fantasy novels out yet.

      • For me it is just a fantasy story written by a chinese but I don’t really think that there is much a difference with cd with the fantasy elements. I mean, Cd has ki, this has ki, cd has magic, this has magic, cd has dragons, this has dragon so … i don’t really seperate them
        But I really like Shaar’s personality. It is much more interesting than most other mc’s … They all just want to be strong on their path and that’s it. Most pick up a few girls on their way, massacre a family here, a clan there and get a revenge goal on the way.
        … Will Shaar create a harem for himself?

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        Theres many novel that have a strong beginning/start but unfortunately this isnt one of them. It has a rather poor opening with the drunk old man and the lausy magician.
        Cause I start enjoying this from chapter 20 or so.

  3. Shaar was also vomiting blood in his heart: Fuck! Last time I actually had morning wood while hugging this guy! Now I was kissed by a man!!!
    It’d be the funniest thing EVER if Shaar was convinced he was gay before realizing she was female.

    When he leapt over the cliff and fell into the water, both the Pitiful Creature and the goblin princess were just sitting on the horse. The moment they fell into the water they would quickly float to the surface. Since Shaar had wrapped himself on the stirrup, the huge weight of the horse directly dragged him under water. This fellow who grew up in the mountain, never learned how to swim and if the Pitiful Creature did not save him, he would probably have lost his life here.
    That Poor horse from before.

  4. Well that was odd. Suddenly both characters were acting quite unlike themselves, as if they traded personalities. Shaar was acting somewhat weak and timid while the pitiful creature was strong and overbearing. Normally Shaar would have no problem getting rid of that arrow, let alone screaming like a little girl from the pain.

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