Conquest Chapter 28

Chapter 28 No good intentions

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The black iron arrow was steadily pointed at Shaar and it looked like the knight’s control over his bow was extremely polished. His eyes kept staring at his target and his expression was as calm as water. Locked on to his target, Shaar could feel the tingling on his scalp even with such a large distance between them.

Nevertheless, his temper could not be suppressed!

What kind of person was Shaar? He grew up in the mountain and mingled in Primal Wildfire town since his childhood. A person like him could be persuaded by reason but would not yield to force. If you talked to him honestly, he would consider negotiating. However, the more force you use, the more it stimulated his inner rage.

Simply put, he was one of those hotheads who would not back down even if he knew that he could not beat his opponent. He would risk his own life just to let the other guy get a taste of his own blood!

Facing the awe-inspiring arrow, Shaar’s complexion changed and he became more concentrated.

The hoof beats across the river on the opposite shore were rapidly coming closer. With the corner of his eyes, Shaar swept over the distance and saw the big dust cloud. By analysing the details, he was certain that there were at least a dozen knights rushing towards them. Right now, with only three opponent he only managed to defeat two with great difficulty and nearly lost his poor life. If there were again 7 or 8 more….

Quickly calculating the distance of the incoming riders, Shaar steeled his heart and made up his mind.

While staring at the knight with the bow, the knight noticed the change in Shaar’s eyes already before he had a chance to move his hands. Feeling the incoming danger, the knight loosened his fingers that held the bowstring without hesitation……

With a buzzing sound, his final arrow aimed at Shaar’s throat! Tightening his whole body, Shaar took a deep breath and leapt horizontally towards his opponent and threw his pitchfork mid-air. His weapon flew with lightning speed toward the knight in the distance!

A fountain of blood suddenly burst out the knight’s chest as the pitchfork pierced through his body. The throw was so powerful that it knocked his opponent off his horse. The body immediately fell to the ground and the pitchfork nailed it to the floor!!

Feeling something cold touching his neck, Shaar tried his best to dodge, but who would have thought that the knight’s archery skill was so profound that he already predicted Shaar’s movement.  Even when Shaar used all his power to avoid the arrow, the knight had already calculated it into the trajectory and transformed the arrow into a deadly snake biting into Shaar’s neck….

In that moment, even Shaar thought that his life was over when he felt something hitting his neck. His last thought in his mind actually was:

Motherfuck, will I die like this? Dying as a virgin……



Shaar dropped to the ground and his clothes became a complete mess. However, when he touched his neck, there was not a single drop blood. He saw the arrow lying on the ground next to him. Seeing that the arrowhead became dull, he could not help but be startled. Wondering how he survived, he touched his neck with his hand and suddenly felt the greyish stone that the old man left behind. This item was the only thing that he inherited from him. As a matter of fact, Shaar did not know what this stone was and he just kept it while casually hanging it on his neck. He would never have guessed that this thing would actually save his life and deflect the arrow from his neck……

There was no problem with the knight’s accuracy, on the contrary… His shot was too accurate! If he had moved his hand a tiny bit and the aim was half a centimetre off, then perhaps right now Shaar would be greeting the old man in hell.

Dying full of regret, the body of the knight that was nailed to the ground twisted a few times and stopped breathing. I am afraid, even in death he would never understand that his mistake was that his accuracy was too precise.

After touching his neck a few times, his energy returned and he instantly jumped up. Spitting on the ground, he leapt several steps towards the dumbfounded knight leader and kicked him in his face. Shaar then rushed towards the dead knight and pulled out his pitchfork.

Even if he was a bit of a simpleton, how could he not notice that there was something wrong with his pitchfork?!

The hoof beats in the distance instantly made him anxious again and the sound increasingly caused his heart to beat faster. Not daring to delay any longer, Shaar returned to the rock and started carrying the Pitiful Creature that was scared silly.

Dumbfounded, the Pitiful Creature stared at Shaar: “You, you have defeated Rahim……”

“Rahim my ass!” Incapable of focusing his mind on other things, Shaar slapped the pitiful creature’s face with is palm and asked: “Can you ride a horse?”

The Pitiful Creature immediately awoke and subconsciously nodded. Shaar instantaneously threw her on a horse: “Ride north and don’t stop!” Finishing his sentence, he ignored the Pitiful Creature’s protest and poked the horse’s ass with the pitchfork. Barely sitting on the horse, the Pitiful Creature screamed and almost flew off her saddle. While the horse bolted away, she could only use all her strength to hold on to the horse’s neck.

When the knight leader and the knight with the broken foot saw the Pitiful Creature, their faces suddenly reddened from anger and stubbornly stared at Shaar while their bodies trembled.

Taking another horse for himself, Shaar instantly discarded all the weapons and tools on the saddle. After mounting the horse, Shaar looked at the goblins behind the rock and made a hand gesture: “Oaks, come!”

Hesitating for a moment, Oaks finally understood that Shaar wanted to bring him with him and shouted full of delight. He was not a fool, seeing those knights at opposite shore of the river coming closer, he knew that he would only get butchered if he stayed. Shaar picked up Oaks and put him in front of him and looked at the remaining goblins. Finally deciding, he grabbed the smallest one and put him behind him……

Although there were three riders on the horse, this kind of warhorse was extremely powerful. Since the goblin were by nature small, the total weight was not high and still tolerable for the horse.

Oakes suddenly felt a bit uneasy. Since he had a special status, he was qualified to ride with Shaar to escape. However, why did his human master take another goblin?

Nevertheless, there was no time to speak. Shaar already saw the cavalry preparing to cross the river and the two vanguard riders were already in the water. Ready to depart, Shaar gave the horse’s belly a strong kick, but it unexpectedly made the warhorse neigh and rear. This sudden move almost threw off Shaar and the two goblins. Luckily, he clamped tightly with his legs onto the horse’s belly and grabbed those two goblins with his hands. Or else, he might have put on a good show while running behind his horse.

His heart was getting anxious, in fact how could a beggar hunter like him who lived in the mountain actually know how to ride a horse? Nonetheless, after sitting firmly on the saddle, he did the same old trick and stabbed his pitchfork into the horse’s buttocks. That pitiful warhorse neighed in pain and dashed forward wildly like the wind.

At this moment, half of the knight had already crossed the river and separated into two teams. One team checked on the three defeated knights and the remaining people started to give chase without hesitation.
Shaar’s horse bolted after the Pitiful Creature, however he had never ridden a horse before and felt the whistling sound of wind past his ears. Sitting on the horse, he nearly threw up his breakfast, but suddenly heard the horse hooves coming closer behind him.

Turning his head, he saw numerous riders hot on his tail.

Since Shaar did not learn any horse riding, his skill was like a blank slate. Furthermore, this warhorse was powerful, but it still carried three riders. Although the two goblins were quite light, both of them added together were as heavy as a human. After running for a while, the speed gradually started to slow down.

Seeing more and more pursuers catching up, Shaar desperately kicked the horse’s belly while stabbing it with his pitchfork. That pitiful horse was really unlucky. It could only raise its hooves and continue dashing forwards. No one appreciated that it was running considerably faster than usual and it ran until foam started to form around its mouth.

While sitting on the horse, Shaar suddenly heard the sound of a bowstring behind him and immediately ducked his head while bending down his body.

Closing down the distance, the knights chasing him took out their bows and started to shoot arrows at him. The arrows flew past his ears while making swishing sounds. With no horse riding experience whatsoever, Shaar naturally would not know any difficult manoeuvres. Nevertheless, he actually started laughing loudly and did not even attempt to dodge. Grabbing the goblin behind him, he used him to shield against the incoming arrows……
“Ouke, Ouke” Only the pitiful screams of that goblin could be heard. In an instant, 17 arrows were stuck in his buttocks making it look like a hedgehog.

Using his meat shield to block in all directions, that goblin’s desperate “Ouke, Ouke” screams gradually toned down. When Shaar took another look at his victim, he noticed the body was already fully covered with arrows and there was almost no more space left for his hand to grab.

The knights on his tail finally discovered that Shaar was shamelessly using a meat shield and were not willing to waste any more arrows. They forced their horses to continue the pursuit.

With a malicious laugh, Shaar shamelessly threw that pitiful meat shield away.
At that moment, Mr. Princess who was sitting at the front became terror-stricken! Even with his low intelligence, he understood the reason his human master took two goblins with him a moment ago……

There were no good intentions in his heart!!

Sure enough, the moment Shaar threw away his meat shield, he grabbed his spare meat shield No. 2 Mr. Princess and placed him behind his body. Oaks screamed desperately: “Buttocks, Sijie, does not want!!!”

For Shaar right now, his own life was more important, how would he have the luxury to care about the safety of Mr. Princess’ butthole……

After running for an hour, Shaar stabbed the horse’s buttocks so often that this horse was too tired to run any faster. Its mouth was covered with foam, but those pursuing knights were still not thrown off his tail. To his terrible surprise, he actually managed to catch up with the Pitiful Creature while pushing his horse to its limits.

Just at that moment, the Pitiful Creature in front of him suddenly reined and forcefully stopped her horse. Turning around, she desperately waved her hands to signal Shaar to stop.

Looking in the distance, Shaar immediately discovered that a river was cutting off their passage. The dry winter had abruptly transformed the river bank into a steep cliff and turned it into a deep canyon in front of them. That canyon was at least a dozen meters deep! Fortunately for them, because it was upstream, the width was reduced a lot.

Struggling to restrain his horse, Shaar saw that his pursuers were closing in and simply dragged the pitiful creature from her saddle towards his own. Keeping his eyes on the canyon, Shaar stabbed his horse’s buttocks one more time….

The horse dashed off with its last strength and rushed towards the edge of that canyon!

The horse made an elegant arc mid-air, then ……Fell down.

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