Chapter 27 Part 2

Chapter 27 Shaar’s fire pitchfork Part 2

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During that strike, Shaar parried the knight’s strong battle ki and as a result his arm was already numb to the degree that he was not able to hold his weapon anymore. Losing all the strength in his right arm, he quickly changed his charred pitchfork to his left hand. However, he had never actually thought that his rusty pitchfork would suddenly destroy his enemy’s sharp dagger!!

“Damn it!” The knight leader was enraged! Originally, he pitied Shaar a bit, but now this thought was completely thrown away! With his status, he actually unexpectedly suffered 3 times under a wildling boy’s hand and even his neck got injured! If he had not responded in time, perhaps he would have lost his life just now!

“Boss, take my sword!”

The previously defeated knight shouted and threw his saber towards the knight leader whose heart was already filled with shame and resentment. With a roar, he rushed towards his prey like a tiger. Still not fully recovered, half of Shaar’s body was still in severe pain after being hit by that horse. Even if his body was as tough as a ferocious beast, he still had a hard time enduring it.

In an instant, the knight leader had rushed in front of him and already prepared to strike down his enemy. His battle ki was already flaring up like a black flame and a mass of grey light was fully covering his weapon. Just before it hit, Shaar finally recovered and lifted his pitchfork to block it.


This knight leader’s sword technique was ruthless, but the first strike was still blocked. Not giving his opponent any time to breathe, the saber in his hand started overflowing with grey light and he continuously chopped down like a killing machine……Attacking in fury from all directions, his attacks resembled a violent thunder storm!

Under such powerful and refined sword techniques, Shaar immediately became like a wooden dummy. His martial art was crude and unsophisticated, compared to the opponent’s masterful sword technique, he was afraid that he could only become target practice.

However, something strange occurred!

Ding! Ding!


Under this berserk knight leader’s violent onslaught, Shaar was having a hard time dealing with it and chaotically reacted to defend against it. There were several times where he was nearly cut into pieces or stabbed to death. Nevertheless, after a few exchanges, Shaar’s expression became increasingly eccentric. Not being able to finish him off, his opponent’s face started to turn hideous. The set of sword skills that Shaar was currently displaying, was actually just some random reflexes. The handling of the pitchfork looked clumsy and slow, however it actually managed to completely ward off the ruthless attack of his opponent!

No matter how crazily the knight went on the offensive, his saber’s ki was blocked off and unable to cut into the pitchfork in Shaar’s hand!

Even Shaar was a bit confused in his heart and his face reflected a surprised look.

This guy……This guy ……Is he actually playing with me? How can his martial arts be so shitty?

Huh? The blow that he just used, was it not the same technique the old man taught me to stab a coal briquette?

Eh? The chop just now, was it not the same way the old man taught me to cut firewood?

Oh? This hack… the old man taught me to hack steaks with this technique!

Ah? This strike… usually the old man taught me to shear wool the same way…… (ED: it’s like the karate kid)

Shaar did not know if he should laugh or cry.

He suddenly discovered that his opponent’s every strike was what he practiced in the past thousands of times. Stabbing a coal briquette, chopping firewood, cutting a steak, shearing wool ……He could do these things perfectly even while he was asleep! Each move of this guy’s attacking pattern looked like as if he had reached an agreement with Shaar beforehand. Even if Shaar had a slower reaction speed than his opponent, as long as he took a glance at his movements, he could immediately judge his opponent’s sword direction accurately. With just a casual block of his pitchfork, he could effortlessly fend off the knight’s fierce sword technique!

The knight leader could not believe his eyes……

Continuously, increasing his ki level in his sword, the knight leader was reaching his limit. The more he attacked, the greater the fear grew in his heart.
The knight leader who had endured countless years of hard training to polish his powerful and vicious sword technique felt extreme shame and rage in his heart. Right now, he wished nothing more than to pierce a dozen holes into this kid! A powerful military expert taught him this set of sword techniques when he was young. Using these techniques, he had escaped certain death countless times and he used these techniques to kill numerous powerful opponents that were stronger than him.

However, facing this kid, was simply, simply ……Simply like a nightmare!

Regardless of his movements and styles, the other party was just casually blocking it. Furthermore, the more this exchange continued, the more relaxed this kid became. There were several times where though his sword had not moved yet, the pitchfork was already positioned to block it!!

Unable to bear it anymore, the knight leader could no longer supress the fear in his heart and started to shout. Becoming desperate, he did not care about his style anymore and used all his strength to strike down.


When the saber got stuck between the prongs of the pitchfork, their bodies trembled from the impact and became stiff.

Both were out of breath at the moment, however while Shaar’s face reddened, the knight leader’s complexion was pale. While their weapons were interlocked with each other, a sudden breaking sound could be heard. Out of nowhere, the sword in the knight’s hand abruptly started to break into 17 pieces!! On the other hand, the pitchfork in Shaar’s hand was still as black as before and was in perfect condition!!

They looked at each other and noticed that the other party was as dumbfounded as they were. Not able to bear the surprise, Shaar started to give the knight a wink and whispered:

“Hey my Friend, do you also spend your time at home stabbing coal briquettes and chopping steaks? You’re quite skilled with that set of movements……”

When the knight leader heard this, his face color immediately changed and his chest started to hurt from this psychological attack. Stumbling a few steps backwards, blood suddenly sprayed out of his mouth.

Note: Vomiting blood was a hyperbole in Chinese culture

ED: In Romance of the Three Kingdoms for example, Zhou Yu’s death was caused by Zhuge Liang upsetting him until he vomited blood.

While his opponent was vomiting blood, Shaar’s head was still feeling a bit foggy. However, when he saw that the knight leader had no weapon in his hand anymore, he did not hesitate at all and rushed forward to pierce his opponent with his pitchfork!

Who would have thought that the knight leader was completely stupefied and kept staring at Shaar. Constantly keeping his eyes on Shaar, he completely forgot to dodge and was standing there speechless.

Just when the charred pitchfork was moments away from piercing his head, Shaar suddenly heard the sound of a bowstring vibrating behind him.

After a sharp piercing sound, Shaar cried out in pain and dived aside to dodge, but that black light had already pierced his body! A wild goose feathered arrow was stuck on his shoulder and the fletching was still trembling!

In the distant, that third knight with a calm face was currently pulling his bow, and on the bowstring already laid two arrows that were aimed at Shaar.

“Kid, put down your weapon and slowly back off a few steps!”

Clenching his teeth, Shaar grabbed the arrow tail and his eyebrows were revealing a hint of ferociousness. Just when he was getting ready to rush forwards, he heard the sound of a bowstring propelling an arrow and it hit just three centimeters in front of his foot!

“I will only say it once, back off!” The third knight in the distance stared at Shaar coldly. The pair of eyes were so cold that it did not show the slightest hesitation.

Right at that moment, hoof beats could be heard from the opposite shore!

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