Conquest Chapter 27 Part 1

Chapter 27 Shaar’s fire pitchfork Part 1

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Editor: ArKain

Being cursed at by the knight leader, his complexion immediately became purple. He seemed extremely afraid of this leader and did not even try to defend himself. Clenching his teeth, he struggled a bit while trying to get up, but instead stumbled and fell.

Looking at his face, the knight leader’s complexion immediately became a little uglier and went several steps closer to him. Just when he wanted say something, he gave his companion a closer look and sighed: “Forget it, you have been injured. Now get up!”

This fellow was already injured the moment when Shaar attacked his horse. Tackling a horse that was running at full speed, I am afraid only someone like Shaar who grew up in a mountain would dare to do something so reckless.

The moment when Shaar knocked down the horse, the knight immediately fell and a leg was actually entangled in the stirrup. He was fortunate that his horse-riding skill was extremely refined, and during the crash he quickly jumped off. He managed to get away with only a broken leg that was crushed underneath his horse.

Shaar’s chops were no doubt extremely powerful and injured him until he was unable to stand. However, since his foot was already broken, he is incapable of even supporting himself.

Furthermore, when the running horse was hit, half of the knight’s shoulder became badly bruised – thanks to wearing a leather armor, his injury was still light. If he wore metal armor instead, the shock would have broken his bones.

In the beginning, when the knight leader saw his companion injured, he did not care about Shaar killing his distressed companion with his axe. After all, their group only accepted the strongest warriors, and if someone lost to a magical beast hunter from the mountains, it would really harm their reputation.

The knight leader gained some distance and looked at Shaar: “Being able to parry my strike, your strength actually is not bad.” According to his status, getting his saber damaged to this extent by a wildling boy was already a great humiliation for him. Hanging his sabre back on his saddle, he stared at Shaar while sitting tall and his eyes radiated an intense anger. However, the murderous intention in his heart could not help but fade a bit: If he was able to bring back such a sturdy young man, with three years of training, he could transform him into an efficient killing machine.

This thought only circulated in his brain for a while before he eliminated this possibility. Anybody who saw their faces during this mission were not to be allowed to live and tell the tale. Even a whole goblin tribe had been slaughtered few days ago, how could they let a wildling boy live?
The malicious intent slightly surfaced again on his eyebrows and he immediately revealed his ominous decision once more: “Such a pity, you can only blame your bad luck.”

Staring at the remnant of his split axe, Shaar’s heart immediately started to hurt. He was always a poor wretch and while practicing with an axe for more than ten years, he had not used any decent weapon before. The moment he got this waraxe, he was seriously ecstatic and would even keep it beside him while sleeping. Right now, it suddenly broke and he felt like a bankrupted beggar again after three days. In his heart there was an anger that was more intense and serious than anything he felt before.

Although the words of that knight leader was meant as a compliment, however, when Shaar heard it, it actually felt like someone slapped his face twice and said “your skin is really thick”.

After such an insult, how could Shaar endure it?

Half for his temper came from the simple and honourable straightforward attitude of the mountain people. However, the rest came from growing up in Primal Wildfire and mingling among the locals of Primal Wildfire town. He was gradually influenced by the deceitful and strong adventurers. These special characteristics were mixed together and formed the current Shaar’s character where honesty fused with a strange cunningness. Right now, his ruthless temper born from his childhood was stirred up.

Taking out another weapon from his saddle, the knight leader decided to use a wolf’s teeth mace with a short handle this time. This mace was made with a wooden handle and had a heavy tip made of metal at the top. Numerous razor-sharp nails were mounted densely on the metal part. In cavalry battles, this kind of weapon was the most convenient one since the rider did not have to be afraid of breaking it and it was most suited for muscular knights with great strength.

The knight leader rode a few laps and with a whistle his horse started to rush towards his target once more. This time, he bent down immediately and his hand lifted the wolf’s teeth mace up high while closing down to crush Shaar’s head! If this wolf’s teeth mace actually hit his target, even with metal armor, it would be immediately flattened!

Seeing the other party rushing towards him, Shaar’s pupils suddenly contracted and he turned around with lightning speed. Sliding a few steps backwards, his breathing also changed, turning shorter and heavier. Suddenly sprinting forwards 3-4 steps, he saw the opposite party’s horse in front of him with the wolf’s teeth mace pounding towards him. Shaar abruptly took a bold thrust forward while leaping towards his opponent!

The movement during this leap was neat. It looked as if he transformed into a rabbit at that moment. His jump was both high and fast while bending his body beautifully mid-air!

With a shout, the wolf’s teeth mace flew past Shaar’s head by a millimeter and the strong air pressure created by it scratched a few cuts on Shaar’s face. While in mid-air, Shaar pulled out his fire pitchfork with lightning speed and boldly thrust forward like a arrow!!

With a dull thumping sound, although Shaar had evaded the wolf’s teeth mace, he was hit by the galloping horse. Nevertheless, his pitchfork maliciously pierced into the horse’s neck!

With a huff, the horse started to neigh in pain, while Shaar was hit and sent flying again. Only this time, he prepared his landing earlier and readied his footsteps while treading heavily on the ground. Pushed back several steps, he stuck his pitchfork into ground to slow his impact and left a deep mark in the ground. Barely standing, his mouth started to spit a bit blood and he touched his chest at the location where he was severely injured while breathing heavily.

The knight’s horse that was directly pierced by the pitchfork a minute ago, took a few steps and screamed one last time before finally falling down. Fortunately, this knight had excellent riding skills and quickly used both his legs to push himself off the saddle. His martial art was also amazing and his foot unexpectedly split the stirrup with the kick. When he finally jumped off, he had not been squashed by the falling horse, however his landing position was somewhat ugly and he had to roll a bit to lessen the impact before standing up.

Before he had a chance to recover himself, Shaar already threw himself at him. The pitchfork in his hand transformed into a venomous snake seeking his opponent’s neck! This knight leader who had already fought many battles did not panic at all and quickly pulled out a dagger from his waist to block……

That dagger had an extremely sharp edge and from its flashing blade, it suddenly started to burst out a mass of grey battle ki! When the dagger and the fire pitchfork clashed, a loud bang could be heard……

Shaar immediately felt his arm shaking violently! A piece of metal was seeing fly in the sky and dropped to the ground with a bang. The knight leader who had a calm and calculated complexion a while ago suddenly changed! A Blackish ki directly brushed past his neck and suddenly blood started to splash out!

Experiencing the sudden pain, he immediately dodged aside. The muscles on his entire body tightened and this maneuver had taken out all of his energy from his survival instincts. When he landed, the pain on his neck almost made him black out. The moment he put his hand on the wound, he luckily discovered that it was not too deep. However, in his hand……

When the knight looked at his sharp dagger, only the hilt was remaining. The other half was actually stuck in the ground. However, the boy in front of him was still holding the fire pitchfork – completely intact!

The knight leader was speechless!
Shaar was also speechless!

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