Conquest hapter 26

Chapter 26 Close combat

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In the wilderness, a caravan quickly came close from southeast. From the look of it, there were 7-8 riders coming this way. They created a cloud of dust behind them while traveling and from afar, it actually seemed like there were only three knights sitting on the horses, while the other horses were used as replacements.
The shape of this fast traveling group was disciplined and organized. It appeared that they formed a triangle formation.

When this cavalry appeared in the distance, the group of goblins immediately became restless and started yelling. Mr. Princess soon rewarded these guys with some sword cuts, but it was obvious that he was also afraid and looked at Shaar nervously.
Pulling up his belt, Shaar pushed the Pitiful Creature behind the rock and warned her: “If I don’t call you, don’t come out!”

Turning his head, he stared at Mr. Princess: “You as well!”

“But ……” The Pitiful Creature was obviously very anxious and panicking: “These people will kill you!”

“It’s not certain.” Shaar’s eyes lit up: “Maybe it’s only an adventurer team passing by.”

“But ……” The Pitiful Creature clenched her teeth: “They are surely the group that slaughtered the goblin tribe and you know that!”

“Believe me, there’s no other way out!” Shaar’s eyes widened and flashed a fierce look resembling a wild beast.

The goblin that was used as bait in front of them was still struggling. It did not have any strength left. His fear added to the excessive loss of blood made him almost faint. When he heard the hoof beats coming closer, the goblin started sobbing and screamed desperately.

The destination of this group was very clear; they were obviously riding in their direction.

This cavalry unit quickly shortened the distance to less than a hundred meters away and they did not stop nor rush too close. They suddenly turned their horses and decreased the speed while riding in a flanking position. It was obvious that these fellows were cautious and very experienced. From the look of it, they would not dismount so easily. They circled the surroundings while maintaining their speed and keeping their distance to get a clearer view of the situation.

The knights riding these horses were very skilled and masterfully controlled the speed and direction while easily handling their horses. After circling the pitiful goblin for a bit, they reduced their speed and stopped further away.

The vanguard knight rode a big dark horse that looked both tall and magnificent. Even the best horse seller in Primal Wildfire would not have such a rare high-grade horse. Every horse had similar equipment and carried a weapon bag, a water bag and quivers. Several field survival tools were also bound on the horse saddle which showed that those fellows were obviously well prepared.

The knight that acted as vanguard had short curly hair and his face had the typical outline of a Byzantine. He was tall and sat with his back straight on the horse. He carried a long saber and his eyes maliciously stared at the goblin in the middle like a knife cutting butter. This knight was wearing a superior leather armor which belonged to the equipment of light cavalry. He carried a medium-sized military bow and two quivers with wild goose feathered arrows were hanging on both sides of the saddle. His arms displayed bulging muscle mass, his fingers were thick and both his upper and lower body showed that his was a veteran warrior.

“A goblin? Hmpf ……” This knight grinned viciously.

“Captain, there are some movements behind that rock, I can taste the smell already from here, haha!” The Knight loudly laughed and his voice hinted a bit of arrogance. The other knight prepared his bow and took an arrow in his hand while his face showed alertness.

The vanguard knight sneered and gently kicked his horse ordering it to slowly move forward. Slowly approaching, his eyes did not even glance at the scared goblin on the ground and instead firmly fixed on the rock where Shaar was hiding. He firmly grabbed his saber and shouted: “Come out!”

Shaar’s figure slowly appeared from behind the rock and he calmly walked towards the knight only to stop 50 steps away from him. The goblin that acted as bait was currently in between those two.

“Adventurer? Or thief?” When the knight looked at Shaar and saw his big body, he was somewhat taken by surprise. With a great shield and a waraxe in Shaar’s hand – looking closely, although these two weapons were made of excellent quality material, they were somewhat built too flashily and lacked substance: A real experienced warrior would not take this kind of exaggerated weapon. Even soldiers from some strong and well–known forces would not choose to use such large weapons. Although a bigger and heavier weapon could increase its lethality, it also would affect its speed. Furthermore, a heavy weapon would not help in a lengthy battle.

Only those types of idiots that liked empty boasting would choose to use this kind of large weapon.

“I am a magical beast hunter.” Shaar replied loudly when he had discovered that the opposite party was staring at his weapon and subconsciously lifted his shield higher.
“Magical beast hunter?” The knight smiled, but his smiling face was still filled with malicious intent: “What is a magical beast hunter doing here in the red wilderness? Here there are only goblins and death eaters.”

“That’s my concern.” Shaar put on a show of bravado – in the wild, if you appeared weak, then the enemy would find it easier to bully you: “Who are you people?”

The knight did not reply and took his vision off of him to look at the goblin and immediately saw through Shaar’s intention: “Huh, are you using it as a bait?

Unfortunately, the blood of a goblin stinks and you would probably have difficulties attracting game. Moreover, the wounds that you cut are too small and the blood is insufficient.”

His malicious grin emerged again: “I will help you rookie.”

Finishing his sentence, he quickly unfastened a short spear from his saddle. With this spear in his hand, this knight’s body suddenly radiated a fierce killing intent. This kind of aura was obviously formed through many bloody battles and decades of training. Bending his back powerfully on the saddle, he cleanly threw that spear with an extremely beautiful posture!

Piercing the wind like an arrow, that short spear transformed into a white light and shot towards the goblin!

Seeing the other party’s movement, Shaar’s round eyes immediately narrowed and he quickly took a big step forward while swinging his left arm to throw his great shield towards it……


When that short spear bounced off the shield, several big sparks ware created. Even in broad daylight, those series of sparks could be seen!

Just after the goblin saw white light flying towards him he almost fainted from fear and when he heard that loud bang when Shaar used his shield to block that short spear, he immediately started screaming.

“Oh?” The knight’s eyes lit up. This fellow actually managed to block my spear with his shield?

Running quickly towards that goblin, Shaar started to stare cautiously at the knight while quickly picking up his shield.

The spot where the short spear hit the great shield was already dented and it also left behind a short but deep scratch! This made Shaar very anxious – this was the best weapon he ever had.

“Magical beast hunter, you are quite skilled.” The expression of the knight was somewhat gloomy. He tightened the saber in his hand and declared: “But you declined my good intentions!”

“Even if it’s a goblin, he’s my soso.” Shaar kept his head high: “If you can’t even protect your own spoils of war, then you don’t need to try your luck in Primal Wildfire.”

“I have to ask you a question.” The knight turned his horse and encircled him: “Do you come all the way from south? Did you encounter any other humans?”

Shaar shook his head: “Only met you.”

“Hm.”The knight gave him a cold laugh: “Really?”

Shaar did not speak and calmly observed the other party.

“Alright.” The knight mumbled something and his eyes suddenly flashed a strong blood thirst: “Kill him.”

Just when his voice vanished, the another knight already rushed forward! When the horse’s hoof ran two steps, the knight was already wielding his saber. With his horse flying forward, that fellow bent over his body sticking closer to his horse, creating a perfect unity between man and horse. That sharp saber in his hand was still stained with blood from a previous battle! Under the sunlight, this glowing piece of people cutting blade was awe-inspiring!!

With one shout, rider, horse and blade arrived in an instant!!

Rushing in front of Shaar, this knight quickly struck down his saber!

Hiding behind that rock, the Pitiful Creature’s legs became soft from shock!

The moment the other party rushed towards him, Shaar had already squinted his eyes transforming into two slits and flashed cold killing intent. Preparing his balance, he took a small step backwards and prepared his body while facing the incoming horse. He subconsciously leaned his body and lowered his center of gravity ……


With a dull noise, both men staggered and Shaar was greeted with the full force of both horse and saber. In that moment, he suddenly raised his shield while keeping it before his own head!

The knight on the other side had already leaned in and boosted his force with the power of his horse. The combined strength of rider and horse hit Shaar’s shield and propelled it into the air splitting it in half!

Being hit by the full power of a running horse, Shaar’s body shook violently. It was a bit too much for him to endure and his chest tightened, taking his breath away. His left arm that lifted the shield just a while ago was in severe pain and his whole body was shaking while his vision became somewhat blurry.
However, he still started his counterattack.

Moving sideways with all his strength, he twisted his body and barely avoided the charging horse. Feeling the horse’s body and the rider’s leg grazing past his back, he felt the friction. Screaming with all his might, Shaar suddenly used his whole body to ram the horse!

After a long neigh, the knight immediately felt his own horse staggering while crashing down!

With Shaar’s inhuman strength, he unexpectedly knocked down a speeding horse, however it took its toll on his body. His strength started to wane and he was out of breath. Nevertheless, right now he could not relax and turned around with a leap. Raising his axe in his hand, he prepare to strike!

The rider that fell to the ground desperately tried to climb up, but failed. Before he realized what that white light was, Shaar’s axe was already over his head!
The knight immediately rushed to lift his saber trying to block the incoming axe. With a loud clang, his saber managed to parry the axe, however with the tremendous difference in strength and with one knee on the floor, the knight could only roll on the ground while avoiding this tight spot.

Holding the upper hand, Shaar would not let him escape and followed up with two consecutive chops.

After two loud bangs, the saber finally broke in the knight’s hand and his palm was full of blood. Widening his eyes, he stared at Shaar in shock.

Just when Shaar was lifting his axe to finish this guy off, he heard hoof beats coming closer and when he turned round, he saw a group of black shadows rushing towards him!

The leader of the knights rushed at the front with his saber raised and his face was making a ferocious expression! The sharp blade was already in front of Shaar’s head!
Desperately blocking the saber with his axe, Shaar’s whole body felt like it was being electrocuted after a bang! In a flash, his opponent’s blade was cutting deep into his axe that was made of fine steel. The sharp blade shook violently and radiated a grey smoke!

The blade that was emitting the weird smoke was constantly cutting deeper into his axe’s blade!

Getting thrown away by that tremendous and fierce strength, Shaar’s body fell to the ground and his mouth tasted dust. His whole body was in severe pain and while trying to get up, he spat out several mouths full of blood and dust. Feeling that his hand suddenly became lighter, he took a look and saw that the waraxe made of superior steel in his hand was slashed in half!!

Restraining his horse, the knight leader made a proud expression only to notice that his own saber was missing a palm-sized pieces when he accidentally took a look! This discovery took the knight leader somewhat by surprised, since he knew his own strength very clearly. A moment ago, he used his ki and thought that his blade would split this fellow in half. However, not only did that not happen, he actually received a blow himself – he had also used the power of his horse!

“Your skill is good, magical beast hunter.” The knight leader hung his saber on the saddle and looked coldly at his companion on the ground: “Get up you failure! Do not embarrass us!”

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