Conquest Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Bait

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The Pitiful Creature’s fingers immediately started shaking as she gritted her teeth: “I, what did I say?”

Thinking for a moment, Shaar answered: “What you said was ‘Adeline is afraid alone, do not leave Adeline’ …… Hehe, who’s Adeline? You even called her name in your dream. It must be your special friend, right? ”

The Pitiful Creature’s heart almost jumped out her chest, she lost her tongue and her face reddened while staring at this hillbilly.

Last night, she did indeed have a dream and she woke up with a horrified face because: within her dream, this hillbilly wanted to cruelly abandon her alone in the wilderness and she was surrounded by the strange death eaters. She was shamefully grabbing this hillbilly’s clothes while begging “‘Adeline is afraid alone, do not leave Adeline…….”
TL: It sound more normal in Chinese when you refer to yourself in 3rd person.

Needless to say, Adeline of course was the name of this pitiful creature.

“Huh? Why’s your face red like a monkey’s ass? Ah, don’t tell me Adeline really is your special friend!??” Shaar suddenly shouted dissatisfied: “Not fair! Even an ugly guy like you has a woman!! I who was born so valiant and remarkable am still a virgin! ”

When the Pitiful Creature …… more precisely Adeline heard the word “virgin”, her face suddenly flushed again.

Grinning evilly, Shaar walked next to her and put his arm around her shoulders: “Hey, tell me, did you touch a girl before? From my guess you already did! Hmpf, even calling her name so affectionately in your dreams! Have you tasted a woman before? Hey, are you a still virgin or not? ”

Adeline who was entangled by him gave up and hastily glared at him while shouting angrily: “I am not!!”

“Really?” With big round eyes, Shaar stared at her with a face full of envy.

The Pitiful Creature was so angry that she was almost vomiting blood…..

Poor Hillbilly! Stupid Hillbilly! Of course I had not tasted a woman before! I am a maiden……

“Alright, I won’t ask anymore!”

The Pitiful Creature had had enough.

Next morning on the road, Shaar was constantly scratching his head like a monkey and leaning towards her face with a lewd look. Continually asking weird questions while laughing stupidly and in the end, his skin was so thick that he started talking about the affair between a man and a woman.

“Hey, Pitiful Creature, how did it feel to do it with a woman?” Shaar put a serious look on his face and the Pitiful Creature did not know if she should laugh or cry.

“Alright!” the Pitiful Creature (Adeline) sighed and thought for a moment: “You are mistaken. Last night I was dreaming about my cousin. Adeline is one of my distant cousins and nothing more. Not my …… …… my special friend. ”

Hearing this, Shaar was suddenly disappointed, but soon his heart felt better and he started laughing: “Ah so it is! Pitiful creature, you were born too ugly and I don’t think there will be any girl that would fancy you anyway!! Haha, but don’t worry, my old man taught me that the most important thing for a man is his ability. You were born with your appearance and there’s nothing you can do about that. Although your skill is still lacking, you can slowly train it. ”

After a while, Shaar could not help but curiously ask: “Your cousin …… ah, Adeline, is she pretty? Hey, we’ve known each other for several days already and I’ve saved you several times. As you can see, uncle Shaar is talented in martial arts and will be number one in the future, how about…… ”

Stopping mid-sentence, Shaar gave the pitiful creature a closer look, shook his head and sighed: “Ah ……forget about it, from the look of your appearance, I am afraid your cousin would not be much better off. Forget I asked about it. Also, Adeline, that name sounds somehow really ugly as well. ”

This was the final straw for the Pitiful Creature!

“What are you talking about! Adeline comes from the ancient Byzantine aristocracy language! It means noble and beautiful! How can a hillbilly like you understand it!!”

So irritating!

She was obviously a beauty and did not care even if this guy was treating her as someone ugly! However, now he even started to insult her name! !


However, because this hillbilly interrupted her thoughts, the Pitiful Creature’s worries in her heart dissipated a lot.

The journey of today was very successful and they did not encounter any danger. “The group of people” that the Pitiful Creature was worried about also did not appear.

When evening came, they finally encountered a problem.

The food was all gone.

In the beginning, the only food that Shaar carried with him was the meat of the wolf that he killed. However, since he could not carry the whole wolf on a journey, Shaar had cut few big pieces of meat and put it in his luggage. It would have been enough for two people to eat for at least a few days.

However now …… their ranks increased to more than a dozen people, it was to the point that the food was not enough anymore.

In fact, Shaar was not a kind captor, but not letting those goblins eat would hurt their efforts to increase their travelling pace. When walking in the afternoon, some goblins were already slowing down despite Mr. Princess’ rampaging and cursing – in fact Mr. Princess himself was so hungry that his eyes grew dim.

“Seems like we have to find something to eat and think of a way to hunt some game.” Shaar’s eyes targeted Mr. Princess and the group of goblins. Seeing the look in his eyes, the pitiful creature started to pray for those poor goblins…… This hillbilly seemed vulgar, but he would even manage to do the most despicable and evilest things. As soon as he got an idea, I’m afraid there won’t be a good outcome for those goblins.

Sure enough ……

Shaar’s solution was: Hunting!

Although they were in the wilderness, but even the wilderness had some food!

He started to kick a goblin warrior out of the group while ignoring the other party’s screams. Holding his axe, Shaar started to cut this unlucky guy’s arms and legs.

In an instant, blood started to flow, and when the Goblin saw himself bleeding, he started wailing loudly.

“Too noisy! If we catch a game, you can get an extra piece of meat!” Shaar slapped the face of this pitiful goblin and knocked out half his teeth.

Afterwards, he took out a rope and tied up this guy’s legs while throwing him in the open. Pulling the long rope, he and the other goblins stepped away tens of meters …… hiding behind a large rock.

The poor bleeding Goblin screamed and his cries could be heard from afar.

Showing no pity, the other Goblins were in high spirits while hiding behind that rock, indeed …… Goblin were happiest when seeing an unlucky fellow in pain or misery.

After a meal’s worth of energy, the bait goblin gradually stopped shouting because he ran out of strength, but not even a wolf’s hair could be seen.

“Please god, I hope the smell of its blood can attract some wolves.” Shaar made a very devoted prayer.

“You bastard, God will not bless such a cruel thing, do not be ridiculous!” The Pitiful Creature could not understand this hillbilly’s cruelty.

Shaar stared at the Pitiful Creature and replied coldly: “You better pray he does. If the goblin couldn’t attract a wolf, then it probably means that wolves dislike stinking goblin blood…… In that case, I have to…… ”

While talking, he swept over the pitiful creature body and she instantly turned pale from fear.

“You, if you dare to use me as bait, I will fight with you until I die!” Pitiful Creature desperately screamed while standing her ground.

“……” Shaar looked at her and suddenly burst out laughing: “Rest assured, you’re my bait for the dragon and I wouldn’t use you yet.”

He paused a moment and his tone became frustrated: “I mean, if we do not catch prey, then …… In order not to starve and we can’t kill a wolf …… then in the evening our only choice is to roast this goblin and eat it. Hey, I’m sure you haven’t tried grilled goblin meat and neither have I. Hehe! ”

Shaar then looked at the Pitiful Creature with malicious eyes.


The pitiful creature was scared to death! Her face became pale, her hands and feet became weak and her vomit came out of her mouth when she remembered the group of goblin taking a bath in the morning. When she recalled the river that looked like a sewer afterwards, she wanted to vomit even more.

“Haha!” Shaar laughed and went to pick her up. Looking at her with a disdained expression: “Did you really believe me?? Hey! Would you dare to eat their meat? I wouldn’t.”

While helping the Pitiful Creature to sit on the ground and just when he wanted to say something, all of a sudden Shaar’s face suddenly changed!

He immediately threw himself on the ground and attached his ear firmly to the floor. Squinting his eyes for a moment, he looked up and his face showed a never before seen expression. His one hand quickly grabbed his waraxe, the other lifted his shield!

“There are hoof sounds coming from both directions in big number! It’s very likely those guys!!”

Just as Shaar finished talking, the Pitiful Creature’s face suddenly lost all its color and her lips were trembling from fear.

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