Conquest Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Massacre

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The injured goblin soldiers were lined up by Shaar and were hopping over a rope like grasshoppers.

After his heartbreaking story, Oaks turned from a soso into Shaar’s companion – he was promoted because he won Shaar’s sympathy; furthermore, he had simultaneously taken over the responsibility of the captives.

Mr. Princess took a short spear that a goblin soldier had discarded and used it as a walking stick while he wielded a broken knife in his other hand to threaten the large group of prisoners. Since Oaks still bore a grudge from his past plight, he harbored a deep hatred towards all goblins of this tribe. Thus, those goblin soldiers suffered many hardships under his hands.

Walking behind them, Shaar was still carrying the pitiful creature on his shield.

“Hey, Hillbilly ……” The pitiful creature seemed to be somewhat ashamed, “You ……Today, you rescued me again and this is your third time saving me, ehm ……Thank you.”

Shaar replied in a very stiff tone, “What use does a thanks have, can you give me something useful instead?”

The pitiful creature opened her mouth and whispered: “All my money was taken by you already……” hesitating a bit, she gathered her courage and said: “If, if we make it back safely, I will make sure that you get a lot money as a reward!”

Shaar did not speak and it seemed like he did not believe the words of the pitiful creature.

After a short silence passed, the pitiful creature suddenly asked: “Hey, is your name really Shaar? I just heard it when you were talking to the goblins.”


“You know a lot of things.” The pitiful creature frowned and her eyebrows curved in a very weird manner: “You understand Primal Wildfire very well, and you know a lot about the goblins while also being able to speak their language. I have never heard of anyone like that. Were you born in Primal Wildfire? Are you really called Shaar? Is this your full name?”


“Also, We ……Could we not go any further?” The pitiful creature piteously spoke her true goal: “Let us go back. If you want money, I can give you a lot of money, you ……You can get anything you want.”


“……” The pitiful creature could not help but to ask again in a low voice: “You know, if we continue, it will become very dangerous! And ……If I have an accident, I ……My family would never let you go.”

Shaar did not hear the concern in the pitiful creature’s voice. He raised his head while making a disdained expression: “Don’t you know that your words sound really stupid?”

“Uh?” The pitiful creature was shocked.

In a serious tone, Shaar answered: “Are you telling me that you’re someone important in order to scare me? Think about it for a moment. The more you say to me, the more I wouldn’t be letting you go because I’d fear your retaliation after I let you leave. Which means, the safest way for me would be to kill you right now and find a pit to bury you in.”

Pausing for a moment, Shaar’s face showed a hint of the mountain people’s slyness: “Don’t you think it’s strange that for two days, I haven’t asked you any questions?”

“Did I ask you why an idiot like you fled to Primal Wildfire alone?”

“Did I ask you, how your foot was caught in an animal trap?”

“Did I ask you, why you smuggled so many gold coins on you and who you are?”

The pitiful creature was speechless.

“Because I know, even if I asked you and you told me that you’re someone important, it wouldn’t change anything. Therefore there’s no need to ask. I won’t let you leave for now and the only thing you can do is to wait for us to find that buried dragon treasure. After I get that treasure, I will leave to a far-away land and bring the valuables and money with me. Maybe at that time, I’ll also let you go. For now……hehe.”

Seeing that this hillbilly was still dreaming of getting rich, the pitiful creature agitatedly shouted: “But you are injured! The wound on your back has still not healed! Today, when you fought those goblins, your legs also received wounds! I know that you are a very powerful warrior, but ……This is a dragon! Even if you are in your best condition, it is impossible to defeat a dragon, let alone when you are injured! I even doubt that you can pass through the territory of these goblins safely! Both of us will die here!”

“You’re right.”Shaar smiled and said in a low voice. ”With my skill, I can handle a dozen goblin soldiers at most. If their numbers are too many, I will definitely lose. However, I have a rotten life right now, and if I don’t risk it I will stay a poor wretch. If I fight, I can get riches that I can only dream of, so why not risk it?”

The pitiful creature’s heart became anxious and she quickly said: “I do not need you to bring me back…. As long as we can leave Primal Wildfire, I can try to find ways to give you a large reward, also……”

Not letting her finish, Shaar suddenly interrupted her words, and replied to her in a mocking tone: “Do you really think I can believe you? You, a pitiful creature? The first time I rescued you, you said ‘I would rather die than go back with you ‘. Ha, I am sure that you are someone from a wealthy family who escaped. Looking at your appearance, you are either a rich runaway or a criminal who stole a large sum of money. No matter which one, I do not believe that after you’re back you can give me a reward.”

Afterwards, he sincerely comforted the pitiful creature: “You don’t need to be so pessimistic. When we find that dragon, maybe it’s already been killed by the magicians and you wouldn’t need to become bait. So, if you believe in god, you better start praying.”
This damn hillbilly, he does not know what fate was awaiting him!

Those men ……Is it really those men? It must be! They came to look for me!

Once those people find me, then my fate would be to be brought back……

But this hillbilly, he may……No, it is impossible! He will definitely be killed!

According to Uncle’s nature, he would do anything to cover this up and massacre every single person who could become a threat in revealing this scandal without the slightest hesitation! Furthermore, compared to Uncle’s status, this hillbilly would not even be an ant in his eyes. Uncle would just casually crush him without batting an eye.

Though this hillbilly was very rude to her, in the end he did rescue her three times.

Ugh……How could I convince him not to continue North……



The pitiful creature did not even need to interfere with Shaar, before Shaar himself encountered an unexpected problem that night!

Throughout the whole day, Shaar had been expecting the one called “Sky Raider”, the gay goblin feudal lord, to make an appearance – to be honest, he really wanted to meet the goblin who invented homosexuality for the goblin race.

Unfortunately, feudal lord Sky Raider never made an appearance. Even though they captured several goblin soldiers, for some unknown reason, the goblin tribe unexpectedly did not send more soldiers.

The guy he was waiting for did not come, but instead he encountered an unexpected scene in front him!

In the evening, Shaar finally arrived at the river Oaks was talking about.

Since it was currently winter dry season, the river bed had almost dried up. The more than 100 meters-wide river had less than one-third of its original width remaining. Moreover, the water level had dropped very low; let alone a human, even a dwarf or a goblin could effortlessly cross the river now. The water level reached only to their knees.

Near the river, our group ran into a camp.

It was a small goblin tribe.

Ah, too be more accurate, this was “once” a goblin tribe!

From a distance, one could already smell a stench that would make people puke, and broken mud wall could be seen. It had mostly collapsed and on the wall were several mutilated goblin corpses. Those dead goblins had traces of horse hooves trampled on them.

There was not one single survivor of the goblin tribe inside the wall. Several goblin mud houses were destroyed and at the center was an old tree trunk with two goblin bodies hanging off it.

Those two goblins hanging from the tree seemed much taller and stronger than the other goblins and were probably the leaders of this tribe.

Inside the wall, the ground was filled with goblin corpses. Traces of fighting could be seen everywhere and crude goblin weapons such as broken swords, cracked shields and slashed leather armor were scattered everywhere.

Taking one look at this bloody scene, the pitiful creature almost fainted. Shaar immediately became serious and his eyes showed a complicated expression: “You stay here and do not move!”

He tore a piece of cloth, covered his nose and mouth with it, and entered the goblin killing grounds alone.

Next to a smashed mud house, Shaar saw a broken goblin short spear on the ground and picked it up, carefully inspecting the spot that had being cut.

“What a clean cut!” Shaar squinted his eyes: “What a refined technique!”

While observing it, his eyes started to burn with competition. He took a deep breath before wielding his axe and cut this short spear.

After a cracking sound, he carefully inspected his own cut, and frowned after a little while. “No, it’s not good, I can’t cut this smoothly.”

Thinking about it more carefully, he was not willing to accept it: “Yes, maybe my weapon isn’t as sharp as the other guy’s.”

However, those people that attacked here had either a higher martial arts skill level than him or more sophisticated weaponry than his……

Furthermore, according to the rules of Primal Wildfire, if you meet a group of murders like this one, it was absolutely bad news.

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