Conquest Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Nice name!

Translator: Tchu

Afterward, Oaks told the pitiful creature and Shaar an epic story of a goblin that defied the violent rules and gathered the courage to resist the oppression (it was indeed oppressive).

Using all his accumulated languages skills, Oaks told his own story which sounded something like this:

The wilderness near this territory belonged to a goblin tribe which would count as one of the biggest clan in Primal Wildfire. It had a population of over a thousand and in Primal Wildfire it would count as a prosperous tribe. Not counting the old, weak, sick, disabled, women and children, this tribe had more than 200 goblin soldiers.

This Princess Oaks was born in this goblin tribe.

According to Oaks, he was a handsome male in this goblin tribe, which was extremely rare for goblins.

(Well, hearing this, Shaar did not show any sympathy and burst out laughing for a moment and ridiculed him “you are considered as a handsome male? The aesthetic standard of you goblins is fucking weird!”

However when Shaar said these words, he discovered that the pitiful creature forced a smile while looking at him……)

Alright, the story continued……

Oaks’s tragedy was that he was born too handsome – in the standard of a goblin.

Certainly this was not the root cause. If it was merely because he was very handsome, then under normal circumstances, the biggest tragedy would have been that he married several goblin wives and then face the terror of family feuds every day.

However, his biggest misfortune was that he was born in this powerful goblin tribe. The feudal lord of this goblin tribe was brave in battle, had remarkable leadership, but had a problem that gave the rest of the tribe a headache:

His sex orientation was different than other goblins!

During the time when that feudal lord was choosing his wife, he looked at all young female goblins of the tribe and there was no one that he liked.

When that feudal lord finally saw the handsome Oaks – he was suddenly overwhelmed by passion and a huge fired started to burn vigorously in his chest……

Then, Oaks’ tragedy happened……

This kind of situation was not uncommon in the human world. In the human aristocracy, many nobles were homosexual men and this kind of sentiments was not partial specially. Many nobles even raised young boys for their pleasures and some were openly homosexual in the public. There are even rumours that his highness, the current crown prince of Byzantine Empire was it this circle……
But! But! But! But, they were the goblins!!!

Humans with gay feeling were often confused between elegance and pathos.

However since this thing happened to a goblin, it really made people speechless……

Furthermore ……The goblins actually did not have this kind of tradition!

As a handsome goblin male, Oaks was forced by the mighty feudal lord to become his princess and helplessly suffered this painful treatment. The victim himself yearned for freedom for his sex orientation since he was a normal goblin. Therefore, after enduring a period of such pitiful treatment, he finally decided to break free of this endless tragedy and took a step to free himself: Escape!

He rather abandoned his status as the tribe’s noble and instead started to wander the wilderness living like a hobo. He gave up the sheltered life of a princess to try his luck in this dangerous and unpredictable wilderness.

For a goblin, there was nothing more dangerous than becoming a hobo. In Primal Wildfire, goblins were small and weak. Without a tribe to depend on, alone their survival was always a struggle in this wilderness.

Nevertheless, Oaks still chose this path and from this point of view, he was a very dignified goblin.

“No wonder …… just a moment ago when he saw the goblin warriors, he buried his head. Turned out he was worried that those fellows would recognize his face.”Pitiful creature sighed.

Shaar also sighed. Although, he normally did not show much sympathy, at this moment, he could not help but pity this goblin a bit. His attitude towards Oaks even became a bit better and he untied his rope while even gave him a piece of wolf meat.

Oaks appeared very grateful and he soon told Shaar about some valuable information he knew concerning the surrounding.

This piece of territory here belonged to that “affection embracing goblin feudal lord”. In order to cross this tribe’s land and passthe range of this tribe’s military force, they had to walk towards Northeast for at least a day. Continue onwards, there would be a river which was probably dry in the winter. Along the riverbed towards north, besides the current goblin tribe, there were no other big tribes, but many smaller tribes with around a population of 200-300. In addition there were some hobo and bandit goblin gangs scattered along the way.

Following along the river until the end would take approximately three days and it would be the end of the goblin domain. If continued further north, they would arrive at the northern areas of Primal Wildfire.

The mountain of the northern areas towering the Primal Wildfire acted as natural barrier and if you crossed the mountain, you could see the Odin Empire in the distant.

Hearing this, Shaar burst out in happiness ……That Mountain, perhaps it was the hiding place of that dragon!
Moreover, in order to repay the wolf meat that Shaar gave him, Mr. Princess personally drew a scrawled map. All the goblin tribes’ locations in the north were all marked on the map.

Being in a good mood, Shaar was even willing to let this respectable Mr. Princess go.

“Actually, you should return to your tribe, being a hobo, you will sooner or later turn into a soso.”Shaar sighed: “Moreover, I broke your foot …Your, foot, siji! Soso, is not good!”

Oaks’ eyes immediately widened and he pointed to his foot while interrupting Shaar: “I, soso, foot, siji!”

He then turned around and patted his buttocks: “I, Princess, siji!”

Turning around, his face showed a sorrowful expression: “I, soso, want! Princess, does not want!”As if still not enough he added: “Foot, siji, endures, wants! Siji, endures, does not want!”

Both Shaar and the pitiful creature collapsed once more……


After a while, Shaar was intrigued about the goblin feudal lord he had yet to meet: “What is the name of that goblin feudal lord?”

“Sky Raider, the strongest, goblin, feudal lord!”

Raider? Oh……

Somewhat surprised, Shaar sincerely praised: “Nice name! What a nice name! The name fits!!”

Afterward, this pitiful Mr. Princess provided Shaar with another piece of information that made his eyes shine.

Several days ago, one group of powerful humans went north crossing this part of region. The goblin tribes nearby attacked these humans, but suffered tremendously under them.

“Were those the dragon hunting magicians?” Shaar became ecstatic, but after asking Mr. Princess further questions, he noticed it was not the case.

According to Oaks, there were about a dozen human intruders that came to this wilderness. They were not magician but fully armed knights that even brought spare horses and were well-equipped. The first day they arrived in the wilderness, they directly slaughtered a small goblin tribe and caught several hobo goblins then went north.

As if ……These humans were seeking for something important.

The pitiful creature sneaked a peak at Shaar while hearing this.

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  1. Poor Mr. Princess! Taking it in the butt.

    I’d like to point out that nowhere is it mentioned in the little tidbit about humans that there are lesbians. Because that’s just a phase and they haven’t a “real man” that will put them on the right path.

  2. Hm, this author must probably be one of the few that understood the need of interesting interactions between characters during those type of arc. I don’t really like the main goal of this book, I really don’t care about the dragon, or the treasure. It seems boring to me.
    But I understand the fact that his story needs to have an introduction. Fortunately, it’s still entertaining thanks to those characters and the interaction they have.

  3. Oaks’ eyes immediately widened and he pointed to his foot while interrupting Shaar: “I, soso, foot, siji!”

    He then turned around and patted his buttocks: “I, Princess, siji!”

    Turning around, his face showed a sorrowful expression: “I, soso, want! Princess, does not want!”As if still not enough he added: “Foot, siji, endures, wants! Siji, endures, does not want!”

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