Conquest Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Goblin noble?

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There was no point in speaking to this hillbilly.

Totally ignoring the pitiful creature’s resentment, Shaar chose the simpler solution after the negotiations failed: Violence!

A mankind’s philosopher once said these words: Violence cannot solve all the problems.

It was fortunate that the old man also mentioned this sentence while educating Shaar, however the old man had a different interpretation:

“The guy who said these words must be one of those fools who never experienced hunger or famine! Violence cannot solve all the problems, but it certainly can solve most of the problems! If someone hates you, then discussed about philosophical virtuous to get on his good side is as much worth as your fart. My method is to go straight to him and beat his mouth bloody and let him pick up his teeth with his broken fingers! The next time he sees you, both his legs will be trembling like leafs and his pants full of piss – this kind of nonsense could be compare to the saying ‘money is not everything’!”

“Boy, you have to remember, if someone tells you ‘money is not everything’, then this person must certainly be one of those poor country bumpkin who like to act pretentious. If someone tells you ‘violence cannot solve all the problems ‘, then this guy is probably bullied a lot and was full of resentment.”

It was obvious that the old man’s education on Shaar was regarded as successful. Therefore, after Shaar ended the negotiations, he simply lifted his axe and rushed towards his enemies.

Since the goblins’ opinions were never unified, they were still intensely arguing on the essential issue: Who became the vanguard.

According to the goblin tradition, the meaning of vanguard was cannon fodder. Their motto was: Joining the last line in war and the first line when grabbing spoils.

This was one of the reasons why even though the goblins had the biggest population in Primal Wildfire, they would still lose when fight dwarves and human most of the time.

Therefore, when Shaar unexpectedly raised his axe and started taking the initiative to attack them, the first response from those goblins was panic.

The moment Shaar rushed in front of them, his foot kicked the head of a goblin chieftain and smashed its carrot like big nose. Experiencing something unexpected, the other goblins started screaming “Ouke Ouke” and running around like panicking chicken.

Transforming into a berserker from his bloodlust, Shaar wielded his waraxe like a killing machine. Vertical slash, horizontal chop, crossways cuts……After four moves of his “firewood” technique, all the goblins in his surrounding were already dying on the ground. The other remaining goblins at the back were startled and started shouting while using their short spears and broken knife to keep Shaar at bay. Unfortunately for them, Shaar used his great shield and covered half his body behind it.

This great shield was taken from one of the four masters of Royal Capital Nigal and was more than one meter high. Facing this type of shields, the goblins became helpless: With their short stature, this shield in front of them transformed in to something like a wall. In order to attack Shaar, the goblins had to bounce funnily so that they can overcome the shield’s height. The only other option is to take their legs in their hands and run – however with their short stature, the goblins were not really good at running.

Thus, his battle became a laughable one: Shaar was like a tall crane among chickens. In one hand he held his axe, the other hand his shield and a bunch of goblins surrounded him while screaming and jumping around.

At the beginning, Shaar had the upper hand and was overwhelming them. When he killed a dozen goblins with one stoke, these fellows started to learn cunningly from their mistakes. Several goblins discovered Shaar’s weakness: Because he raised his shield all the time, his feet were exposed.
Therefore the goblins started to roll on the ground back and forth while trying to use their weapon to cut Shaar’s feet.

The scene suddenly changed into Shaar bouncing on the spot while the surrounding bunch of goblins rolled around on the ground.

The pitiful creature was staring at it dumbfounded in the distance……

This hillbilly was really something special: Even in a life and death battle, he could actually make someone wanting to roll on the floor from laughing.

However, this funny moment was soon over for the pitiful creature. Even the goblins had a bit intelligence in their brain and when they saw their companions besieging this powerful human warrior, they started to notice the pitiful creature at the back – although the height of the pitiful creature was kind of scary, at the very least she did not look as strong as that powerful killing machine with the axe……More importantly, the pitiful creature did not have a huge shield in her hand that would make the goblins suffered.

Thus, several goblins readied their knives and closed in on the pitiful creature.

Still struggling with his weird jumping dance, Shaar had already kicked several goblins until their fainted. Nonetheless, his own calves was already being cut several time and a goblin who was rolling on the floor almost chopped off half of his leg with its knife. While he was enjoying himself with the goblins, he suddenly heard the pitiful creature’s terrified scream. When he turned his head to look, he saw that the pitiful creature was already surrounded by several goblins.

Stop joking around, that was the bait I prepared for the dragon!

Staring at the scene, Shaar cleared his throat and started swearing loudly – eh, to describe this event in a friendlier manner: Eradicated bloodlust from his eyes and Shaar threw his axe towards the goblins with a long and loud cry.

A waraxe made of shiny cold steel flew like a lightening in the air and rushed towards the first goblin in front of the pitiful creature. With high precision, the axe cleaved the goblin wearing full armor in two!

Green blood splashed on to the pitiful creature’s body and this useless fellow screamed in terror and passed out on the spot.

With no weapon in his hands, Shaar lifted his great shield and started sent goblins flying with his brute force. With his inhuman strength, every goblin that was hit had its bones broken into small pieces. With one breath, he rushed forward while taking out his charred pitchfork from his belt and pierced it into the buttocks of a goblin to send it flying. Parrying the incoming knives with his fork, he started to bash the surrounding goblins with his shield furiously. With every hit, green blood started to spray on his shield and rotten teeth flying in the air.

When Shaar got back at the pitiful creature’s side, he pulled out his axe from the goblin that was split in two. Finally exhausting their courage, the goblins started yelling “Ouke, Ouke” and turned around to flee.

Seeing that the goblins are running away, Shaar did not care and went to his luggage to take out a bunch of ropes and threw it in front of the captured hobo. He pointed at the knocked out goblin soldiers on the ground and made a few gestures.

After kicking the hobo goblin that was scare silly a while ago, it immediately woke up and quickly took the ropes and started tying up the other goblins. This hobo apparently inherited the best goblin tradition: Liking to bully its kindred.

Although its own bitter experience was very pitiful, but seeing that those goblin soldiers were worse off than him, made it obviously very happy. It bundled those fellows tight and ruthlessly. Some goblin soldiers who had broken bones and were bleeding on the floor were even tramped on by it.

Shaar pulled up the pitiful creature and slapped her face twice. When she woke up, he started ranting at her: “I know that you are quite useless! However, I thought that as a human you could at least defeat one goblin. So besides screaming, what other skills do you have?”

The pitiful creature’s face reddened ……No one knew if it was because of shame or because Shaar slapped her face again, but covering her face she started crying alone.

Not paying any attention to her, Shaar turned his head and looked at that hobo goblin only to discover that this fellow kept bullying these injured goblin soldiers on the floor. Those goblins that had not died yet were bundled like a new year’s gift. Showing no sympathy, Shaar pointed at the hobo goblin then at a rope nearby on the ground.

Dumbfounded for a moment, that fellow saw Shaar’s angry face and immediately shrank his head while picking up the rope to tie up himself.

After spending a bit effort to throw together the goblin prisoners, Shaar started to kick the first captive: “Can you speak the words of human?”

Hearing that this goblin could only shout Ouke Ouke, Shaar picked it up and kicked it in its ass to send it flying. Arriving in front of the second goblin, he said: “Can you speak the words of human?”

The second goblin gave Shaar a pitiful look and blankly shook his head.

Shaar impolitely pick it up and also gave it a good kick in the ass.

Seeing Shaar arriving in front of it, the third goblin took the initiative by itself. It screamed and turned around to raise it ass towards Shaar.

Getting enraged, Shaar picked up the third goblin and sent it flying with a slap: “Does no one here speak the words of human?!”

After asking twice, someone finally replied.

The first hobo prisoner timidly shrank its head and replied: “Ouke, I, words of human, speak. Human strongest, not kick.”

Somewhat taken by surprise, Shaar stood in front of the hobo while carefully observing it with curiously: “I, Shaar, human, strongest! You?”

The hobo stared at Shaar with its big round green eyes and timidly said: “I, Oaks, goblin, free.”

Looking at it, Shaar shook his head: “You, Oaks, goblin, soso, my!”(Soso: Spoils of war, captive.)

This fellow called Oaks had a complex expression, struggled a bit and unexpectedly dared to answer: “No, I, Oaks, goblin, free.”

Raising his hand, Shaar started to threaten it: “You, soso, my!”

“I, goblin, free.”Oaks obviously feared the consequences but still argued. Watching Shaar getting angry, this fellow quickly shrank its head and looked at Shaar frightened: “I, Oaks, goblin, noble! Soso, is not!”

Goblin noble?

Shaar was taken by surprise since this fellow was obviously a goblin hobo.

“You, noble, goblin?”

With an obvious hint of bitterness, Oaks mumbled: “I, Oaks, noble, goblin feudal lord ……”

Goblin feudal lord?

Shaar was getting more and more confused, but Oaks did not finish its sentence yet.

The last part was: “……Goblin feudal lord’s ……Princess.”

Shaar was shocked and even the pitiful creature next to him was dumbfounded.

Goblin feudal lord’s ……Princess?!

Oaks was a female?!!

“You? Goblin? Princess?” Shaar stared at it with big eyes: “You, goblin, female?”

Revealing an angrily expression, Oaks immediately replied: “I, goblin, male!!”
Finally thinking to understand, Shaar asked: “Goblin, feudal lord, female? Therefore, Princess, male?”

His whole face full of shame and resentful, Oaks clenched his teeth: “Feudal lord, male! Princess, male, too! Therefore ……Escape!”


Shaar collapsed ……and the pitiful creature also collapsed……

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