Conquest Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Better than a goblin

Translator: Tchu

When goblins that looked liked “regular soldiers” appeared in front of them in the wilderness, Shaar careless expression finally became serious.

With a kick, he pushed the pitiful captured goblin to the ground and let down the pitiful creature while paying close attention at the front.

Comparing with these hobo goblins from before, the group which was blocking their way in front was obviously better equipped and less disappointing.

They numbered about a dozen and from the physical point of view, they looked much stronger than those hobos – but only a bit better. The leather looked like it was not cleaned for a long time and was covered with dirty red clay and some suspicious white things – However it would just pass as “armor”.

Furthermore, they had weapons in their hands. Although it would be considered ridiculous simple according to human standards: Several short spears where the handles were made of animal bones and the spearhead was made from sharp iron. Several rusty blunt knives which looked like it had been dug out from some graves. One of the biggest goblins even had a shield and wore an armor made of countless layers of skill and rotten woods. However, this shield was probably only the size of a human’s washbasin.

Nevertheless, at the very least these goblins were organized.

The pitiful creature immediately began to worry. If they added those regular soldiers to the hobos who followed them, the surrounding goblins would exceed 80.

So many goblins, if they close in……

However, something occurred that quickly surprised the pitiful creature!

This group of regular goblin soldiers unexpectedly did not attack Shaar and the pitiful creature directly. They circled from the side and were making threatening gestures while waving their weapons. Suddenly, they started to chase those hobos and beat them up badly while their victims screamed and cried.

Those hobos seemed to fear the regular soldiers and almost collapsed at the first encounter. Looking at their kindred getting beaten bloody, those goblin soldiers started to laugh happily. While their enemies were escaping, they shouted an excited “Ouke” after them. Two of the more daring goblins even took off their pants happily and slapped their asses.

“There is an old saying in Primal Wildfire: Goblin is a race that will never learn ‘unity’.” Shaar mumbled: “There are as many goblin tribes in Primal Wildfire as hairs on an ox. The big population has over a thousand and the smallest around 100. There were innumerable number of small tribes and the total goblin population reached an astonishing number. If they united, even the dwarves would fear them in Primal Wildfire. However historically, the goblin race had never united before and seemed to be fine with bullying others since it was fun to them.”

After driving away those hobo goblins, the soldiers did not attack Shaar and the pitiful creature. Two goblins dashed back and the remaining goblins substituted the roles of those hobos and monitored them from the distance while surrounding them.

Picking up the pitiful creature, Shaar began to proceed forward. Not letting that pitiful captive off the hook, Shaar kicked and forced it to crawl forward helplessly.

Looking at their kindred getting abused, those goblin soldiers did not showed the slightest trace of pity even while facing their common enemy, but instead pointed at the victim and laughed maliciously.

Even though the number of those goblin soldiers was less compared to hobos yesterday, the pitiful creature felt that Shaar’s reaction became more serious.

The imposing manner displayed by those goblin soldiers exceeded the previous hobos by far. The hobo goblins acted like a group of stray dogs. They kept their distance while following them and barking occasionally once or twice. These goblin soldiers however were like pack of wild wolves that not only barked, but also bared their fangs at them.

The first test appeared in the afternoon.

The two goblin soldiers that ran away a while ago probably notified their tribe and brought more companions.

70 to 80 goblin soldiers assembled in front of them and they even reluctantly maintained a formation…… Alright, their bad formation was at a similar level compare to a crowd of human bandits.

Furthermore, the number of goblin soldiers increased their courage and for the first time they held up their weapons while obviously trying to block the way of Shaar and the pitiful creature.

While continuously screaming Ouke Ouke, those goblins began to become excited. After putting down the pitiful creature, Shaar kicked his captive and when that pitiful goblin saw these numerous goblin soldiers gathering in front, it became so frightened that its legs became soft. Lying on the ground and covering his head with his both hands, it shivered like a leaf while sticking up his ass.

Continue pressuring on all sides, the distance between them suddenly became only a dozen steps. From the crowd, a goblin was pushed at the front by the others and it stood there yelling at Shaar from a safe distance.

“Ouke! Human, goblin, territory, siji!”

Repeating this sentence twice, this goblin looked timidly at Shaar while staring at his waraxe and quickly pulled back after he finished. Returning back into the goblins ranks, he immediately became courageous again.

“What did it say?”The pitiful creature asked.

“It said that humans intruding the domain of goblins are bad.”Shaar grinned while smiling: “The meaning of siji is bad. The language of goblins is very simple and one word sums up often a lot of meaning.”
Indeed, the pitiful creature suddenly remembered that the captive goblin was repeatedly shouting ouke and siji after Shaar crushed its leg.

For a goblin, foot “broken”, broken can also be replace by “bad” therefore “siji” could be used.

After finished explaining, Shaar raised his axe and walked forward alone. Seeing him approaching, the goblins immediately started to panic and raised their weapons while shouting at Shaar.

The next occurrence surprised the pitiful creature……

When arriving in front of the goblin, Shaar slammed his axe into the ground and cleared his throat to speak:

“Ouke! I, continent, strongest, dragonslayer, goblins, cannot kill!” Finishing his sentence, he unexpectedly turned his back and patted on his ass twice while facing the goblins. He then turned around and made a disdainful appearance.

Even the pitiful creature could understand these words…… How could this hillbilly tell such a big lie without feeling any shame?

The general meaning of what he said was: Fuck you! I am the continents strongest dragonslayer, if you don’t believe me, I will kill you goblins…… Ouke here meant “Fuck you”.

Saying his second sentence, Shaar turned around and pointed behind him at that captive goblin first: “Soso!”

Then referred that piled up luggage as: “Soso!!”

Finally pointing at the pitiful creature: “Soso!!!”

Focusing on these goblins again, Shaar shouted: “I, soso! Chaji! Woke! Goblin, do not kill! Ouke!!”

The pitiful creature could not understand this sentence at all and was shocked in her heart: This hillbilly could unexpectedly speak the goblin language?!

Hearing his declaration, these goblins surprisingly calmed down immediately. Several of the bigger goblins who looked like leaders stared carefully at the pitiful creature and then looked at the prisoner and at last at the luggage. Finally, they started to whisper to each other and discussed something.

Getting somewhat impatient, Shaar pointed at that goblin captive and screamed: “Soso! Chaji!”

The goblins shook their heads.

Shaar pointed at that pile of luggage: “Soso! Chaji!”

The goblins continued to shake their heads.

Finally he pointed at the pitiful creature again: “Soso! Chaji!”

Hesitating, the goblins carefully looked at the pitiful creature again and after a while, shook their heads once more.

Shaar seemed disappointed and lifted his axe while turning around.

Returning to the pitiful creature side, she immediately started asking: “What did you say to them? You could actually speak the goblin language?”

Shaar looked at pitiful creature with one eyes and with a somewhat discontented appearance: “I can a bit, hmpf……”

“What is the meaning of soso?”The pitiful creature asked: “You pointed at us and shouted soso a moment ago ……”

“The meaning of soso is spoils of war, captive, gold coins, cattles, pigs, horses, domestic animals, weaponry and also cargo ……All the things that have being captured can be called soso.” Shaar replied.

The pitiful creature’s face showed a somewhat ugly expression: “What about chaji?”

“Exchange!” Shaar snorted: “Woke means passing and a moment ago I said that I would exchange my spoils of war to them if they allowed me to pass through their territories. Well……Unfortunately, they actually think that the spoils of war were unexpectedly too inferior and are not willing to comply…… Take a look, not even the goblins wanted someone as ugly as you.”

Finishing his sentence, he sighed showing that he regretted it very much.

The pitiful creature froze for a moment and then completely exploded!

“WHAT!!! You wanted to give me to the goblins?!”

Jumping in the air, ignoring her injured leg, she started to hammer that bastard Shaar with her fists. With one slap, Shaar’s palm sent her to the ground and he showed her a disdained look: “What are you shouting for!”

The pitiful creature started crying out of anger. She knew that she could not beat that hillbilly and released her anger by slapping the ground. Her tears flowed in streams.

This bastard! Hillbilly! Country bumpkin! Illiterate!

At home, everyone treated the pitiful creature as the most precious treasure. Something so precious that they feared it would start breaking when holding in their hand, starts melting when they kept in their mouth. All these men admired and treated her as a peerless treasure……This hillbilly, his rude and violent behaviour could be forgiven, however he unexpectedly sold her to a crowd of goblins?!

Moreover….. The most annoying thing was that he complained that she could not be sold to a good price!!

“Hillbilly! Just kill me already!”Showing her backbone, the pitiful creature held up her head and declared: “I prefer to die rather than being sold to those goblins by you!”
“Idiot.”Shaar was not angry but instead smiled: “Are you an idiot? Naturally I would not sell you. This is to test those fellows.”

Crouching down, he whispered to her:”I deliberately tested out their bottom line! I wanted to get a better understand of how strong their tribe’s strength was! In general, for a small tribe the pricetag was enough to make them comply. Beside me, all the items that I carried would be given to them and my luggage was also very big. Even if you are not worth much, the wolf skin and the metal equipments are well regarded by the goblins. If it’s a small tribe, they would already have happily complied. However, since they do not comply now, the only explanation is that their tribe is quite big and have a little strength, therefore was not moved by all my items.”

Hearing this, the pitiful creature suddenly turned her tears into a smile: “You, you are really only testing them?”

Shaar nodded and stared the pitiful creature in the eyes. With a face full of honesty and he replied: “Of course! Even if I had to drop this entire luggage….. How could I be willing to sell you?!”

This sentence immediately made the pitiful creature’s heart felt better, but Shaar’s next sentence instantly destroyed her short gained happiness turning it into anger again.

“I still have to look for that dragon! Good bait is hard to find. Although this goblin is good as well, it runs very slow and moreover it is too ugly. Perhaps the dragon would not like to eat it. Therefore, to be fair, you are much better than a goblin!”

God could testify! For her entire life, the pitiful creature had listened to innumerable flattery and praises full of sweet words and honeyed phrases. Some people praised her appearance. Some said she was more charming than the moon goddess. Other praised her beauty, which would even made the rose change colors. Some people even compared her with the stars……

However no one actually told her these damn words of praise to her:

” you are much better than a goblin……”

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