Conquest Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Buried treasure

Translator: Tchu

Nigal’s waraxe fell down and landed on his own foot. Still focusing all his attention on Shaar at that moment and staring at him totally struck dumb with astonishment, he didn’t even notice the pain for quite a while. “Awww!” Finally back to his sense, Nigal started wailing and lifted his hurt foot and started hopping around in pain resembling a clown performance.

Shaar smiled with a hint of malice and with a push he threw that big trunk toward Nigal:”Big guy, catch!”

“Ahhh! Don’t……”

Not even having the time to scream, the pitiful Nigal instantly got overwhelmed by that heavy tree and was pressed to the ground. Luckily for him, his strong build was not only for show and he immediately supported the weight with all his arm strength. In a flash, his face turned red like a monkey’s butt and he started breathing heavily. Almost being squashed to death, he screamed for help:”Someone save me! Move that damn tree away from my body…*cough**cough*…”

“Bidaldo, quick use your magic!” While still performing the naked man, Gary finally recovered and gave an order. While Gary was shouting at him, the magician already started his moves. With great agility, Bidaldo took a step back, drew out a short wooden stick from his sleeve and started to form circles in the air with it. He chanted several strange words from under his cape.

Shaar’s heart started to wave a bit – was he really a magician?!

Living in Primal Wildfire since his childhood, Shaar was rather confident with his combat skills. He had fought against wild animals and magic beasts for as long as he could remember. Naturally, he also had fought against people of the town. Having already grasped the real abilities of these “Masters” in front of him, he didn’t even bother to get serious. Nevertheless…was this guy really a magician?

To tell the truth, he had never fought against a magician before!

When Shaar was still deep in his thought, the stick that Bidaldo was holding rapidly generated a beam of light that overshadowed the user. “Peng!” Smoke suddenly started to rise after a loud explosion. Hidden by the smoke, this magician transformed himself into a grey rabbit and started dashing towards the south while hidden in the grass.

“……Is it his magic?”

Shaar nearly busted out laughing and instantly started aiming for that running rabbit with his charred pitchfork. Like a lightening he threw and transformed his fork in a deadly weapon using only a simple waist movement.


In a flash, his pitchfork turned into a black beam and hit the tail of the rabbit with deadly precision and pinned it to the ground. A fountain of blood started to spray from Bidaldo’s butt and with a moan that pitiful magician transformed back in his original form again. Unable to endure the pain, he stayed crouched on the ground and groaned with the pitchfork still stuck into his bleeding butt.

“Hahahaha ……” Enjoying Bildaldo’s dilemma, Shaar leisurely hopped towards his victim and tramped one foot on his butt while pulling out the pitchfork. This exercise immediately brought Bidaldo to a new level of pain and he started to scream like he never did before and hammered his fist on the ground in process.

Turning around, Shaar now started to face his last rival – that Goddess archer Martha.
Let alone this fake “Dark moon Goddess” – Even a real “Dark moon Goddess” was just a target in Shaar’s eyes without a single arrow left in her quiver.

“Hm……The old man said that a man should not hit a woman, so you ……” Actually,  what Shaar wanted to say was “So you’d better surrender now”.

However, the beautiful Martha instantly misunderstood this vicious bastard in front of her. Facing the man who just beat the crap out of her three companions, she got frightened and started quivering. Pressing her lips tightly together, she started crying.

“Wuwu ……You, you… you can have all our properties, but don’t violate……”

Xia Ya: “…………”

With his intense eyes, he stared at Martha and suddenly exclaimed: “Violate you? Someone as ugly as you? You better stop dreaming!”

Shaar felt insulted and was enraged! Violate? Such an ugly woman?

Hmpf, even if I would violate someone, it would probably be a genuine beautiful woman like Aunt Sofia from Primal Wildfire Town.

(His Old man is having a laugh in hell right now……)

Walking towards the three, Shaar sent that Silver swordman Gary in front of him flying with a single king and stopped before Martha. While seizing the black spring steel bow in Martha’s hands, she did not dare to complain and she obediently presented her bow to Shaar while crouching down.


Taking this bow in his hand, Shaar immediately sensed that something was wrong.
In case of a real black spring steel bow, its weight would be naturally very heavy. However this “black spring steel bow” in his hands was lighter by a few folds. Looking more carefully, although this bow was jet black, with a closer look he could see that if was painted and making a weird sound while bending it.

“Shit! I thought that is was a good bow… but it turned out that it was actually a fake one covered in tin. No wonder this thing is so light.” Shaar gave it a disdained look.

Tin was a type of iron that was light and fragile. It was generally used as decoration and some children in Primal Wildfire Town used it to make toy sword to fool around with of it …

No wonder that girl could bend that bow in a half-moon sharp a while ago and the arrow flew with such a weak force.

Although the bow was a fake, the silver wire used as the bowstring was actually real. Shaar snapped the bow, pulled apart the string, made it into a bundle and put it in his pocket. Licking his lips he ordered: “If you have any other good stuff you better take it out now and don’t make me search you.”

Lying on the ground, Gary looked at that terrifying guy with dreadful eyes: “I, we have some money on us, it is in the bag on my leather belt ……”

His leather belt got split in two by Shaar’s axe a moment ago. Looking around, Shaary picked a purse from the ground and after opening it, he only found several silver coins and not even a single gold coin inside.

Even through this harvest was not small Shaar could not help but feel depressed.
These people call themselves masters but had less money on them than that pitiful creature.

Shaar’s next action made the four masters of Royal Capital realize what “heinous” actually meant – this fellow was actually a reincarnation of someone who starved to death in his previous life!

First he took the waraxe from Nigal. This weapon was genuine and would cost a reasonable price, much more than the rest of his companions weapons combined. Although frightened and shaking like a leaf, under the intimidation of Shaar, Martha could not escape and had to contribute her white rhinoceros leather armor.

While Lady Martha was resentfully taking off her armor in shamed, she exposed her thin linen cloth underneath and started to cover her chest with her hands in fear of awaking the beastly desire of this rough bandit in front of her.

However that vicious bandit unexpectedly gave her a distained look while watching her and sighed in a pitiful tone: “Ah, having your looks, what pitiful a woman… ah ……Actually it is not your fault, a tip, from now on you better stop leaving your house.”

Martha stared at him with dead fish eyes: “…………”

Gary’s armor which got split in two by Shaar was wrapped up and put into his baggage. (This was superior quality steel, if brought back to Primal Wildfire Town, it could sell for a lot of money.)

Nigal was saved by Shaar from the tree at last and got his armor taken away. Seeing his gigantic shield, Shaar’s eyes started to shine.

In a had a waraxe and in another a great shield ……Haha, right now he had the appearance of a well-equipped magical beast hunter!

Bibaldo was the most “fortunate” out of them. At the beginning, Shaar was interested in his fur-lined robe, but soon discovered that it had a hole made from his pitchfork while it pieced this guy’s buttock. It was full of blood, so Shaar finally gave up the idea on robbing this magician.

“Are you really a magician?” Seeing his magic, Shaar treated him a bit better than the rest: “Just now you turned into a rabbit. Was that real magic?”

His forehead full of cold sweat caused by the pain, Bibaldo still replied: “Certainly, it is magic……”

“Ah, are the skills of magician all this lame?” Shaar was somewhat surprised.
Bibaldo quickly shook his head: “Of course not. I practice distortion magic, but unfortunately it is on at the first-level right now. If my magical power was bigger, I could transform into a fiercer beast, such as a bear or a lion. Higher level distortion magicians are able to transform into ferocious high level magical beasts……”

Who would have thought that this guy was actually a real magician?
Shaar instantly felt respectful towards him!

Nevertheless, he still shamefully put his hands into Bibaldo’s sleeves and started searching……

Listening to the legends, a magician was very rich. Normally they had magic gems, magic beast nucleus and magic crystal on them…… each item would easily transform into several gold coins!

However Shaar got disappointed.

Master Bibaldo’s pockets were cleaner than his from two days ago! Let alone any gems, he did not even had a copper plate on him!

“How could you be a magician?!” Shaar was furious: “Where are the magic gems, the magic crystals and magical beast nucleus? Not even a gold coin?”

Opening and closing his mouth several time, Bilbaldo thought to himself. If he had this type of things, I would already be promoted and I would not be bullied by a robber like him.

Nonetheless, without a good harvest, this bandit boss would probably start to feel unhappy. If that bandit felt unhappy, Bibaldo feared that he would start feeling unhappy very soon too……

“Ehh ……I can tell you a secret.” Hesitating a bit, Bibaldo finally continued his sentence: “A secret to get rich.”

Seeing that Shaar did not believe him, that magician hurried and screamed:”I am saying the absolutely truth!!!”

The expression of this magician suddenly became somewhat complicated as he looked at another other three masters of Royal Capital with a hesitating look.

Shaar was not a fool and immediately noticed the strange look in this fellow’s eyes. He touched his chin, and pick this magician like a chicken up and carried him several steps into the woods and threw him on the ground: “Alright, say it!”

Still feeling dizzy from his fall, Bibaldo did not dare to complain about his pain and struggled to sit up. Checking restlessly at his three companions in the distant, he determined that they could not hear his words here and smiled bitterly while saying:”Actually, I came to Primal Wildfire Town for another reason than the other three. I have a special reason, I came ……I came here to find a buried treasure!!”

The expression of this fellow instantly turned mysterious.

For those who are wondering, this is how Aunt Sofia looks like, go to the charactersheet.

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