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Conquest (猎国) by Dancing (跳舞)

Synopsis from Tchu:
Growing up in a place where the rule of the jungle is law, the simple yet cunning Shaar is thrown into the chaotic world of war and political turbulence. After a chance meeting with a young girl, his destiny is forever changed as he embarks on a journey, joining the Byzantine army and climbing its ranks. With his bizarre beauty standards, will he ever return the affection of the girls that follow him? Will he ever learn about his origin? What lies ahead of him is a journey of strange humor and adventure. Join him as he smashes the world order and forever engraves his name in history!

Author Synopsis:
A powerful minister who does not seek to usurp the throne is not qualified to become a powerful minister … “One day my face will be printed on the imperial gold coin!” – Shaar Thunder

In the south of the continent was the old but powerful empire – Byzantium. In the north was the Odin Empire and in west the Island country Atlantis. These three Kingdoms formed a triangle on the continent. In the buffer zone between the borders of the three countries – In the wilderness of the primal wildfire– was a youth of unknown origin– Shaar, a child who was adopted by an old man who was the descendant of the Tulip family.

Under the strange training of this old guy, Shaar mastered a pair of amazing skills. After the old man died, Shaar started to climb the hierarchy from a “hillbilly” through a journey of magic and conquest!


Chapter index:

Arc 1: Born in Primal Wildfire

Ch.1    Ch.11    Ch.21    Ch.31    Ch.41
Ch.2    Ch.12    Ch.22    Ch.32    Ch.42
Ch.3    Ch.13    Ch.23    Ch.33    Ch.43
Ch.4    Ch.14    Ch.24    Ch.34    Ch.44
Ch.5    Ch.15    Ch.25    Ch.35    Ch.45
Ch.6    Ch.16    Ch.26    Ch.36    Ch.46
Ch.7    Ch.17    Ch.27    Ch.37    Ch.47
Ch.8    Ch.18    Ch.28    Ch.38    Ch.48
Ch.9    Ch.19    Ch.29    Ch.39    Ch.49
Ch.10    Ch.20    Ch.30    Ch.40    Ch.50

Arc 2: Obtaining fame in the Primal Wildfire campaign

Ch.51    Ch.61    Ch.71    Ch.81    Ch.91
Ch.52    Ch.62    Ch.72    Ch.82    Ch.92
Ch.53    Ch.63    Ch.73    Ch.83    Ch.93
Ch.54    Ch.64    Ch.74    Ch.84    Ch.94
Ch.55    Ch.65    Ch.75    Ch.85    Ch.95
Ch.56    Ch.66    Ch.76    Ch.86    Ch.96
Ch.57    Ch.67    Ch.77    Ch.87    Ch.97
Ch.58    Ch.68    Ch.78    Ch.88    Ch.98
Ch.59    Ch.69    Ch.79    Ch.89    Ch.99
Ch.60    Ch.70    Ch.80    Ch.90    Ch.100

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  1. Hey I just started translating and making my site, so I was wondering what theme did you use to for your website and where did you get the awesome picture?
    Thanks for the translations ;D

  2. I’m actually afraid to start reading new novels………As Ren said…most translators are in the honeymoon phase & and are digging holes……no one knows when they’ll come out of this phase……and we’ll GET BARELY 1 CHAPTER RELEASE A MONTH….. or a dropped novel….!!!
    When it happenss we addicted readers will be left with just………… ( nothing comes to mind)

  3. hey thanks for translating this wonderful novel…
    I think you should also update the chapters in aho-updates along with reddit….
    all the best.. 😉

    • Aho is not accepting new feeds for some reason. The moderator is gone for a month now. I think Aho wont last anyway, novelupdates is much better.

      I am updating reddit noveltranslation everytime 🙂

  4. What happened after ‘Devil’s Law’? How is there a new empire? The Odin, Elf, Goblins, Humans. What about the gods? The ‘Bright’ Goddess, What about the Tulip family, do they still exist? What about the previous empire? Is Douri venerated?

  5. Mm more like the char image sheet. In the story the author mentioned if you want to see his ideal image please see the char sheet. Was wondering where it was

  6. thanks for updating. btw, i’m relatively new here so i just wanted to ask how many volumes there are and if the whole thing is already finished in chinese.

      • that’s great news! 😀 i hope you continue translating this. i’m new to wuxia novels (and the idea of reading online novels, as a matter of fact) but i’m a fan of well-written books so i really appreciate your efforts in bringing us this story. really excited for the next volume. :))

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