Conquest Chapter 93

Here is the new chapter of Conquest.

I know I promised more chapters last weekend and I actually finished them, but now that I move Conquest from Gravity, I lack editors…

My 2 main editors were busy and I searched for 3 days until I found someone…

Life is hard for unpopular novels, sigh…

Enjoy, the next chapter should be released tomorrow if I find an editor that is…

15 thoughts on “Conquest Chapter 93

  1. Thanks for translating conquest. I dont often comment but it is one of my favorite series please dont stop!

  2. This novel is great, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in translating it.

  3. Thank you veryy muuuch (o.o)/ _(_ _)_ (o.o)/

    What does an editor have to do? Because maybe the leechers of this novel can help you out, when they know what they need to do ^^ i think thus might be a good solution :3

    Keep up the good work

    • Being an editor is not easy and editing takes a lot of time. Most people tend to believe that proofreading is editing, but an editor needs to correct the flow, check consistency, change structure etc.

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