Conquest Chapter 70

Last chapter of the week!

For some reason the views are dropping instead of increasing…. If you guys have any idea why, please let me know.


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  1. I can think of couple of reasons.
    – lack of advertisement.

    – people dont like cliffs (like me) and would like more chapters build up (translated). More chapters translated also shows your commitment to the cause and people will be more inclined to read it.

    – Maybe it has something to do with prologue or summary of the story. Edit that maybe.

    Anyway, just keep translating. ppl will read dont worry.

    thanks for the chapters!

    • I waited until 30 or so chapters were translated before picking this back up. I am reading more or less every release now, but I will probably come to a point where I let chapters build up again.

      For this story, you also have to consider that we are now finally just getting into the meat of it. I have not read this before, but it looks like Shar will start becoming OP from this point forward (fingers crossed).

    • good comment, idm cliffs, but i often drop series and wait for chapters to build, i always read terror infinity by volume, despite the fact that i CRAVE it above (currently) all else, and have like, 50 chapters of a novel built up (out of ~130) just incase i have a terrible day and need to lose myself, dont sweat it, follow this person’s thoughts, and, thanks 🙂

      Ps: my main reason for taking reader hiatus from a novel is pacing, each chapter of a novel is interesting and there are daily (or better) releases, then i won’t put it down, if there are some brilliant chapters, but a few so-so chapters, and it’s a biweekly release, then i’m more likely to let it build up, it sounds stupid, but faster releases (or artificially fast but letting a few build up) are more fun to read, more immersive,

      pps: ps is longer than original script :'( thanks again

  2. It’s like they said above. People like to binge-read. It’s not that Conquest isn’t interesting, you just don’t have enough chapters piled up. Part of the reason is that gravitytales tends to host series with very, very few translated chapters, True martial World and King’s Avatar, and Zhan Long notwithstanding. Most people tend to go to WuxiaWorld because it’s got more chapters and can keep their addiction down. Gravity doesn’t really have strict standards for its series, while WW requires x guaranteed chapters per week with a certain level of commitment. WW also has a better track record for commitment to translating novels, in part cause RWX actually finished CD and picked up IEW’s Desolate Era when IEW stepped out.

    TL;DR People are not sure if you’re going to stick with it, and how fast you’ll translate. Your track record’s not long enough yet, and you’ve got very little publicity. What little you have on Gravity is affected by the (relatively) few chapters you’ve translated.

  3. Hello, I think the drops in views are partially due to people going back to school/college. I appreciate the chapter! Take care

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