Conquest chapter 45

Last regular chapter of this week. One more bonus chapter coming! Don’t forget that another bonus chapter will be released if we reach 500 people with Conquest on their reading list on Novelupdates!

I guess many for you are wondering how a pitchfork can be used to fight and cut stuff.

You need to remember that it is not a hay pitchfork, but a fire pitchfork. Google Devil’s pitchfork to see how it looks. It is basically a short trident.

I have discovered that there were many problems with the Linkbucks link and therefore changed to Adfly. It should be a bit better now, just don’t click on any ads and wait until you can skip it 🙂 For those who don’t want ads, click on the second link.

Here is the chapter enjoy!

(Here is the chapter without ad)

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