Conquest chapter 29

Here is the first chapter of the week. I had a busy week and will release the other 2 chapters on weekends.

After reading all the feedback, I have decided to keep this pace until I finish the first Arc. I owe you guys who gave me a great amount of support at least that much. The first Arc won’t end in a cliffhanger, so don’t worry. I will decide what to do afterwards when I arrive there.

I guess I am just a bit frustrated how mainstream Chinese novel that are so similar gets so much attention and a novel like Conquest, that in my eyes is at least equal as good if not better get so little… Anyway, thank you for your support, it has been a great help.

Enough about useless stuff, here is chapter 29, enjoy!

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  1. It’s called presentation, a novel is like a food. The chinese novel that are mainstream are regarded as what we eat all the time; safe, untouched and memorable to us, thus in our brain regarded as good. Conquest is like a mysterious food that came out of nowhere. This is my explanation.

    • Hmm… I haven’t thought about it that way yet. Thanks for the enlightment πŸ˜‰ Then I will try to present my food, ehm… novel better

  2. its probably just not that well known yet. I am sure a lot of people would get behind it if they could just read 1 chapter.

  3. My reading list:

    Coiling Dragon, Douluo Dalu, ATG, MGA, Wicked Soldier King, Stellar Transformation, Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Peerless Martial God, Tales of Demons and Gods, ISSTH, The Great Ruler, Martial God Space, Wu Dong Qian Kun, Guang Zhi Zhi, Ze Tian Ji, Long Live Summons, Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants. I haven’t included all of the novels I’m reading on the above list.

    Out of all of the above, my favourites are Ze Tian Ji, ISSTH, Long Live Summons. Conquest so far also has me hooked. The comedy aspect reminds me of Long Live Summons which is very popular. In terms of traction and getting more page views and donations I sincerely believe that with time these will definitely improve as more and more people start reading. At the moment I think the amount of chapters is a little small and so people who are looking to get into the series and just marathon it as well as a lack of mention of this on any of the recommended lists is what is causing a lack of page views. I would definitely recommend Conquest to others as early potential shows that this could be an awesome series but only time can tell. Another issue is with the lack of chapters a lot of readers may not want to get hooked and then end up with an abandoned project leaving them begging other translators/groups to be picking up where it was left off.

    Sometimes you can get lost in the updates on the novel sites from other translations at the same time, perhaps timing your releases a little better and experimenting with times and days may help slightly too.

    I really do believe your page views will pick up if you persevere with this but it might be a few days, a few weeks or a few months until you actually start seeing tangible results it’s all down to a bit of luck, momentum and a little self-promotion when people are asking for recommendations, on SPCnet, on Reddit, on the comments sections of other translation websites such as wuxiaworld etc. and that involves the readers who want to see this novel continue being translated doing a little bit to promote it too.

    Anyway thanks for your efforts with translating this so far and good luck with trying to get the page views up.

  4. You’ve mentioned about other novels being picked up after 5 chapters and this having a lot more but not being picked up yet. I do believe this is due to the different style of writing, the different kind of opening. For me, I pick up a new novel when I am waiting for others to be released and I have nothing else to read, because I read MGA I’ll also then read ATG because I read this I will also pick up Peerless Martial God or Martial God Space, similar starts, similar stories, writing quality isn’t exactly fantastic but they have enough to keep you interested in the story on a chapter per chapter basis, it’s like being addicted to sugar, sure it’s nice but it’s one dimensional, you always know what’s going to happen next and you can read a few chapters very easily.

    This on the other hand we don’t have any main enemy so far, we don’t have anybody ridiculing the main character, we have been introduced to one female character but have no idea who she is, there’s just too little to go on, with the other novels we can instantly start to love the good guy, hate the bad guy and wait for the bad guy to get their comeuppance, whereas with this novel so far there is a lack of polarising opinion, there are a lack of bad guys or evil guys at least at the beginning. It might be a more mature writing style, it might be leading us to develop the characters and the story but maybe until this kicks in a little more and people get a little more emotive towards the characters and the plot then it might take a while to pick up. This is no bad thing for a good novel as the cookie-cutter formula may be good for a nice lazy read but this series has me wondering as to where it will actually be going, this uncertainty can be good and bad. I guess the other novels we already know the story, what people are donating for or viewing for isn’t the overall story but the method, we know what is going to happen we just want to see how it will happen. In Conquest I can’t really tell what will happen never mind how so there’s a lot more blank space and this will maybe continue until more of this has been filled in as more is released. On the other hand, you might be starting off slowly due to this fact but think of it like this, whereas there are plenty of other translations which are going for stories with pretty much the same generic character and story formula, there aren’t many similar to this with a fantasy setting, whereas it may take you longer to start, I think the viewers you get here won’t be competing with many other novels neither will they tire of this if the story progresses as well as it has begun.

    • Wow… thank you for your detailed analysis. Its true that Conquest is quiet slow at the moment. The first arc is mainly there to introduce the characters of the story and several events will happen that will have a huge impact in the future. The action really starts in the second arc. You are right, I shouldn’t throw the towel so early on. Even though I have only read the summaries and raw until chapter 63, I believe in this story. Why else would they make a MMORPG out of it if the story sucks πŸ™‚
      Thanks, you have given me new motivation!

  5. As a fellow translator here is my two cents: Overall, there is no goal in this plot, which is probably the main turnoff. Of the many top novels, the goals are either revenge, redemption, proving them wrong (rise from the ashes) or like my LSG, redoing the wrongs. So far, the MC in this novel is just going on some random escapade. Furthermore, it does not seem that he knows about his ability and no one else seems to know about his ability. His enemies are too weak right now, which doesn’t really keep the novel interesting. As my two sense on comedy, personally, this one has too much of a playful character, so it might be a turnoff to the mainstream. I would suggest you just keep a pace of at least 2/week until it gets interesting. When you get the awesome fight scenes + some good villains, then your popularity should skyrocket! Anyways, good luck man!

  6. before i comment i read all the comment, wow πŸ˜€
    it look like theres no need for me to add, for now πŸ˜€
    lets just say
    thanks πŸ˜€

  7. After looking at all novels listed on comments above mine, I think it’s safe to say that this novel is one of my present top read now, along with road to kingdom and spectator that haven’t got any release for a while cause of losing against popular series.

    The fact that it has different approach on opening the story, great humour, and open possibilities without any early drama got me hooked up. In fact, this is the only chinese novel that I’m still reading while others are suspended because…’s just not stimulating after a while haha, I blame mainstream industry for creating similar story within any popular genre.

    Just remember that you also have a portion of reader like me who likes this different flavour of chinese novel.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I am glad to see that they are enough people who like to try novels that are completely different than the mainstream πŸ™‚

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