Conquest chapter 28

A day late, but here is the sponsored chapter.

3 more chapters to go this week.

After 30 chapters, unfortunately the audience of Conquest did not increase much πŸ™ And only 1 sponsored chapter until now…

I am considering to decrease the weekly chapters and concentrate on the new novel.

Feedback from the readers would be appreciated.

Here is chapter 28.

23 thoughts on “Conquest chapter 28

  1. It’s your time, your fun, your money. You decide what you’re going to do.

    Never expect a constant flow of readers. We only show up in bursts, start a reading binge then go dark again.

  2. I genuinely think this is one of my top 5 favorites right now (#5). It’s funny as hell. Funnier earlier. Are you posting all these everywhere (reddit and such?)

    Maybe post it on the wuxiaworld beginning forums too.

    It is funny as hell. I really hope you don’t slow down as it will slow down interest.

    I’m poor as fuck. four years from now, I’ll be rich and can start sponsoring stuff. but it doesn’t help you.

    I really hope it gets some readership!!!

  3. I will always support you from the shadows.
    I could post it on royalroadl or wattpad if you don’t mind. Of course all credits will go to you.

  4. if you’re doing the translation for $, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. I suggest you just pick a novel you like and go from there.

    • If I did it for money, I would have picked a xianxia or wuxia with op/prick/harem mc… I translated it because I like the novel lol.

      • You’re contradicting yourself. First, you said “I am considering to decrease the weekly chapters and concentrate on the new novel.” Now, you said you “..translated it because I like the novel lol”. Looks like you want more “donations” with high traffics with your initial statement. Now, you’re back tracking saying that you’re translating this novel because you like it.

        Whatever.. Like one of the message posted, “It’s your time, your fun, your money. You decide what you’re going to do.” I’m out, I hate hypocrisy and people hypocrite even more.

        Goodbye and good luck.

        • I guess you are right, I was kinda contradicting myself. However, I don’t translate it for money (I earned on average 3usd per Chaper until now). I am translating it because I like this novel and want to let other people enjoy this rare piece. But after 30 chapters, the audience did not increase much (Not counting you guys, who had been amazing and supportive). Therefore I was wondering if this novel is just a niche type and not for everyone. I was thinking maybe I should focus on other novels I like. If you work on something with a lot of effort and it doesn’t get the appreciation your were expecting, it takes your motivation away… I hope you can understand from my point of view.

  5. if people read the second arc, i bet more people will read this, the chapters are still for character introduction and development, give it time and i promise a lot of people will read conquest, a lot of people like to stock up some chapters then read it in one go, like me, i visit this website every 2 weeks, because that’s the only time of the month that i’m free from work, and i really appreciate people like you translating this, two thumbs up for you,, πŸ™‚

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