Conquest Chapter 108 (part two)


I have some announcement,

For this weekend, I will gonna take donation around $20 to $30 for each chapter.

I am basically lacking of an editor and have to ask my friend’s help to edit.

So, I will probably gonna changing sites ( the one that help in editing for free) or hiring some editors.

Nevertheless, I had found one editor but lacking of money to pay him.

Even though this novel is not really popular, but it was really enjoyable for me.

If you enjoy it, please give your support.

Thank you….


Lastly, I hope you will enjoy this chapter and give your comment. ENJOY!!



7 thoughts on “Conquest Chapter 108 (part two)

  1. thanks for the chapter. is this really not very popular? its one of my favs and i read ALOT of novels

  2. Love this novel and Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work! Will try to donate when I get paid

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