Conquest Chapter 107

Hi guys,

sorry for the extremely long pause.

A lot happened, mostly boring work stuff and a small vacation to Thailand (I really needed it)

When I came back, I had a hard time to get back into translating and also lost my motivation.

I had this chapter in my drive for 2 weeks, but couldn’t find an editor.

I will to translate a chapter now and then, but if someone more active is willing to take over this great novel feel free to do so.

I can send you the glossary.

Enough about me, enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Conquest Chapter 107

  1. Welcome back, and thank you for the chapter! I hope Thailand was good. I may have to re-read some of the earlier ones to remember what was going on…

  2. man so happy you came back even if it isn’t as much of a thing for you anymore I still am very glad for all the work you have done on translating this novel. Also vacations are such a necessity just took a short one my-self recently. Hope you had fun in Thailand! And as always Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work!

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