Conquest Chapter 106

Sorry for the lack of updates on Conquest, TNC is just taking to much of my already limited time… I need to coordinate all the other translators and go through their edit while controlling the consistency…

Releasing 12 chapters a week is taking a huge toll on me…

Enough about me, enjoy!

29 thoughts on “Conquest Chapter 106

    • A pity really. Was a good read. But with no (or very intermittent) releases it’s hard to stay interested. Come back in a few months or years and see how things go.

  1. So Tchu, is it safe to say that ur still on this project, or did u drop translating for now?

    • Really busy will work atm, didn’t even translate TNC. Should have more time in the coming weeks

      • It’s very reassuring to see that you still roam the comments section πŸ˜‰ BTW why don’t you post conquest on gravity tales or WW too? Needless to say that you should get more donations to help ya (so maybe u can afford to ditch your day job? XD)

  2. Why don’t you pass on the translating to someone who is able to do it regularly or at least able to do one chapter per day. I believed ‘Conquest’ deserves a better treatment than this and its readers. All you need is to put it out that you are willing to let it go and releasing the responsibility to someone who can guarantee a better job than you do instead of keeping the readers/fans hanging like this,

  3. He who gazes at the moon while saying nothing but secretly thinking how preety it is and how delicious the cheese it is made of would be says:

    I am dying here no one is translating this, i got into a reading marathon with this one and now i find out nobody cares about it anymore…. how will i live from now on not knowing the end

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