Announcement: New Novel

Hi guys,

This is Fahmi,

Firstly, I want to apologize to the translator of History Strongest Senior Brother and King of the Shura.

Before i decide to translate Conquest, I had come across some novel like 108 Maiden Destiny, History Strongest Senior Brother and King of the Shura.

I had translate one or two chapter of these novel based on the last updates.

So after I got Conquest and Jiang Ye, these chapter just piled up in my folder and I had thought of deleting it.

However, since I want to publish my new novel. Maybe these few chapter can help gaining a bit of viewer. (P/S: I am quite stingy myself.)

For the fans of Conquest, forgive me!! I don’t have internet connection. Two months of delay in payment. Maybe you should wait a bit until I get my new wifi, <(-_-)> sorry……… Well, you are quite stingy also. This is Heavenly tribulation!

Anyway, ENJOY

another ENJOY, History Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 12

oh, my novel is called Enchanting Martial Eunuch

I had finish till chapter 4, but the grammar meh…. Consider donating I will post more….






this is Fahmi,

Dude, Let me tell you something,

I will gonna translate Conquest in another site.

Since, I was lacking of an ED to help with Conquest novel. Don’t worry, I had talked to Tchu…


I also working for another forgotten novel, Jiang Ye.

This novel is not picked by other translators because the difficulty of its chapter. I also posting in another sites as well. it hook me up after i finish reading this chapter 96.

I had send another two chapters and M2t5 was still working on it. Consider reading this as well. please….. 🙂

P/S: you can directly read through 96 and you will probably not gonna regret it

Jiang Ye



Next, another novel will be translate as well. This novel is quite high rating in qidian. Reincarnation story…,, 😛

P/s: will be on pause since I wish to do mass release… Sorry

White Robes Explorer


Lastly, I will gonna release my own novel. Maybe, around 1-2 week from now. I had just created chapter 1 and 2. But, I still need to add more plot. I hope you will also enjoy it. Do you all like it more toward Love Triangle or Harem? Just in case, give me some reply on what is the important point to have inside the novel. XD


Glad to hear from you my friend…..

Thank you (^_^)