Announcement: New project Nine Yang Sword Saint

I am the new translator and I got the permission from

Several things I like to mention before you start to read:

  • I don’t have an editor right now, if people are interested please send an email to
  • I will follow the chapter count of the RAW. used “Chapter 1 part 2” as “Chapter 2” and “Chapter 2 part 2” as “Chapter 4”. In order to avoid confusion in the future, I will keep the original chapter count.
  • I will translate 2 chapters per week, more if I got the time and I won’t accept donations.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the read!


14 thoughts on “Announcement: New project Nine Yang Sword Saint

  1. If editing requires knowledge of the original language then I probably can’t help – but if checking for grammatical errors and proofreading which I presume only requires English, I should be able to help you.

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