Announcement: New Novel

Hi guys,

This is Fahmi,

Firstly, I want to apologize to the translator of History Strongest Senior Brother and King of the Shura.

Before i decide to translate Conquest, I had come across some novel like 108 Maiden Destiny, History Strongest Senior Brother and King of the Shura.

I had translate one or two chapter of these novel based on the last updates.

So after I got Conquest and Jiang Ye, these chapter just piled up in my folder and I had thought of deleting it.

However, since I want to publish my new novel. Maybe these few chapter can help gaining a bit of viewer. (P/S: I am quite stingy myself.)

For the fans of Conquest, forgive me!! I don’t have internet connection. Two months of delay in payment. Maybe you should wait a bit until I get my new wifi, <(-_-)> sorry……… Well, you are quite stingy also. This is Heavenly tribulation!

Anyway, ENJOY

another ENJOY, History Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 12

oh, my novel is called Enchanting Martial Eunuch

I had finish till chapter 4, but the grammar meh…. Consider donating I will post more….




11 thoughts on “Announcement: New Novel

  1. Hi I’ve been a fan of HSSB since it started but how did u become the second translator? Did the previous translator drop the novel? What happened? And why was the previous translator MIA, and are u going to stick to it and set a scheduled timing for chapter release?

    • Actually, i had send message to the translator but got no replied. He seemed to disappear suddenly. So, I just wait for three months and here I am. Anyway, I just release it to raise viewer for my new novel. It was better than throwing this away to my recycle bin. I got a vague feeling that the previous translator will come back and claim it.

  2. In so far as 108 Maidens of Destiny, the translator for that said a while ago, if anyone wants to pick it up, to just contact them. They are only continuing the translation since no one had picked it up after more than a month, and it was so popular.

  3. Are you not going to be releasing more chapters of history’s strongest senior brother ? I hope you do. I was euphoric when i saw there was an update.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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